Infil cloak glitched/flickering

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Grandizer, Nov 26, 2023.

  1. Grandizer

    Been seeing this now for a month. I can see enemy cloaks flickering also but mostly my personal cloak will flicker from translucent to slight purple color off and on real fast. Emerald-Vanu
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  2. Yaesu

    Since last patch, REALLY BAD.
  3. FLHuk


    Not caught a recording of this but will continue to try.

    The last patch has brought several issues, worst of which for myself is stuttering. Captured a few vids of that and am testing through options. Not expecting a fast hotfix as well, Commy sight fix has been slooooooooow.....
  4. FLHuk

    So I think I've caught a recording of it and it's a very lucky catch if so.
    • I round a corner and am looking at a construction vehicle pad.
    • One uncloaked infil', who cloaks without any issues to his cloak visuals.
    • Another drops from the terminal to the right of the first, now cloaked, infil'.
    • While applying his cloak he gets a little movement shading, normal.
    • I kill the first guy, no issues with his cloak.
    • There are NO issues with the second, now cloaked infil. NONE !
    • I remount my Ant.....
    • Instantly there are issues with the second infil'
    • These are clearly not black light related.
    I'd say that's a bug!
    I saw it another three times but this is the best example due to there being two right next to each other!
    • Yes, my aim is ****e. 53 with failing eyesight.
    • Give youtube some time to get it to 1080p
    • It's 23:33 GMT and I'm on Diazepam for my, terrible aim, back injury!
  5. WatchTheNinja

    Wrel made all lights work like darklights months ago, haha stinky infil get owned!
  6. FLHuk

    Nope, that produces a different affect plus as you can clearly see. Fine one first kill but as I re entered the ANT the pan cam made him highlight, with each cam movement a bit more of him lights up....

    As I leave the affect of the pan cam wears off and his cloak goes fully invisible again and he is clearly not moving.

    I still say bug.
  7. FLHuk

    So, another example.

    • Wraith interacts with Construction black lights.
    • Cloaks clearly away from them.
    • At 8 seconds, clearly there are Zero construction lights.....
    • He's is clearly black lit....
  8. vlaamseleeuw

    so is the flickering in the pmb cause there is a recon spire? cause i don't get it in any base, or is it just someone 200m away with a darklight?
  9. vlaamseleeuw

    is there a topic/post by one of the devs talking about this issue ?
    cause this is going in for months now.
  10. FLHuk

    Sundy update announced, so this is now a feature.
  11. vlaamseleeuw

    yea they gonna break the sundee so its on par with the rest of the game, then ignore the topics about it when it all goes wrong.