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  1. Peter Daniel

    Not working. Error messages.
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  2. Axiom80

    Thanks for the heads up. Fixed now.
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  3. Izriul

    Do you think that 2-3 extra damage per bullet is going to make ANY difference at all? Are VS suddenly going to be killing in 2-3 bullets less? No.
  4. Farlion

    After reading some of these hilarious posts, I wish people would stop using DPS as measurement for this game. This is not an RPG where every shot hits and you can't dodge any. DPS is completely irrelevant and largely misleading in FPS games.

    Thanks for the tool though, OP.
  5. drNovikov

    DPS is important in close combat, where people nail each other with bullets.
  6. Axiom80

    It's not really about a couple of points of extra damage, it's about a couple of meters of extra lethality. Consider this scenario. The distance at which you need an extra bullet (9 rather than 8) to kill is just a little bit farther out for the Orion than the T9 CARV, and a little further still for the SVA-88 with HVA. So the kitted-out SVA takes 1 fewer bullet to kill in the sweet spot between ~35m and ~40m. But TTK is slightly worse for the SVA-88 (and the Orion at long range), so there's a trade-off (and a big caution: that TTK assumes full auto, which is probably not the best approach at longer distances, meaning the TTK calculation is probably only meaningful at short ranges) -- the CARV or Orion outperforms the SVA in full-auto situations, i.e., CQC.

    The differences are all slight to begin with, because within a weapon class there is never any single best weapon, and that's clearly by design. I've spent rather a lot of time poring over the numbers for weapons in this game, and if nothing else I can guarantee you that no weapon is ever clearly better in all situations. Variations are situational and small-scale; in some sense every weapon in a particular class is a side-grade.
  7. Farlion

    No, even then it's nonsense.

    DPS is a valid stat in RPG, because you live long enough, land every hit and have infinite hits (aka ammo)
    In a FPS you don't.

    The weapon with more burst power will always be better than the one with a higher amount of DPS. In a MMORPG it might be reverse, but anyone who plays FPS will agree.
  8. RHINO_Mk.II

    Excellent tool, OP. You deserve all the internets.
  9. TheBloodEagle

    Are you one of the folks that just care about DPS/TTK @ 10m? No sure what game you're playing but damage comes from everywhere and anything and multiple targets. It's not COD 1vs1 all the time. Extra damage does count to help kill off folks and get assist kills.

    It's not rocket science.
  10. Izriul

    What are you on about? If you have a screenshot, use the image function, I'm not clicking strange links. you're thinking 5m is extra "lethality"? I'm not going to discuss a completely different weapon to the graph, it's talking about the Orion vs Carv. At 35-40m the carv does around 130 damage (a close guess, didn't count the dots) while the orion does around 132 damage. Both, STILL require the same amount of bullets. The difference is absolutely minimal and there are very few scenarios where this would make any difference. Between 10 to 80m both guns require the same amount of bullets and the damage difference between both guns at 10-80m is tiny. At like 65m the carv is doing something like 129 while the orion something like 131. Players have a health pool of 500 or 400 infiltrator and a shield of 500, those 2 extra damage at 65m really isn't going to effect anyone, while no one can put an estimate on scenarios it wouldn't surprise me if it was something as ******** as 1 in 10000. In those 5 meters of tiny differences where each require the same bullet count, VS continues dropping damage for 50m or so, while any encounter after 65m the VS requires an extra bullet.

    Whatever the case, the difference is utterly pathetic, and anyone trying to argue this ridiculous point is seriously clutching at straws desperately trying to find a minute advantage and blow it way out of proportion.
  11. Izriul

    Nope. 2 extra damage isn't going to make any difference to anyone when players have a total health pool + shield of 1000. Between the ranges of 10m to 65m both require the exact same amount of bullets.

    Clutching at straws.
  12. TheBloodEagle

    The hell are you smoking? Have you gone into the VR Training area at all? You can even see the range markers there. There's plenty of rounds flying through the air from 0m to 100m+. Even with Nanoweave level 4 I've survived with my health bar showing no bars at all. Clearly 5 or so more damage points would ******* do the job. Combine that with shields, various rounds, various explosions, various weapons, various distances and multiple people that extra bits of damage ******* matter. Those assist kills matter too. You act like it's 1vs1 CoD. It's not, if you haven't noticed.

    Also if you take the data values from the graph @ 65 meters for the 3 types of damage at range profiles you get:

    143 @ 65m 6.79 bullets
    125 @ 65m 7.98 bullets (NC & TR)
    125 @ 65m 7.86 bullets (VS)
    112 @ 65m 8 .88 bullets

    Clearly a difference.
  13. Izriul

    I wouldn't know, I don't play CoD, but you repeatedly bring it up so I assume you must and know a lot about it, go figure.

    Once again, 2 or so damage is not going to make a difference is most scenarios. It's just so desperate to clutch at straws like that, it is for certain going to make such a little difference compared to the amount of scenarios for the 50 other meters where VS weapons continues to drop AND requires one extra bullet - permanently beyond that range, but then, you keep talking about CoD and how it's close range, so I guess you wouldn't understand this game goes beyond that.

    Or are you complaining because you got shot at by other sources, so it's a 2+ more vs you, and want to blame your death of those 2 extra damage? Yeah, another 50 of those 2 bits of damage per life and you might get a whole bullets worth of damage...seriously broken right?
  14. TheBloodEagle

    Are you new to the forums? or the game? Because since beta there have been 10s, maybe hundreds of threads about 1 or 2 bullet differences, gunplay mechanics, slight edges & so forth. But clearly that doesn't matter and nothing else in perspective of w/e situations this game brings up does either, even math. So why are going back and forth with me about it, quoting me from a month ago? Clearly you either care or enjoy using the same idiom constantly.
  15. Izriul

    100's of threads complaining about 2 damage difference? No. 2 damage isn't "1 or 2" bullet differences, it's not even a tenth of a bullet, it's more like 1/50th. I don't care when you posted it, I replied in a thread on the front page, if you don't want replies, don't create something to reply to. It's not even a "slight" edge, it's utterly meaningless, clutching at straws, and making a mountain out of a mole hill. I can ask you the same thing, I made a statement to a stupid response and you keep replying, if that's a problem for you, simply, don't reply.