[Suggestion] Infantry Support Tanks

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  1. Neo3602

    @\m/SLAYER\m/ well for one meant to be used to suppress enemy infantry not to be used as cover and the person who operates the main gun and the person who drives are separate so the driver can spend most of their time in 3rd person mode which make it harder for them to accidentally run over infantry that are taking cover near the tank
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  2. SapioiT

    Alright, so there are two variants of the tirth tank (covering the first faction), a modified sundy (covering a second faction) and now there is need for one more vehicle, to balance the things out... What about a UFO-like ship with two speeds (toggleable by pressing SHIFT, top speed 150 kph, bottom speed infantry running) which restores health to the nearby units up to 30 meters to the same level, on the top reaching up to 15 meters above the ship and on the bottom up to 45 meters below, with a radius of 45 meters. The health restored would be maybe something like between 15 % every 5 seconds and 25% every 3 seconds (to not make it too OP). This would be the counter of the anti-infantry... so they're still prone to one-shot-kills (headshots, for example) but they're a bit protected against the other vehicles.

    Edit: A better idea would be having a Flash with a spawner on it's back, or a harraser with a anti-infantry SMG (doing damage like a normal SMG, starting with 100 ammo per mag) and a spawn system (without class select, or with it costing 500 certs for a one-use-per-character-per-5-minutes and another 1000 to have it like on a normal Sundy) which would work while in-motion (and spawn the characters to the left and right sides of it, if there is no slot accessible (otherwise the player would be spawned in the SMG slot). It would be unlocked (anybody could get in the driver seat) and will not have Afterburn.
  3. Haquim

    Holy **** Colonel, that is the closest to enough dakka that I have ever seen.
    Although, since we apparantly can't have vehicles that are good at dealing with infantery my little fantasy of pelting some unfortunate guys with 4000 RPM is gonna stay unfulfilled.
  4. Nintyuk

    Is it just you necroing All these threads?
  5. SapioiT

    Necroing? Please? I'm reviving... this time I play as Combat Medic...
  6. ArchangelSky9

    The only thing I remember about WW II infantry support tanks was that infantry walked behind it when there was a gunfight. Maybe have Aegis shield for the ANT that runs off of cortium? It should be wide enough to cover infantry walking next to it, but still can be easily flanked. Also the speed would be reduced greatly when the shield is active, making it a great spearhead for any armor column or infantry crash.
  7. adamts01

    I don't see the point of a troop transport when vehicles are so spammable. Why not have every single person just spawn their own Lightning? It's so stupid how spammable vehicles are. You'd have to seriously try to not be able to afford 5 Sunderers in a row. The whole system needs an overhaul.
  8. ColonelChingles

    I think in WWII infantry would walk behind any tank, not just infantry support tanks. When you're in an open field tanks make great rolling cover.

    A difference though is that in PS2 we have mechanized warfare (in WWII they did not have heavily armoured infantry transports like the Sundererer) and redeploying. This is why you don't see infantry footzergs very often... because it's much easier and faster to get to the base otherwise.

    On the other hand, it seems like it would be an interesting feature to have, even if the tanks were simply using that shield to protect other vehicles instead of infantry.

    The larger problem is that infantry are even more spammable than vehicles. Sure vehicles are cheap, but infantry that can OHK vehicles are free.

    In that sense spammable vehicles are pretty much required because of even more spammable infantry. It would be nice if when you killed a suicidal LA or rocket-launching HA they stayed dead... but that's simply not the case in PS2. As a result, vehicles simply have to be spammable. With the current balance of vehicles, I would even make them resource-free.
  9. WTSherman

    Apparently this thread's been necro'd twice. I think we all know why we'll never get a tank that's actually designed to fight infantry though.

    Also, if it did happen we also all know that the NC version would be the worst one. Why?

    The 160mm mortar's damage profile would be 1000 at 1m and 1 at 5m, just like every other HE cannon. Even if it has a 20 second reload. Because all HE cannons must have a damage profile identical to the 100mm Python HE, no matter how their other stats may vary. :rolleyes:
  10. ColonelChingles

    I think the vehicle game just needs to be diversified a bit, and that's what people want to see happen. Plus the current AI options for tanks are completely pitiful, so you can't blame people for wanting actually effective vehicles in the game.

    I tried the BF1 Beta and it actually leans in a pretty good direction with infantry-vehicle balance. Vehicles are pretty deadly against infantry, and infantry are generally helpless against vehicles (being limited to AT grenades, K rifle rounds, and the occasionally rare mini rocket). Infantry without vehicle support are quickly cut down. Though it's sort of strange how the Gotha bomber has been AC-130ised.

    Anyhow, currently in PS2 we have a light tank (the Lightning) and main battle/medium tanks (the Prowler, Magrider, and Vanguard). We most definitely could use a few more roles filled:

    Flame Tanks- Sort of like the VS infantry support tank, but meant to shrug off infantry AT fire, roll up to a building, and then proceed to burn everyone inside to a crisp.


    Infantry Support Tank- As outlined in this thread, a relatively lightly armed but heavily armoured tank meant to push up with infantry alongside.


    Heavy Tank- Can shrug off hits to the frontal armour but is more vulnerable to flanking and being swarmed. Hard-hitting but slow-firing.


    Super Heavy Tank- Where mobility is almost optional and infantry can probably walk faster than you can drive. But pretty much nothing is going to kill you.


    Tankette- Small little itty bitty tanks armed with only machineguns. Meant for quick scouting and light anti-infantry work.


    Tank Destroyer- Cost effective AT weapon, a glass cannon that hits hard but that is fairly lightly armoured. Not much in the way of anti-infantry power.


    I think I would be allowed the liberty to assume that tanks would eventually balanced, instead of the harmless cert pinatas that they are today. :p
  11. adamts01

    That's the Daybreak model. I personally think vehicles should be much more powerful and much more expensive. Of course infantry would need to be balanced accordingly. For example, I hate rocket spam, a row of HAs firing nonstop down a hallway is just stupid. And that launcher is just laughed off by tanks unless there's a big group of them. I propose giving the HA 1 rocket, upgradable to 2 with the correct suit, that can clear an entire room, 1 shot the rear of a lightning and 2 shot the rear of a MBT, but each rocket costs 200 nanites, and can't be refilled by ammo packs. C4 should be similar. It's just stupid how you can throw disposable Valkyries and disposable LAs at an armor column till it's gone. I'd like a game where your army loads in to a few Galaxies and Sunderers to move to the next base instead of seeing 50 sundys heading up the road with 1 soldier each in them just to be abandoned because who cares. But I admit I tend to favor realism, where a lot of people just want to C4 Flash suicide over, and over, and over, and over.....