Infantry Decals

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  1. Shanther

    There may been an answer for this somewhere...I am just too dumb to find it.

    I have a simple question.

    Why do we have so few good Infantry Decals yet we have a ton of good Vehicle Decals? Is it that much harder to make Infantry Decals or even use the Player Studio to make them?
  2. Revanmug

    Probably more link to the fact that after 1½ year, decals are still not showing over infantry composite armor meaning it's a waste to actually buy them.

    Good new is that it's finally working on the PTS.
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  3. Shanther

    It is only kind of working on the PTS. The VS Composite Armor still covers the decal, however there is a smaller version of it right bellow the piece of armor that covers the bigger version.
  4. Aander

    The fact that they still don't display over most armors, maybe? I'm not saying that's the main reason, but it probably contributes. I know I didn't buy any infantry decals until the heavy's drakon armor was released. If the decals displayed on my armors, I'd certainly buy more of them.

    EDIT: beaten to the punch...
  5. Tentakewls

    Meh, I think we should be able to import our own decals. I want a Twilight Sparkle decal on my Scythe.