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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by pavelman, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. pavelman

    infaltry must summoning any infantry should cost nanites . This should increase the return on the game by infantry. So be honest.
    if the medic raises the infantry, then the raising medic must pay.
    I'm tired of being bombarded with free corpses in the game.
    this is just a suggestion. and so to me vseravno. if this is not corrected, then I will begin to flood the opponents with free carcasses.
  2. Campagne

    Why is this in the Heavy Assault class discussion?

    I don't really think that would be a great idea personally.

    For starters, dying too much would mean a player might be completely unable to respawn or play at all. And secondly, infantry just isn't worth paying nanites for and especially not with consumables and much more powerful vehicles also costing resources.
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  3. Scroffel5

    I, for one, think this is an idea. If every class costed nanites, not a lot, it would be very important to not die. The team without medics is the team that loses. If that is the case, there should also be an increased revive timer, to balance that out. It would honestly benefit every class, I think. If a sniper takes someone down, it matters more that they die. If you kill the driver of a vehicle and they gotta use more nanites to spawn, you have done something to stop them. If someone repeatedly comes back with C4 to blow up your sundy and you take them down twice, they won't be able to respawn for a minute until they get their nanites back. Players will have to play safer. I honestly think they should put this idea on the test server and see how it plays out. Take feedback into consideration for the idea, but don't base it all on that. If it works out better than the regular game, add it in. If players get mad and upset because it isn't the way things were before, they can take their leave, or maybe balance it out.
  4. Badman76

    I think this is a great idea, make infiltrators cost 800 nanites!!! lol
  5. Scroffel5

    First off, only a max of 750 nanites. Pretty sure you are joking, not taking a risk. Second off, he is saying ALL INFANTRY, not just one specific class. Third off, this is nothing to complain about over Infiltrators anymore. One word: Death Cam. Stalkers, EXPOSED! Snipers, EXPOSED! SMG Infiltrators, DIDNT NEED TO BE EXPOSED CUZ THEY WERE SO CLOSE ANYWAYS!
  6. Badman76

    Yes, it was meant to be a joke post...
    Infiltrators costing 800 nanites, you can't have 800 nainates so you wouldn't be able to play as infiltrator...
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  7. TRspy007

    Ok so you're encouraging a low risk playstyle. Don't take risks, so you don't die. That's great and all, but we don't all play infil, some of us play games to have fun. In a game where the thing you do the most is die, you're gonna add a cost to respawn? Added to the respawn timer, and the fact that there's consumable costs, you're basically saying that if I manage to get past the balance queue, I still can't play the game. We wouldn't be able to spawn vehicles then, since we'd have to conserve our nanites to respawn.

    Only people who use resource boosts would be able to play somewhat consistently. WE barely have enough pop to support fights as it is, now you're trying to decrease that pop, and don't care if they get pissed and leave? Nice reasoning dude, you should work for DBG, they usually hire people of your caliber.

    The only way it might work is with the original nanite system, but from what I scrolled down and read you'd want to change just the cost of infantry, not the nanite pool or recharge timer. Exactly the type of stuff I'd expect from an infil main tbh. Just worry about taking out ppl that are afk from a safe distance and let us others worry about gameplay discussion. As an infil ,you don't partake in gameplay, so any commentary from you is invalid, and that was the proof.:confused:
  8. Scroffel5

    ALMOST everytime you die, you are killed by a player who goes on to live. If you are gonna die for real, you aren't gonna take the risk to go into a giant battle and die. You are gonna do one of the more tedious tasks that other people still do, while you get your nanites back, because if you die, you won't be playing till you get the nanites back. I don't care if the thing you do the most is die, because each time you die, unless to yourself, the person who killed you lives. A cost means that dying means something and that you should stop dying. Now when you are being shot at, that isn't easy to do. If you have a reason to not die, other than losing your position or your precious stats, then you are going to try to not die. Not to say that anyone tries to die, but you don't exactly play the game at 150% tryhard power, trying to dodge every bullet. You are trying to get kills most of the time, or trying to get to the point.

    Also, insulting me because you don't understand my reasoning and you don't like Infiltrators is stupid. Please, refrain from that.
  9. Badman76

    How about they did this, but made a free basic soldier class. The cannon fodder class in war like clone troopers or unsc marines
    Maybe they had no access to utilities or tools and could only equip any starter primary and secondary weapons

    I've alway thought this class was missing and all the other classes were specialists. Like medics and engineers supports the army, LA's and infiltrators go off on their own and flank and infiltrate the enemy army, and HA's supports the army with extra firepower from Lmg's and RL.

    I also think it would make people appreciate the classes more. Like say you play HA then you run out of nanites so you have to play as a basic soldier with a lmg. You'd really miss the shield and RL.
  10. Scroffel5

    DUDE I FELT THIS WAY TOO! There is no basic unit of infantry. There should be a class that can use every weapon, but they can't do anything to complete tasks. They can't use any abilities or tools or anything. I think they should be able to use every weapon, though, not just starters. That seems fun.
  11. Twerllewr

    I am against this the reason why is that medic is there to keep battle flowing (Shouldn't cost nanites)But you're kinda right reviving the same player must cost 30 nanites or more depends on what you're reviving the same person more then 5 times but here the [firebrick] people should get 10 revives and that's it

    Ps:Hopefully we can Get this right
  12. Scroffel5

    Periods. You need to use periods.
  13. Blam320

    I'm completely against the idea of making infantry cost nanites. That's overly punishing to players, period.
  14. Raidashi

    I can see what this is going for, or at least the sense of it that others have made... And I've played games like this, and they are fun...

    However, I wildly disagree. I think it would cause massive issues in the long run. If the game was balanced around that from the get go, then perhaps... But a lot of things would need to change, such as the TTK's and the obnoxious server lag. If survival is imperative to being able to continued, we'd need to be better able to do that. As is, theres plenty of chances that you just kinda get boned for things not totally under your control.

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