Indirect MBT nerf

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  1. FaLI3N

    It has incredibly high projectile velocity, it really isn't difficult to hit something as large as a lib at range and you only need 2 crack shots on comms to instagib ESF without giving them any chance to escape unlike the strikers that have a lock-on warning and then you need to maintain that lock throughout the entire firing cycle until all rockets connect. If you take that into account a small charge up time is nothing factoring in the reload times it is negligible. Vehicles are not always at full health and any tanker can tell you that one infantry firing on you can drastically alter the outcome of tank v tank engagements so yes, I was killing vehicles left and right completely out of render distance for them and well beyond the effective range of the striker.

    You seem to be looking for an argument but you pretty much said you can't aim with the thing and then tried to blame it on the game.. if you can't use the lancer then don't, it literally makes my life easier atm as I no longer main VS.
  2. Vixxing

    I got 3 Sniper rifle auraxiums... with over 6k headshots so i think i know how to aim... hitting a running target at 100m in the head is easier than tagging a moving ESF one time with a full load of Lancer... imagine doing it 2 times in a row... (it still wont gib only burn)
  3. FaLI3N

    Cool story, but you still can't hit anything moving faster than an infantry past 100m to the point to which you just gave up and stopped using a weapon entirely. 2 fully charged lancer shots gib ESF.. me and a friend used to camp a frequented resupply area an air squadron used to use that was always camping our warpgate and 4v1ing new pilots. 2 fully charged shots hitting at the same time meant instant death with no time to react whatsoever.
  4. Vixxing

    Really? hit 2 full loads more than 10 times without gibbing... it happens but only to allready damaged planes... test it in VR... (Cool story though... give me link to your VS char so i can check your Lancerstats)
    Also next time you and your friends do that... record a video to show us how its done!
  5. Alarox

    Where are you guys getting the idea that MBTs aren't drastically more effective with a gunner? The only exception is the Prowler's long-range playstyle. You're at least twice as effective when using a gunner with both the Vanguard and the Magrider. 1/2 vs 2/2 is night and day.
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  6. NC_agent00kevin

    The man has got a point. And I rarely even pull MBTs. Im a Lightning driver.

    Again, a good point. Ill fight a 1/2 Magrider or Prowler any day if I am equipped with AP. Especially if they are running HEAT or HE. Ive even taken a couple 1/2 Vannies down with an AP Lightning pre shield nerf - but the drivers werent the greatest. Fact remains that a second gunner precludes a victory for the Lightning regardless of main/secondary guns.
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  7. Regpuppy

    Hull mounted gun for the driver, with some swivel action!