Indirect MBT nerf

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  1. z1967

    TR is ending up being the AA faction. Striker dominated air, AA prowler was a thing, and the best MAX AA courtesy of lock-down. Its silly but at least it keeps the Libs away.
  2. Vixxing

    You forgot the pre-nerf vulcan melting ESF in seconds... was pointless flying against TR when Striker,vulcan,db-lockdown-bursters and prowler where at its worst...
  3. z1967

    Vulcan uses AP hmg, which is the same used in the Libs TB weapon. Only difference is that one is used on almost every vehicle and the other is rarer to find than a unicorn. But yeah, AA faction starts to pay off when you have to rely on AA to keep any battle sane :|
  4. Vixxing

    TR skyguards where rarer than unicorns back then... all TR weapons where so OP against air they just did not need them... :p
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  5. Tcsisek

    if you let them get pulled from amp stations and bio labs then ill agree, if not than mbts will be used far to little.
  6. HellasVagabond

    I AGREE....And while we're at it i suggest that infantry CAN'T get weapons and even SUITS when close to the enemy Warpgate....
    Beneath i have attached images of the Heavy , Infiltrator and Light Infantry classes without armor and weapons.....Now who can say no to that ?




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  7. TriumphantJelly

    Bad for deployed prowlers, the 3rd seater would either have to sit there, or get out.

    Bad for magriders: The main gunner would only be able to move the gun up and down, which would be very boring.

    Fine for Vanguard, but eh.
  8. FaLI3N

    If VS worked together they could dominate the airspace by spamming lancer/vortex at every scrub farmer, wait I mean liberator that enters the hex. Seriously the lancer is crazy and I hardly ever get hit by it when I play TR or NC.
  9. z1967

    Shhhhh... they must not know of how genuinely terrifying those things are.
  10. Jake the Dog

    Tanks aren't OP because you can pull them anywhere theres a spawn for them. Because generally (esamir excluding) everyone can pull an MBT to counter the enemy MBTs. You all talk about how MBTs need a nerf when the only thing that needs a nerf is liberators. (which you guys probably just think im just another tanker.) well I shoot down basically 7/10 libs that actually come gunning for me.
  11. FaLI3N

    haha I jumped on my Connery VS today and just went around with the lancer roflstomping all armor in a 900m radius :p
  12. z1967

    At least AV MANA turrets maybe might have rendered but probably wouldn't have :(
  13. FaLI3N

    FIRIN MA LAZOR :p Yer I know its extremely dirty, I predicted an uprising of the lancer before the AV mana nurf came into play but it hasn't looked like it has changed much yet. I guess VS are just stubborn and refuse to look at the past, they are all about the future..
  14. z1967

    Shhh, the less they know the better it is for the rest of us :)
  15. Morchai

    If ever they split the roles of driver and gunner in the MBT then they would also need revise the squish factor and make it much easier for a tank to kill enemy soldiers by just plowing over them and turning them into red paste. If a driver can only drive, then driving should be a weapon.
  16. Makora

    I am 130% FOR making vehicles more restricted!

    Don't get me wrong. My most played vehicle is the prowler. I love my tank! Whenever I get the opportunity I pull it. But at my heart. In my core I am a rifleman. The zerging we see in the game is the result of no logistics. By logic, the further away from your own base of operations (the warpgate) you get, the less you have access to. The closer to the enemy, the more they have. Logistics.

    At least that is how it should work.

    The day in beta where the devs made every vehicle terminal spit out sunderers was a sad day for me. But I understood the reason for it back then. We had no other transport vehicles besides the flash. But these days we have the harasser, and the harasser is a "transport vehicle". I would like to see the Sunderer removed from vehicle spawners in small bases. I mean lets be honest. Rarely do I see the sunderer being used as an actual transport vehicle, it's a mobile spawn point with the bonus option to carry a squad.
    I wouldn't be against it if the damn S-AMS unlock wasn't only 50 certs. Damn thing's almost as cheap as a scope, but it's a game-changer. I don't know any other cert in the game that completely reworks the intended purpose of a vehicle so cheaply.

    I'd go as far as to allow the pulling of lightnings in large facilities only if you own a connected Tech plant. And S-AMS equipped sunderers can only be deployed from bases you own, not from a hacked terminal in an enemy base.

    Ooor, my new and equally "fun" idea. Bases have limited numbers of vehicle "tickets". What I mean by that is that at any given moment, a base has a set number of vehicles you can pull. Say at Crimson Bluff, you can pull 2 tanks (MBT's or lightnings), 2 Sunderers, 3 Harassers and 10 flashes. Or you could simplify it to "4 Heavy vehicles, 13 transport vehicles"
    Basically you can, at that moment, pull that many vehicles. You regenerate these "tickets" over time, so if you go there every few minutes you can always pull a tank or a sunderer. But if there's a battle going on at or next to that base you might be looking at being able to only pull a flash or a harasser because there are no "tickets" left for vehicles you want.
    To boost this, you could make Amp stations give a bonus that is actually useful. For every Amp Station you own, you have more vehicle tickets and/or faster ticket regeneration in every connected base.

    Air vehicles are a lot trickier. The time it takes for an aircraft to reach this or that place is so small that limiting them by ownership of a specific facility is a bit pointless.
    But again, see the Ticket system. Might just work.

    Simply put, if we get a limitation on what and where we can deploy a vehicle, these vehicles become rarer and thus more important. The rarer and more important something becomes, the more powerful it can become. If everyone pulls a tank, should that tank be nearly impossible to kill? Of course not. It's the quote from Incredibles "And when everyone's super, no one will be." Something that can be spammed needs to be just as easily countered. But if you can have only a few of these tanks at any given time, then the tanks can be made more powerful. More important.
    Of course we can get into situations where someone manages to group up 20 tanks and start steamrolling. But there will be losses. And as long as you can't pull a new one out of your behind at the next base, you will run out at some point. And by then you've pissed off enough people to get punched back just as hard.

    But with all that said. In the end, to quote General George S. Patton "Wars may fought with weapons, but they are won by men."
    It's infantry who capture a base. You can sit out there in your tank and Liberator all day long. Unless someone's brave or smart enough to go stand on the point, you'll be sitting there without purpose.

    Every vehicle pulled is there to support infantry. Somewhere along the line we've forgotten that part.
  17. FaLI3N

    well I main TR on Connery so hush hush time ;)
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  18. Axehilt

    This suggestion seems like a rather bad idea.

    MBTs aren't overpowered. Only players who make bad decisions (fight tanks as infantry; spawn at camped bases repeatedly; etc) feel MBTs are overpowered, when it fact they just need to stop making bad decisions.

    Whatever problem you think you're solving, you aren't solving by limiting the availability of where MBTs can spawn. Honestly it's probably a problem you could solve yourself (right now! Today!) by making fewer bad decisions.

    I fully support balancing the overall value of Lightnings vs. MBTs, but doing it via availability (or cost: they should be closer or equal in cost) is the wrong way to go about it.

    Because really the game needs to generally take a step in the exact opposite direction you're suggesting: instead of heavy combat vehicles being available at fewer bases, they need to be available at almost every base, including aircraft. The outdoor game is about vehicle combat, and so having players be unable to spawn tanks/air at their current base really undercuts their ability to compete, and forces and awkward respawn to some other distant base that has those things (which is going to happen sometimes anyway, because if you're camped by vehicles you'll still want to spawn at some other base to safely bring a new vehicle to the edge of the battlefield to start picking off enemy vehicles.)
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  19. Vixxing

    Maybee because it takes two fully charged Lancerhits and a long reload to bring one ESF down? And as hard to hit with as an unzoomed sniper rifle with 2s delay... while 2 strikers can hit 100% on a ESF that burnt its flare..,
  20. Vixxing

    Weird... when i fire at airtargets longer than 500m away with my Lancer nothing happens at all, no hitmarkers nothing... i suspect they have stealth-nerfed it and you are full of brown substance... 900m right, and ROFLSTOMPING... Right... would take you atleast 30s of continious fireing to take one lightning out.... would be a stupid lightning to not doing anything about it at 900m... (if it rendered that is)