Indirect MBT nerf

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    Lmfao I stand corrected.
  2. Morchai

    Being a driver only would be incredibly boring. And how exactly would the job of driver be compensated for its loss of experience from kills?
  3. Taemien

    Do like the OP says, WG and Techplant only.
    Then switch gunner and driver weapons. Gunner mans the main gun. Driver takes the secondary weapon. Add 25% more health.

    Reduces spam, and makes a tanky tank that functions like a tank.
  4. doombro

    Boredom? Surely you jest. Give MBT's flash-type turbo. There, problem solved.

    All jokes aside, shared crew XP, just as it is with libs. Maybe a little bonus on the side. Harasser drivers and galaxy pilots don't seem too bored.
  5. Ronin Oni

    MBT's are better than Lightnings?

    huh... and I was positive my AP lightning out DPS'd my FPC ;)
  6. Hibiki54

  7. MagMourner

    I actually think that MBTs seem pretty weak overall right now.

    I used to solo-snipe but that is way too risky now if you get caught by air, so I just stick with the zerg and try to dodge C4 fairies like crazy, while hoping that enemy air focuses on someone else; safety in numbers and all...

    It is true that you see many more 'groups' of tanks these days and that may be why they feel like butchers but in truth, they have been nerfed either directly or indirectly for some time and now have little option but to stick together. I think that another nerf is just about the last thing the MBT needs.
  8. Leftconsin

    MBTs can fly!
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  9. iccle

    First of all to date the MBT is the only asset in game that is linked to ownership of a tech plant (lib should be also IMO). However the implementation of the lattice system is flawed so that that fact can rarely be exploited. Lattice links need to be interruptible so that 'tech' can be denied.

    The single main issue that causes most people to experience large scale vehicle and air spam, is base design, infantry are unsafe from vehicles and air from spawn to capture point to vehicle/air terminals in most places, in other words it takes a hugely disproportionate number of air or vehicles to prevent defenders from getting air/vehicles in order to meet 'the zerg'.

    The second issue is MBT driver guns, should be gunner guns, driver drives. That single change would sort out those who want to play dedicated MBT, and those who want to solo with a big gun. It's the 'solo with a big gun' people who are the main contributor to the tank zergs.
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  10. eldarfalcongravtank

    armor is no contest. MBT wins here since it has more hp than a Lightning.

    but regarding damage output? let's see:

    Magrider HEAT cannon:
    3.75s reload equals 16 shells per minute
    1410 direct damage / 1000 indirect damage

    total damage output per minute = (1410 + 1000) * 16 shots = 38560

    Lightning HEAT cannon:
    3s reload equals 20 shells per minute
    1275 direct damage / 1000 indirect damage

    total damage output per minute = (1275 + 1000) * 20 shots = 45500

    Magrider AP cannon:
    3.75s reload equals 16 shells per minute
    1865 direct damage / 500 indirect damage

    total damage output per minute = (1865 + 500) * 16 shots = 37840

    Lightning AP cannon:
    3s reload equals 20 shells per minute
    1600 direct damage / 500 indirect damage

    total damage output per minute = (1600 + 500) * 20 shots = 42000

    in both cases, the damage output per minute of a Lightning is higher. so at least for VS it's not always better to pull a Magrider. Lightning is the better combat and farming tool, but is less survivable/maneuverable than the MBT/Magrider. so an MBT is not better for most situations, you need to choose between higher damage output or more armor. nevertheless, for TR/NC MBTs, this result could look not as differentiated
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  11. Xale

    Why, exactly, are you using uncertified numbers? It doesn't change the outcome (Lightning DPS > Van DPS > Mag DPS), but its bad practice.
  12. Fang7.62

    I love driving/commanding tanks of any form in any game no matter what are they supposed to do, which is I believe the same motivation of other people that still pull tanks. Simply because they like tanks, but thats all. Usually anything tank can do, can be done more effectively by something else without presenting the enemy a rolling bundle of cerst that just costed you 450 ground resources.

    I remember this LA thread where somebody listed all direct and indirect nerfs that the class suffered since the beginning. It would be nice to compile similar list for tanks so we can use it while begging for buffs :) Would be a lot of work though since tanks can be indirectly nerfed by almost any change of anything. Meh, I'll get on it :)
  13. Vixxing

    I think resource revamp will be good for 3 reasons
    1. Will "force" tankers to fly, and pilots to tank... (to use resources better)
    2. Will "force" more Co-op teamplay since if harder to get vehicles, it will be easier to get gunners...
    3. Will probably mean pilots and tankers will spend some more time as infantery...
  14. Aesir

    I'm happy that Infantry will no longer stockpile explosives and use up their resources for it ... so that they can no longer pull MBTs. 90% of all Tanks on the field are just stock battle taxis with primarily Infantry players inside them ...
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  15. Van Dax

    one universal resource, how does not using a tank and spending it on something else benefit my resource gain?
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  16. Vixxing

    Ah one resource? hmmm... just though it was that you did not gain resources while in a vehicle? hmm... well thats just bad imo...
  17. D3GGEY

    Supposedly, you won't gain resources while in a vehicle, but you'll also only have one resource type, meaning that using C4 might mean you can't pull your MBT.

    Also, big ole NOPE to the OP. MBTs, the Magrider specifically, are the most-nerfed units in the game. Every single major patch other than GU08 has contained a nerf to tanks.
  18. Vixxing

    Some warranted though, an anchored prowler on a mountaintop killing infantery in bases 3 hexxes away with every shot... (and libs and Galaxys)
  19. Whatupwidat

    Naw, just means the numbers of people staring vacantly at vehicle terminals in the warp gate will rise dramatically :p
  20. D3GGEY

    Infantry render range is 300 meters. I you're more than 300 meters from an enemy unit, it can't see you, it can't damage you, it can't kill you.

    I get really tired of all the exaggeration thrown around about MBTs' anti-infantry killing power. Shelling from three hexes away won't kill anything.
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