Indirect MBT nerf

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  1. Codex561

    Q: What is there difference between an MBT and a lightning?
    A: An MBT is better for most situations

    As long as you can get an MBT, you will get it.

    Since MBTs are like 'elite' armor unites (Don't you dare contradict me!), they should be harder to get!
    I am suggesting making them spawnable in two places:
    Warpgate and tech plants (since they build the MBTs?).

    The effect would reduce spam and give a bit of metaish gameish:
    The deeper you go into enemy territory, the less MBTs you can pull.
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  2. Sebastien

  3. Codex561

    And a guy with the pic of a vanguard and a guide to use them comes along....
  4. Sauce Sausage.

    im mad when theres no MBT on a techplant or biolab, this thread is a madness
  5. KnightCole

    Sure, this idea would be neat.

    Would help to curb the MBT spam...then with less spam, we could see MBTs become more MBT and less "lol wtf is that thing?"
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  6. Brandmon

    Nerf Lightnings.
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    Unless you are driving a Magrider.
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  8. Morchai

    Since I usually tank alone, I grab lightnings almost exclusively unless the continental mech income is 100/pulse or more. The MBT isn't worth the extra 150 mech. But, I almost always respawn at the warpgate anyhow. I like driving my lightning around and taking the time to make it back to the front lines allows some of it's costs to regenerate on my way back to the battle.

    I have a sinking feeling that I'll be quitting when the resource revamp hits. That whole 'not being able to top off your resources while in a vehicle' thing doesn't bode well for pulling a new tank after being ganked by some lib.

    Still, the game already has different levels of vehicle pads, not all of which can produce tanks. I don't support further restricting them. And the deeper you go into enemy territory, the more resources your faction will be generating which results in more MBTs, regardless.

    Now, a suggestion to limit Lib spawns to Esimir ...
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  9. Iridar51

    Just make room for the third crewmember - dedicated driver. Then tankers would need a crew of at least 2 to even be able to participate in combat. Not counting deployed prowlers though :rolleyes:
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  10. Devrailis

    Magriders are the reason why North Indar is devoid of grass.

    and life
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  11. Alarox

    It is already the most restrictive playstyle in the entire game.

    It is the ONLY playstyle that requires owning a specific base to use. MBTs take the longest of ALL vehicles to even get to a battle. You can barely even use them on Amerish or Esamir as most bases are infantry only, aircraft dominate on those two continents, and there's only ONE Tech Plant on Esamir. Infantry are always useful, aircraft can always find other aircraft to fight or simply move to another battle, MBTs often end up as completely useless and I find myself logging off because there's nothing to do.

    MBTs cost the most resources and they require the largest cert investment. MBTs can be reliably countered by infantry, other ground vehicles, and aircraft alike. They've been nerfed, directly and indirectly, in every major patch for months.

    People complain about tanks being spammed, but then they want to make the playstyle even more frustrating for the people who dedicate themselves to destroying those zergs. Sure, go make it even MORE restrictive. Enjoy your BR10 tank zergs. Wait, that's right, you don't even need other tanks to kill a tank zerg. Infantry and aircraft cover that role. My bad.
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  12. FateJH

    We are also removing the option of MBTs from the satellite bases of Tech Plants, yes?
  13. Devrailis

    Not only are they one of the more restrictive playstyles ("most restrctive" could be argued), but they have some of the fewest mechanics to play with.

    Lets say you pull an AP Vanguard, after chewing up a half dozen VS vehicles, then what? Shoot at infantry. Except then they complain about vehicle spam making Infantry play awful. So then what after that? Shoot at the non-existing vehicles that are already dead and are not coming back?

    Rather than expanding the roles that MBTs can play with, and developing mechanics to give vehicles useful things to do, people are brain-dead focussed on simply nerfing them so they don't have to think about them.
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  14. Codex561

    That, im not sure.
  15. GaBeRock

    MBTs should be much harder to use without a gunner, and considerably more effective, while lightnings should get a coaxial weapon. Libs aren't that OP, other vehicles are just UP in comparison.
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  16. GaBeRock

    On the flipside, infantry players can no longer stockpile C4 and tankmines, so they'll have more incentives to play vehicles, meaning that you'll get more targets to shoot at.
  17. Pikachu

    Remove the satellite bases instead.
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  18. Sebastien

    Only dedicated tankers would pull from the WG or a Techplant. Which is good because it means I can pad my VK/D with Lightning carcasses.
  19. Sagabyte

    You fly magriders you dolt!
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  20. doombro

    They just need to make them harder to solo.

    Separate the main gun and the driver seat (for the prowler & vanny, magrider sucks enough). It would be an interesting change.