Indar Warpgates Need To Rotate

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kitlo, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Sebyos

    NC simply sucks on many servers. On Matterson they are less terrible and push to Ceres Farm and Hvar pretty often.
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  2. Zorlox

    as you said, they will get there, the game isn't really at that point yet. This game 'should' be a lot better in a year or 3, they have a lot of work ahead of them.
  3. HoriZon357

  4. Owleyes

    Nothing wrong with the NC warpgate, as NC its easily defensable if you have half decent numbers.

    As VS, Its a fricken death trap. Seriously, Ever wonder why most VS dont push past regent rock and the crossroads?
  5. Rayden78

    As Vanu i would never change our warpgate on Indar
  6. huller

    I support this, always having to play whack-a-mole with the VS when we want to fight some NC kinda gets boring after a while. The VS have arguably the best WG on Indar. Everyone that sais TR are at an advantage on indar should have a look at the ridiculous pop advantage they have on the continent on some servers first.
  7. Flavo

    Yeah, it would be interesting to have a change of scenery and see how each empire handles each location. Spoilers; NC still lose.
  8. dragondrop

    I'd also like the chance to experience the battle from a different side. Quartz Ridge Camp, for example. I'd like to defend it towards the north instead of always the south, with the VS positioning magriders on the hills and the utterly useless Anti Vehicle turrets on the gate towers there.
    Rotating warpgates would probably not change the main battle territories (Quartz Ridge, Crown, etc), but people would be able to see the entire map for once (wtf is Scarred Mesa Sky Dock?).
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  9. Nehemia

    Because when Vanu reach Regent rock & Crossroads, NC considers their AMP & Tech to be under assault, and suddenly the whole NC force is directed at Vanu. I've seen it happen too many times.
  10. Zan_Aus

    That's because its a straight run down into our heartland from Crossroads. Holding Crossroads is pretty much a strategic necessity for NC, far more than Crown. Whenever we hold Crossroads the VS advance mostly halts and we can then spare energy to combat the TR.
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  11. Joe-H2O

    Ah, Scarred Mesa Skydock... you think you can land there for a quick reload, but it's high and up and exposed.

    If you slowboat for a few seconds to touch down I think an alarm goes off in VS territory and a million Scythes pop out of nowhere :)

    If you're flying around looking to defend the tech plant and you do a long bank and you end up with green below you, you've gone too far. The NC never seem to venture past the cliffs and desert.
  12. warmachine1

    WG rotations are completely fair mechanism, especially if done regulary.
  13. Rayden78

    So why do NC always attack Regent Rock then, go away 5 minutes from regent rock and an NC is inside.
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  14. Nehemia

    Because possessing that hex pretty much links you to Peris (region) and Tawrich (region). Strategically, it is an extremely important location to possess, even if you aren't going to assault Peris. Let's call it a safety measure.
  15. Vortok

    Just flipping the warpgates on a schedule would feel too arbitrary to me. I could deal with it, but it'd just feel like it could've been done so much better if that's how it happened. Would prefer there to be some player control over the process. I agree with wanting to see other areas of the continent/seeing them from another angle. I sometimes get that from playing alts, but non-static warpgates would be cool.

    Also, Indar is 'hard to capture' mainly because that's where everybody plays. If the majority of the population was on Esamir or Amerish and overflowed into Indar it'd be a similar story there.
  16. Thentar

    Stop your raging....VS on Waterson have basically held Indar for weeks now. The VS had it for at least 2 weeks solid. Different servers play out differently which means it is more down to how your empire on your server plays. That said I'd be for a monthly rotation of all warp gates on all conts to spice things up.
  17. Accuser

    That is awesome. And it is at 20:48 for those who want to see it in the FNO itself.
    Really... really... really hoping that's how the Warpgates will be soon :D
  18. MeltingCPU

    This would actually be fair AND make cont lock worth it.
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  19. Brandon

    The NC have taken, and held, Indar for weeks now on Genudine. Despite some good efforts to decap them (getting them down, several times, to 1 territory), the terrain ends up working in their favor. Once our forces are locked into the canyons trying to move, the NC zerg out as many aircraft as possible at once to destroy our armor (which takes a comparatively long time for us to replace and regroup from Tawrich) while sending a flanking action up on to the exposed ridge above Tawrich.

    There's a long argument about this in other threads, but I long ago came to the conclusion that in addition to just plain good defense play by the NC, they were benefiting from a perfect storm of the canyon terrain acting as a defensive force multiplier and our server's very poor population count, which doesn't permit the offensive to mount sufficient numbers to overcome the multiplier effect of the canyons at the critical last moment.

    So, back to the OP's original comment. I agree (and I assumed that I had heard from SOE) that warp gates should rotate from time to time just to muck up the status quo on any server. I also asked Santa for a bigger, more stable, more balanced throughout the day population on Genudine, but he hasn't come through on that yet.
  20. Kalyper

    Warpgates will be rotating for this end of January patch.

    Indar: counter-clockwise
    Esamir: clockwise
    Amerish: counter-clockwise
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