Indar capped!

Discussion in 'Helios (US West)' started by Escorge, May 10, 2013.

  1. agrueeatedu

    Took you guys long enough, congrats though. Nice to see you guys putting up a hard fight again!

    Hibiki a cheater? Dude he's on *all the friggin time*, I always hear him on command chat, he's likely thrown hundreds of hours and dollars on the game, like he'd throw that away for some '1337 H4X'.
  3. malice420

    actually all 3 factions of helios have held all 3 continents at one point or another I really happy with helios is it shaping to be a very well balanced server :D grats to the TR
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    Yeah its a good server, NC Weapons need a buff though, not like those 'no recoil' VS Weapons or the 'Bullet Hose so don't matter if some bullets miss' TR Weapons. Not to mention how unenjoyable the Reaver is to fly so we never get any Air Support.
  5. NavSpec

    Oh? The only things flying near the Bastion yesterday during your event were Reavers and your Liberators so I dunno whaaat you're talking about. :p
  6. vaxx

    Another example of pure ignorance. How much time do you have using VS/TR weapons? Please show us.

    One example was defending a base for over half an hour against a constant stream of Scythes and Liberators, I didn't see one friendly Reaver, and I only saw 3 Vanu Infantry... They were Downed Pilots.

    And no it ain't ignorance, NC bullets may do more damage, but their initial Recoil and overall Recoil make the other guns like Water Pistols in comparison, its so much easier to hold a headshot with TR/VS Weapons than it is NC, not that I can't do it, it's just easier with the other weapons.

    NC does have patented Aussie Bogan technology though (left an Aussie mate alone with a Harrasser for half an hour, was still doing stuff like this when I got back)

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  8. Garflow

    I'm quite surprised that you claim to be from DPSO, yet you don't know who Hibiki is. I mean this as an honest question: Are you relatively new?
    FYI: He's the leader of TLR, one of the most prominent NC outfits around, and also one of the best to work with. Think about that, then answer your own question as to whether he's cheating :)
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  9. Kaal87

    I agree with your sentiments Serpent: eff the effing EFFF outta hackers, they deserve their own circle of hell for butting into our past-time. BUT on my end Glorinn, Handimann, and ProjectXXX are not hackers (I'll add that imo Project isnt at the same caliber as the latter two), only sheer annoyance of PS2 skill. Sure they're NC, have a whole mob to hide behind but they play the game well and stand out on the field whenever I'm fighting them. Then again its an MMO so everyone hacks:p
  10. vaxx

    It is ignorance. Plain and simple. Its an un-informed opinion. Like I said, show me your player stats with TR and/or VS weapons to compare. If you cant, you are talking out your azz.

    Some people prefer one factions weapons to another. Does not mean one is better over the other. Percentage-wise I have more headshots with my NC than both VS and TR. How do you explain that? NC weapons are my favorite.

    The difference between my opinion and yours....its an informed one. Spouting off generalizations about weapons based on what killed you, and what you heard (like VS have no BS), makes that statement ignorant.
  11. Hibiki54

    You mad, bro? This is the first time I've been thrown hackusations, especially by an alleged member of "DPSO". You're just upset that you got ROFL-stomped every time you saw me and my murder of freedom rockets.

    Haters gonna hate, NC gonna liberate!

    VS isn't easy mode? So when was the last time you had to worry about Bullet drop?

    And dude, look at your stats, NC is the worst of all your 3 K/D's.
  13. vaxx

    You keep digging the hole deeper. If you think K/D is a factor your are again mistaken. One, my NC is the lowest BR (due to the huge NC pop on Waterson it isn't played). Two, I have no vehicle certed out. And finally, if I played it more and had things certed, the k/d would most likely be higher.

    No bullet drop an OP advantage? Seriously. Do even play PS2?

    You also keep avoiding it. I have a better understanding of faction weapons than you do. If you never tasted vanilla ice cream in your life, your comments about how it tastes is null and void. Same with NC/TR weapons.

    I assume by your lack of providing any proof of time with VS/TR weapons you are talking out your azz, and doing the usually "Boo Hoo, I got killed so its OP". I guess my assumptions are correct. Making statements about things you have no idea about. GJ.
  14. kaptinkrunch88

    Oh God, please shut the "F" up about which faction is easier then the others. Take this BS to PM. This thread is about Indar being capped by TR. Nice work guys. Nuff said. If you need to whine about anything else, go call your therapist and buy a box of tissues.
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  15. jimredtalon

    Can the moderators please shut down this thread it is bumping acctual recruitment threads down and outfit leaders have enough trouble recruiting as is.

    I have enough time with VS/TR Weapons to know the feel of them, and I know exactly how to assess the properties of a Gun, stock and with upgrades they are much easier to use, that is my opinion on the matter. Don't like it? Too bad.
  17. Excellentz

  18. Excellentz

    isn't Glorinn VS lol? You are a clown buddy. I am pretty sure every faction on every server has its cheaters... Nobody in any of the NC's major outfits condones hackers in their outfit. So, your outfit is not the only one with such "pride" on the matter. You seem to have a real salty taste in your mouth regarding the NC, lol
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  19. TheWhiteDragon

    I constantly hear ProjectxXx's name thrown around as someone people believe is cheating. Obviously there's no proof, or he'd be gone by now.
  20. angryBuddha

    I'm proud to say that I was part of it. In the beginning, it just seemed like a push to unseat the NC from the Indar cap. The VS seemed stalled at Arroyo Torre for over 30 minutes and we started taking more territory to push into the NC gate. In the end, it amounted to a 5 second difference between us getting Lost End Outlook vs losing Feldspar/Ceres-something.