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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MrGurrenLemfox, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. Louis Farrakhan

    my friend, with 2000 players, there will ALWAYS be someone behind your back. thats why this is not feasible.

    right now, being instaganked with no control over your fate is not a possibility. it is a certainty. its just a matter of when, where.

    the anger of players have ALWAYS been about being killed too fast by various things. the fast TTK is the root of the problem. it is reaching a flashpoint where the game will bleed even more population.

    nerfing the prowler was a step in the right direction. it raised prowler TTK.
  2. darkagent

    again just shut up. you make yourself look like an idiot.

    on the other hand

    increasing the TTk would help diversify the weapons and get ride of the OHKO with almost half the weapons in the game. it would also make fighting a lot more fun and not like a rage fest match of call of duty. TTK is currently so short that with lag added in it feels like 3 shots and your dead. if you want BF3 or COD ttk then go play those games. Currently this game is slowly dieing and people are loosing interest because of the OHK weapons and short TTK on infantry. infantry fights are not fun there are jsut cert farms for vehicles. base designs are supportive of infantry farmings and with weapons like HE shells and the dalton along with snipers and shotguns its almost pointless to try to get involved in an infantry fight because you will just get farmed all day. TTK is so low that even on 2 or 3 v 1 fights unless you have the jump on them you will not win like you could in PS1 if you where a really good gun fighter.
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  3. MasterChief096

    PS2's TTK needs to be somewhere in the middle of where it is now and where PlanetSide 1 was. Faster than PS1, slower than what it currently is.

    This simple adjustment would fix loads of problems in the game.
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  4. turtlestation

    I'm surprised players are complaining about TTK, because I sure hope it isn't for small arms TTK. Most players I see need almost their entire magazine of 30/40 rounds to kill someone. TTK for HE can be tweaked, though, IMO.
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  5. Cowboyhomer

    Ambushing is and should be deadly...You just want to play the game with no awareness and wait for someone to shoot you before you have to react. If you get hit first you should die first unless I suck...anyone who has come across me in the game knows that it is entirely possible right now, the way the game is, to get shot and still turn to kill the shooter. I have been killed plenty of times after I got the first shot off on an enemy unaware of me.

    I usually have my faction at my back....but I do realize that the enemy can be anywhere and I prepare for it. I very seldom get killed from behind and I dont remember the last time I was one shot. That doesnt happen to HA. Even when I get shot in the back I can run around a corner. In my experience , you are just wrong on how fast people are dying.

    I think this thread alone(not to mention the 10's of other just like it since launch) prove that there are not too many people who want quakeside like you. All the higher time to kill does is take away strats and put the war in the hands of the bigger army IMO. Less teamwork and more Rambo is all it would bring and the team with the most HP and/or bullets wins.
  6. Cowboyhomer

    I just love all the higher TTK guys...everyone of them always have an arguement that comes down too"I cant take 2, 3, 4 or five guys on at once and live".... funny stuff.
  7. Cyridius

    PS1's TTK was way too high. Gunplay was terrible in that game.

    I think PS2's TTK is pretty bad as is aswell, but it's close to where it should be. If it was slightly longer and we didn't have as many of this instagib BS, players in general - imo - would feel happier as they'd have much more control over their live-or-die situation. Such as being able to run from fights that you are losing, in general having more drawn out battles. Tanks and aircraft would be less effective against infantry, and all that jazz.
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  8. Louis Farrakhan

    and those people keep crying "wheres the metagame?? wheres the metagame???" "too boring!!" "whats the point?" with TTK this low, there will NEVER be a metagame.
    right on. a 10% to 20% increase to TTK is all thats needed, and would make large battles more playable.
  9. smokemaker

    I vote to keep TTK's as is. If anything make them faster.
    Foolishness should be rewarded with instant death.
    Tactical positioning should be rewarded.

    squirt guns and circle jerks till death are not my idea of fun.
  10. Louis Farrakhan

    so why did you guys cry about lolpod/gunship/magrider/prowler/carv/annihilator killing too fast?

    you do understand all the cry about OPness is about fast TTK right?
  11. Cowboyhomer

    TTK does not make a meta just make the meta game take longer. TTK will not add meaning to why we fight. It wont add purpose. It just makes people harder to kill...thats it. When we have maps this big and this many people in one spot alot of the time...we dont need them being harder to kill. That isnt a meta...its the same game with battles taking alot longer.
  12. JudgeDeath

    TTK is in a good place atm.... why would you aim to destroy it and turn the shooting into standing infront of eachother ticking down hp bars nonsense ?
  13. Netham

    While personally I feel that TTK isnt "CoD" style, and isnt that far from a real PS experience. THIS, right here, IS severly lacking, theres no question about that. Flak is a good suit cert, it adds something tangible. Every other suit slot feels lacklustre compared to it. Bumping some of them up would alleviate this point alone, and add to it.

    I'd go into specifics but thats not really what this thread is about, so I'll just stop here.
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  14. smokemaker

    I have never complained about rocket pods. I love them. Hate the fact they were nerfed. I love fast TTK's. I love 1 hit kills. I love rear armor weakness. I am all for instagibs of infantry when hit with a tank rounds.

    I vote for no slowing of TTK.
  15. Cyridius

    That wont do a single thing. Answer is to make Flak Armour default, or close-to-default on infantry and then have certing into flak armour grant the same bonus as it does now, on top of the default. Not being insta gibbed by explosives 24/7 when you're bare of flak armour would be a giant incentive to actually cert into other things.
  16. Gavyne

    They should definitely increase TTK by a bit. TTK *was* fine, prior to SMG & pump shotguns were introduced. Mostly the SMG's as I've been killed more by SMG's than any shotguns. I know some carbines were already better than the SMG's, but with the new SMG's, more people simply have these fast TTK weapons. More people with these fast TTK weapons, it just feels overall that you die a lot quicker and more often.

    I much liked the balance prior to SMG's. It wasn't CoD fast, but it wasn't slow. Now, you can literally see someone, and die within 2 seconds. That's barely enough time to raise your gun and squeeze the trigger. And it's no exaggeration.

    I think they should give flak armor out as a separate slot, that way people can take another suit in addition to flak armor. This will help. That or just do an across the board 500 extra hp.
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  17. Netham

    So increasing Nanoweave's max to 35-45%[Like they did for Flak from 25 -> 50] you think wouldnt make a difference? Personally, especially with GU04 coming, I feel Flak is fine(Hell, I only have mine at 2 or 3), and will use Nanoweave or something else pretty much anytime Im not under constant Zephyr fire.
  18. xNPCx

    It seems to me if you start playing with TTK any balancing that has been done thus far would have to be scrapped and completely redone. Doesn't sound like a good idea to me.
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  19. Fligsnurt

    Now the forum goers with nothing better to do are up to the same old thing. Bash on any idea that can bring change to a game that has been hemmorrhaging players since launch. Honestly there is a difference between discussing ideas / suggestions and straight up complaining/whining and you fail to see the difference.

    Back on topic:
    I am all for increasing TTK maybe not to the levels of PS1 since this game is inherrently fast paced in everything that is going on. And also the biggest issue with balance / balancing going on in this game is the fact that everything is tuned to far one way or another, as well as the DEVs love to double tap (take a nerf bat to one side of the issue and a buff bat to the other side completely reversing the issue and turning it on its head.) What we need is minor changes, not drastic. SMALL NUDGES instead of pushing **** off a cliff.

    Here is my idea for TTK: Increase TTK by .5 - .9 seconds OR reduce flinch, remove the randomness of it and make it more predictable AND change bullets to kill to increase by 1-3 bullets depending on the weapons platforms. It isn't a super fast fix but easier to balance then just increasing everythings base health.

    How does this idea sound to you?
  20. Louis Farrakhan

    10-20% adjustment isnt that extreme. it just compensates for for lag in a massive battle.
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