Increased hipfire cone of fire on rocket launchers has invalidated a tactic

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MykeMichail, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. MykeMichail

    So surprising an enemy MAX with a rocket to the face followed by a barrage of short range LMG fire was one a tactic quite useful against TR and VS MAX's. It was semi-useful against NC MAX's as well, but would more often result in an instant death if that MAX was paying attention.

    Now, trying to use a rocket launcher against a MAX whilst hipfiring will generally result in a miss, whilst trying to ADS your shots first pretty much guarantees you'll die before you make your shot.

    Was anyone really asking for this change? I really don't see why this change was put into the game unless the developers wanted to indirectly nerf the NC by making a tactic that was useful against long range MAX's like the TR and VS's invalid.
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  2. Kaon1311

    As you have stated, its almost impossible to do versus an NC max due to instant death. But now that you MAY die ADSing a launcher when facing a TR or VS max its a nerf to NC?

    Are you ******* kidding me?
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  3. MykeMichail

    Yes. Because all you've got to do against an NC MAX is KEEP IT AT RANGE. Using a rocket launcher against a MAX at range is equally possible, but you need to ADS to do so. The NC MAX still has its pathetically short range weapons. TR and VS MAX's still rip you apart in milliseconds at long range. The change for VS and TR players is next to nothing. The change for NC players is tremendous.

    If they're going to take away a way of dealing with enemy MAX's for NC, then they need to add long range weapons to NC MAX's. Why should TR and VS get long range weapons and NO EXPLOITABLE WEAKNESS at short range, whereas the NC MAX get short range weapons with give them a ridiculously exploitable weakness at short range.

    This is the concept of "balance" all messed up. Strengths are supposed to be offset by weaknesses.
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  4. Kaon1311

    Want long range Max weapons, use slugs.

    Want short range instant gibbing weapons for TR and VS, tough **** :)

    Milliseconds to kill infantry at range using TR and VS max, its not that fast surely ;)
  5. TheFamilyGhost

    Ever fire a rocket from the hip while running backwards and a max crashing down on you?

    Maybe its just me, but I bet that would be inaccurate.
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  6. NovaAustralis

    At 5-10m it would be accurate, but the back-blast and splash-back would likely get you.
    Realism doesn't work in PS2... let's not go down that road on this thread.

    Back OT:

    I've noticed this too.
    When I can't spawn my MAX suit to counter an enemy MAX, I go Heavy Assault with Decimator to try to 'clear a hole'.

    Hip-firing the Decimator since the update has been 'iffy' at best.
    No idea why they changed this.
    It wasn't broke and didn't need fixing.
  7. Prudentia

    You can't hit a MAX with a rocketlauncher? what kind of BR100 are you?
    you have 5 Tools against MAXes
    Dumbfire Rocketlauncher
    AV nades
    Concussion nades
    Your LMG

    and you tell me you can't kill a ressource costing, cooldown dependent Infantry unit wit a hugr hitbox?
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  8. TheFamilyGhost

    Well, I think it's relevant.

    One shouldn't expect to be stable in an unstable position, and the new penalties for unstable fire (that affects everyone) seem to be fair.

    THAT is what the T is all about, despite efforts to disguise it.
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  9. BigIronRanger

    Oh so thats why i've been missing my hip fire decimator rounds so much more lately. man this update is so messed up why are they changing things that dont need changing. Have you also noticed the sniper rifles are a bit off too.

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  10. teks

    Thread is ignoring how ridiculous hipfire rockets were against infantry. It did need to change. Its a rocket launcher not a carbine.
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  11. BigIronRanger

    LOL i love how you make it sound so easy.

    Personally i've killed around 4000 MAX last time i checked and yes this nerf to hip fire was not needed at all dont see how it was too effective besides it was a very risky manoeuvre to pull of in the first place now its suicidal.

    BTW Myke is a top notch player.
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  12. FateJH

    I didn't even notice that people tried to hipfire rocket launchers. Or that you could. I always ADS before shooting one of those things.
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  13. Necron

    I hip-fired a Shrike the other day from the top spawn-room door at Regent Rock... And hit a Lib as it flew past. L2 hip-fire.
  14. Prudentia

    Half the time Poeple complain about noobtubes, skillless lockonlaunchers, noob splashusers etc
    the other half is consumed by complaining about splash nerfs, lockon nerfs, and nerfing of accuracy of oneshot kill with splash weapons.
    and in most cases those are the same poeple.
  15. NC_agent00kevin

    Yep, I was fighting a VS Max and all he had to do was stay about 20m away at most. His sustained fire and accuracy at range far outweighed my 'hugging distance' effective range. I was rocking slugs and managed to scare him a bit, but I was hurt bad. Without Aegis shield to hide behind during reloads I would have been dead, since I have to reload so often.
  16. RogueVindicare

    In other news, I've noticed dumbfire rockets seem to do little to no damage to Engie turrets. Anyone else having this issue?
  17. Winfield

    I'm sorry...We've let one loose from the mental ward...again...We beefed up our security but he managed to diet himself enough to fit through one of the vents. We're sorry.

    The entirety of the New Conglomerate apologizes for this.
  18. Larolyn

    Worse thing about dumbfires now besides the ridiculous hipfire nerf, is the extra gravity added to the rockets. All my trajectories and long range shot calculations are just gone. I am now shooting mortars at the enemy with less explosive damage. Really idiotic change. Seems like lockons at range are now more rewarded and people like me who like taking my 250 meter + dumbfire shots at armour are now punished. Silly me for learning to f*cking aim a dumbfire.
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  19. RHINO_Mk.II

    Fixed that for you.
  20. Kumaro

    What i and folks did today at Biolab landing pad vs VS maxes.
    Ai engi turrets on one side drawing attention. The other side had HA waiting with rocket launchers = MAX farm. Thinking and tactics are such awesome things. Noting like a little challenge to force people to....Le gasp THINK! O_O

    Sorry im not in a serious mood this evening XD