Increase range on repair tool

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by RoaRawR, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. RoaRawR

    it don't need to be huge, kinda like how medigun get upgraded

    my problem is that there is a big risk to repair a unaware ally tank ect
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  2. RealityWarrior

    I agree it should be updated like the medic gun. My larger issue is trying to keep a Max or vehicle in range. They walk/drive off mid repair.

    I am less worried about my safety and more worried about repairing moving targets.
  3. vesku

    >see friendly vehicle in need of repairs
    >be friendly and go near in order to repair it
    >get driven over
    >le fu~
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  4. Afifikas

    >repair friendly tank
    >repairs complete!
    >friendly tank says thanks!
    >friendly tank proceeds to squish you to death
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  5. Owleyes

    LOL this is funny, I often find myself saying out loud to myself " I'm never repairing another vehicle again !!"


    Then i go and repair a vehicle 2 mins later and get squished :p
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  6. ScrapyardBob

    They already bumped the range up a few days ago. It's got a fairly decent range on it now so you no longer have to be right on top of the vehicle to do repairs. Now you can stand in front of the magrider in the driver's field of vision while repping instead of hugging the side of the vehicle.
  7. Acuta

    LOL, only 2 Vanu avatars, betting everything I own all posters are Vanu trying to repair Magmowers...

    Actually got run over by my own Mag once when I stopped on a hill. Says something, that...
  8. hardrain1911

    my best one was repairing a vanguard from the side on estemir (ice one) and a different vanguard ran me over. there was no way he could have not seen me. i was pissed enough to chase him across the map to plow an entire galaxy up his *** to kill him.! it felt so good.
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  9. Blaank

    Yeah, better repair tool ranks should give slightly better range.
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  10. RoaRawR

    I not played in a while now but it is nice if they updated the range on it if bob is telling the truth
  11. Soylent

    I haven't noticed any range increase the repair tool and I'm playing Engi pretty often. We could really use some love in that department.
  12. dr_Fell

    Yeah, should be similar to medi tool. Would be fair.
  13. Juunro

    I'd be happy if the damn things didn't interrupt every time some person stepped between you and whatever you were repairing. It can be a pain following MAX's around in Biolab assaults when everyone running through a doorway interrupts the repair beam.
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  14. InducedApathy

    This and increased range if the tool is going to be so lackluster for the cert cost.
  15. SarahM

    With magmowers, there is no 'far enough away to repair safely' range.

    There's just 'getting squished without the driver noticing',
    'too far away to repair but still about to get squished any moment' and
    'on another continent' ranges
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  16. BobJohnson

    The biggest change I'd like to see made to the repair tool is that it allows you to continue repairing even if someone steps in between you and your target.
    A range upgrade would be cool, but it's not my biggest complaint about the repair tool.
  17. dr_Fell

  18. SKYHEX

    Hmm, am I the only one who doesn't get magmowed? o_O Version A: Magmower has no chasis >> bunny hop on top and survive; Version B: has chasis >> duck. The vehicle that mows me the most is, oddly, a liberator. Friend or foe even.
  19. Blaank

    I'd like an increase in the repair tool range based on repair tool level. Even a slight boost would help a lot.
  20. Vytality

    You guys that are getting squished- if you won't get sniped off, jump on top.