Increase life of Valkyrie

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by elkikko92, May 22, 2019.

  1. elkikko92

    I never take Valkyrie because it has low life.
    Make Valkyrie strong as Galaxy, right?
  2. Skraggz

    Can't tell if you're serious or not, so in the case you are..... No. There is a clear difference visually on the armor difference between the 2, and one can actively already be repaired by a engi while in flight. It is tanky enough, and if you are dying to quickly in it then this is a learning issue and not a game mechanic issue.
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  3. Scroffel5

    Why would anyone in their right mind do that? You could then argue to make the ESF as strong as a Galaxy, or a Flash as strong as an MBT. It isn't meant to be that way!
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  4. Twin Suns

  5. Towie

    Valkyrie is fine for what it's intended for - cheap(ish) transport from a to b. Often if I need to get to my squad and can't (thankyou new spawn system), i'll just grab a Valkyrie.

    Sure you'll be in a bit of trouble if you come across an ESF but compare that to the land equivalent. Hell even a Harasser can get into the sweet spot just beside a Sunderer and keep shooting without fear of the guns. I'd say that's a bigger problem personally....
  6. OneShadowWarrior

    It needs built in afterburners and so does the Galaxy.
  7. Skraggz

    Negative. It needs afterburners to be a slot option as do ALL other flying vehicles.
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  8. Scroffel5

    I find it difficulty to take down a Valkyrie too if they have a gunner, so idk what you guys are talking about.
  9. Exileant

    :D Oh no, they can be healed by other players just riding along. :eek: Leave those monsters be. They are hard enough to deal with because of their mobility... ;) It would be neat if they had afterburners, but I swear, they need no more life. o_O Fully manned they can survive steady bombardments from multiple Burster Maxes....
  10. Whiteagle

    But does the Valk also get Wing Pods along with that?
  11. Skraggz

    Does an ESF or a Lib also get an engi that can repair on the fly? No. I can play that game as well, It doesn't need wing pods to make the ESF and lib have afterburners as a selective slot. They are currently Passive on esf and certed on lib but not a slot. Air has a ton of speed already without these options and if we did something like this Racer may become important on ESF and Lib.
  12. evil713

    What if Valkyrie had the option of a toggled slotted shield generator? Say 2000 points for 10 seconds?
  13. Skraggz

    I don't know about 2000 but I wouldn't exactly argue a shield, though I would seriously ask why you need it when it can have an engi repair on the fly and is a lot more tankier than a ESF while being more nimble.... Not faster in a straight line or anything. Every situation I can think of being in valk thats bad can be overcome by good awareness.
  14. evil713

    The Valkyrie is trying to be a lot of things at once.

    Let us assume that in all situations it is manned by a pilot and gunner, that are in communication with each other and don't hop out.

    That leaves four slots for troops, which ideally are to be used to drop in and secure or strike a small area.

    It is armed with one of five weapons, which direct its role onto what it should be engaging, has an underpowered or misaligned thrust profile that requires it to be lifting and thrusting forward at the same time or it loses altitude, and has the shock absorption of an I-beam on landing.

    Now over time it has had certain buffs applied to it, bringing it more into line with it being a small cheap galaxy what with safe dropping and being able to be spawned on, with its weapons array more focus on ground attack than defensive armament.

    So let me ask you this, what if we took the engineer out of the picture? As in passengers cannot heal anymore. Its a mechanic that is frankly stupid. We give it a small resistance against small arms and add an inherent passive self repair, very small but is not stopped by damage like other self repair options, and something that can be certed up.

    This still leaves four people that are being ferried to a target. People that can yes shoot out of the side, but ordnance like missiles or explosives are too dangerous to use. We instead bump up the capacity to six people it can ferry and provide a pair of door gun mounts that can do a proper job.

    Right now we have a budget Hind Gunship we are flying, and it should be better than that. If anything it should be almost as wanted on the battlefield as a sunderer.

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