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  1. gunnner10

    Sometimes my bullets really register every hit and I run around all boss. Other times, entire mags into an enemy only take half his health. This inexplicable randomness of kills/deaths causes me frustration because I don't know what to expect at each gun battle. wondered if anyone else noticed this?
  2. Czarinov

    It's very easy to help you after you....

  3. customer548

    Have a look at this tutorial.

    You can also have a look at you ping on score panel. The lowest your ping will be, the easier you'll be able to be reactive during fights. ( Clean browser history cache and stuff ).
    All palyers' ping generally increase during end of the day because of more population. Depends on the hours you log on.

    (May also depend of the fact that your drivers are updated or not, of your computer components, the gaph settings you choosed...If your setting are Ultra but your computer cannot hanle it,you'll suffer from Fps droprates. The more Frames per seconds you'll have, the easiest you'll be able to be reactive/effective.)

    Also depends on the way you use your weapons, burst, recoil and "other scientific things and reasons why reasons are, because of it, you know". Have a look at this another cool video from Wrel about "oversampling".
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  4. orangejedi829

    Yesterday I got the jump on a HA. I hit him at least 7 times with a 167-dmg gun before he turned around and killed me in less than a second. I also got instagibbed by a carbine. literally took one frame for my health to go from full+shield to zero. (I have both of these recorded, but not with me ATM)
    The way this game handles hit registration is poor (from a design standpoint) and requires high-performing servers and client connections. Unfortunately, lots of players' connections are likely bad, and the servers are in simply terrible shape with how many times they've been merged.
    I've learned that I need to duck behind cover well before my health is low, because I'll inevitably continue taking damage for 3 or more seconds after I should be safe, thanks to the game's tremendous lag. It's just the way things are these days, I guess.
  5. Czarinov

    Did you even read his post? He didn't complain about dying too fast...
  6. customer548

    Taunt less, read and watch more.
  7. Czarinov

    You should had used your own advice with addition of thinking before posting in the first place.

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