[Suggestion] Incoming patch - No love for infiltrators

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Nehemia, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. OldMaster80

    Honestly, this is the only thing that I find a little "scaring". Cloaking + Sniper Rifle + Ability to reach rooftops (out of reach for most of players) doesn't sound a nice idea to me. Every base / urban area would turn in a paradise for snipers and Infantry could really have a hard time in understanding where do the bullets come from.

    But I agree on all the rest. And in particular with HedhuntaDDZ: for all the above mentioned reasons non-sniping Infiltrators are the slowest xp gaining class of the game. Sad and very true.

    They probably expect us to cut the hydraulic pipes of Sunderer's braking system, so it will crahs when coming down from The Crown. That's the only way I can think of, to effectively use that stupid knive.

    Seriously, this thread cause a little havok. I hope it has good visibily and drawn devs attention on our class. Fingers crossed! :rolleyes:
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  2. Nehemia

    Well, now someone has definitely seen this thread, as it got moved.
  3. Pachins

    They just moved it to the trash can. I mean the infiltrator forum.
  4. Hagnar

    What if... I take you from behind and cut your throat....
  5. Imposer

    With the smg's coming out I think the infiltrators should be able to cert into dual wielding. That would definitely make the infiltrator more interesting.
  6. Pachins

    Not a fan. Sounds like a COD idea to me. Prefer skilled play over spray and pray.
  7. Raka Maru

    Problem is, they combined the infiltraitor part with the sniper class. So every time you hear of things that infiltraitors will be able to do, it becomes OP because of the sniper class.

    For example, the grappling hook. Now I would love to be like Spider-Man, but because of the sniper rifle, many will think its OP.

    The only way to salvage this is to give us a suit which infiltraitors can use that cannot carry a sniper rifle, but has a certable grappling hook, zip line, or web slinger ability.

    Get rid of that dam fart sound! This is not a well thought out counter for the cloak, it's a weak attempt at balance that is failing. IRNV is the counter since there is no darklight implant.

    Uncloaking to shoot? Another weak attempt at balance. I would gladly trade all my weapons for a pistol and a PS1 style cloak.

    Short cloak timer? They say, I'm supposed to run from cover to cover... This only works at distance, so it's another thing for the sniper, and not for the infiltraitor. Fart sounds don't affect the sniper.

    I often rage inside when I think of how PS2 screwed up my favorite class. That's why I haven't been in the infiltraitor forums much... Why? Because I don't play it unless I hot drop and hope to hack a terminal to get to a useful class.

    Check my sig for how infiltraitors USED to be fun.
  8. Imposer

    It's an smg. It created "Spray and Pray"
  9. VoidC

    If SMG will be for us requiring primary weapon slot and will be very effective for infiltrating, then who ever will use a scout rifle again?
    On the other hand, I won't look back if I need to give up my secondary weapon slot (or my Manticore) for SMG.
  10. CDN_Wolvie

    Why would I want a SMG? I got a automatic Stalker in the NC, and from what I can find, the other factions have SOAS-20 and Artemis. And we have some pistols that pack some serious punch.

    A cloak that isn't a PoS is what I want.

    The certs I put into this class have been a complete waste at this point, FFS.
  11. Pachins

    Run the SMG people have found us. Thread ended! Please close before this goes any further into SMG randomness.
  12. Nehemia

    Are they gone yet?
  13. Daimond

    They stated in the discription of that suit in beta as only being able to weild Pistols while wearing it.
  14. Nehemia

    Still, its more than likely that Stalker cloak has been cancelled.
  15. Daimond

    I figered that in beta, along with them giving us anything, other then more Sniper rifles as compentation. One of the reason's I thinl we should be re-classified as a " Ranger Class " as thats our role, we are in no way or look like ever will be an accual Infiltrator. They say they are working on other cloaks, in I think the end of FNO 13. But you have to think how hard would it be to accualy finish these off and put them in game, as they were almost in beta, with would of been best time to bring them in. Its not like there making a new item, and have to create new effects, grafix and such, all they have to do is create a new XML with another name and tweek the settings for it and get it in game. its been what 8 months now since start of beta when we seen like 4 of them in the list of Certs, they said would be out soon. then games release they are gone and they still say maybe soon.
    Reasons I give up hope of this class getting anything but a new Sniper rifle at some point we dont need. This class is so broken its funny, and all the Dervs seem to think that the LA class needs more love then any other, is a joke. Infil class is in need more then any other, second in line is Maxes, almost every other class is in good standing till they fix the accualy broken ones.
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  16. OldMaster80

    I don't think it has been cancelled. It has never been developed: all we had was just the name in the certifications panel.
    We had tons of items like this, during beta: different cloaking devices, the anti-material bullets, the minimap jammer (never remember the name) and so on.
    The only item that was in beta but has been removed before launch was the flamethrower for Max Units.
    I think that was OP, or caused too much spamming, or caused lag to some users.

    Those who think LA is broken never tried to play the Infiltrator without the sniper rifle. That's all.
  17. Daibar

    thank you, it's good to be #1 in someone elses world for a moment.

    no, there's a cost to my choice in scope, i dont expect you to accept that, but you're some random off the internet, so i suggest that you try it out.

    which is a good thing, i remember during beta when they could, it was infiltrator shotgun galore.
    personally i took out NC maxes with my clocked shotgun infiltrator a lot of times.
    there's a reason why the devs didnt allow that option for live.

    that depends on the infiltrator, if they know what they are doing, they wont get spotted so easily as you claim, i've had plenty of them escape my notice, even with the scope active.

    how do you figure that?

    please read what i said, i dont suggest unless i write, "i suggest"
    i stated that to give them a cloak from NRV would be so overpowered an ability without any counter to it, that i would like 1 to counter it, hence the anti-bullet/stab idea.

    well, since you wrote a reply so politely and completely snarkfree, i'll reply in kind:
    is that a sentence you've heard one time to many, since you brought it out so readily?
    were there a lot of people located in the same room as you, when you were asked?
    dont worry, they only want to punish the people who hurt you....

    get back to me when you're willing to have a debate and leave the troll at home and i'll leave mine in the cabinet
  18. Nehemia

    And still, the problem wasn't with the infiltrator as a class, but with the shotguns. The shotguns were drastically overpowered. And when the nerf came, INFs would have been fine with shotguns, but they were removed due to the community whining (surprise). I can expect the same from SMG's, newbies who cannot detect infiltrators get pounded, and the whining will emerge, expect us losing our SMG's within 2 weeks.
  19. ArielFox

    Well it'll either be that or our 12 seconds of active camouflage gets knocked down to 5, and during that time the Jaws *dundundundundudun* theme plays. I'm faintly optimistic that having subby's might indicate some work on infs, but I dunno...
  20. Daimond

    I have tossed around the idea of this for some time before this thread, but I am still on the fence with it weather it would be good or bad. As an infil would love the idea, but yet would it be to much? hard to say with out testing it. Would be nice if they brought back a test server we can jump on and test ideas weather they will work or not, like in old days and other games.
    What I would really like more then this right now for sure though , is the ability to run up hills and such we could before. I dont know how many times I started running up and hill, slop does not realy change but... Bang it hit that invisable Quake wall, no matter what you do you cant get pasted it unless LA, even though there is no reason you cant run there as its no different then any other place.