[Suggestion] Incoming patch - No love for infiltrators

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Nehemia, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Jester7x

    Maybe they should just rename Infiltrator to 'Cloaking Turret" class lol
  2. Trinith

    I'm not suggesting it be OP, just have value. My suggestion was a hack that took maybe 30-45 seconds to complete, then lasted for 15 minutes. It would be tough to do... you'd have to be undetected for the length of the hack. Is 15 minutes too long? I don't think so... but sure, make it 10 mins, or even 5. The general idea is to make it so you can introduce a reliable interruption to the enemy's flow. I'm also suggesting that it be a swappable kit so you could still have the regular, faster hack. That's just my idea though... you've also observed that hacks don't seem to have lasting value, do you have any ideas? I think idea generation is always good... the devs may not implement them as described, but providing insight and inspiration never hurts :D

    For the invisibility, I dunno, I've found it to be pretty good. Yea you can see the outline but if you don't run in a straight line they have trouble keeping you targeted. If you also stay inside and use LOS blocking objects to your advantage, you can get disappear pretty effectively. This is my own experience though, perhaps you've had another. I've single handedly held bases as an infiltrator against 3-4 people hunting me until I run out of ammo, or make a bad move. Sure smart people can counter you, but getting the drop on them makes a big difference. If they bring an infiltrator to counter you, well, it's your standard battle of skill and to me, has always felt fair.

    To restate, an example of my typical infiltrator play style would be when we're pushing to capture a base but aren't there yet. Typically this involves a fairly defined line of battle. I'll take my infiltrator and go around enemy lines, then hack the terminals and/or turrets. Then I'll harass players there to interrupt their reinforcements. If I happen to be squad leader at the time, I'll also drop a beacon so that my squad can drop in and really mess things up. This helps my team move out of the stalemate and take the fight to the facility itself. Also, as I mentioned earlier, the only other class I've been able to do this well with is a Light Assault. The jets let me sneak around the terrain and then get up into the base. Unfortunately all I can do there is take out a turret with my c4 and shoot a few people. I've felt like I'm a much more lasting pain in the rear as an infiltrator :)

    Finally, I agree... I do want infiltrators to be a useful tool and they could use a few improvements. But I do feel that right now they have a lot going for them, they just need to be played right. (I did agree that vehicle hacking would be a useful addition)
  3. Pachins

    Dare I say it. I want a picture of the infiltrator turret. :D
  4. Jestunhi

    You can have this as soon as we can have darklight ingame.

    Invisibility needs a counter.

    Personally I'd love to see some more hacking stuff a la PS1 (vehicle hacking, hacking doors open to add extra entrance points for your team, etc)
  5. Pachins

    I think the weird setup of these forums has a part to play in the massive amount of spam of ideas. A sticky thread in the infil forums that could be updated with acceptable ideas based on the community response would be a great idea to start. Instead we have the largest amount of discussion of any other class. Many people including me have posted the same old blah blah many times in response to peoples ideas.
  6. Themanwithaplan

    Oh you want a jetpack and a repair tool while you're at it? and don't forget rocket launchers and a healing device.
  7. TheBaronofSD

    this has to be the dumbest thing i've read in a while.

    you want to be able to easily detect the class that is built around the presumption that they will be hard to detect. can't fire while cloaked, easily spotted without NRV, lowest effective health of all the classes ... and you're suggesting they should be easily spotted.

    show us on the doll where the bad infiltrator touched you.
  8. Takoita

    There need to be more things to be hacked. Team-specific shielding on doorways - for infils and engies to fight over, for example. Maybe move (some?) explosive stuff to infil, engie is the demo-man of the game currently, combined with ammo dispensers and repair they are the most useful class in almost any situation.
  9. Pachins

    There are plenty of these winners in every thread. The best thing to do is to point them to Vanu. All powerful Vanu.
  10. mags

    SMGs sure sound like a buff to me
  11. Isila

  12. Trinith

    You know, I never think to go to the class forums :) It's kind of hard to monitor them too... I like to play a few classes, specifically Light Assault, Infiltrator, and Engineer (for repairing mah vehiclez!) and it would be moderately time consuming to look at both. Class forums in WoW make sense since you're pretty much committed to your class, so it makes sense to have a place to discuss it. In PS2, where anybody can switch classes at any time, unless you have a specific gripe about something you may very well never visit them.

    I'll take a cruise through it though :)

    *Edit: Another quirk about the forums, you get an alert if someone quotes your post but otherwise not. If you want to direct a comment at someone, quote a portion of their text. I just happened to see that 'cause I was keeping tabs on this thread, which I usually don't do.
  13. Nehemia

    The class? Nope. Scout Rifle (semi-auto) Yes.

    First and foremost we need consistent cloaking. You seem to forget the people that play on very low gfx settings, like myself. I can hardly see cloaked infiltrators. heck I almost can't see myself when I'm cloaked. low settings equals literally invisibility mode. now imagine if infis had C4. I wouldn't even think of getting into a ground vehicle again.
  15. Pachins

    We didn't forget anything. We just don't expect a company to continue to make a game compatible with out dated equipment. This is more of a you problem and less of a community problem. Time to update or become a console gamer.
  16. OldMaster80

    Thermal vision and NRV are available on most of weapons and on many vehicles. They're very effective at spotting Infiltrators. The Hunter Suite last more or less 10 seconds before to run out of battery, the Stalker would last more but we could just carry pistols and knives so we wouldn't be that dangerous. Sounds fair to me.

    Concerning the SMG I don't see how the hell could another weapons solve the Infiltrators problems, when it's clear the issue is not about the damage output. More choice would be nice, ok, but infiltration would still be meaningless.
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  17. Timeraider

    The same as it did for ps1.. Improve the game?
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  18. forkyar

    nope,its good how it is.
  19. f0d

    PS1 style cloak? done deal.!

    im not going to touch the sniper class (might as well call it that) unless they bring back ps1 style cloaking
    perma cloak and pistols FTW
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  20. Process39

    Due to the nature of the class you can only patch in one thing at a time with the infiltrator. If they give us everything we have been asking for all at once they risk making the infiltrator OP as hell. SMG's were just first on the list.