[Suggestion] Incoming patch - No love for infiltrators

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Nehemia, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. wrenched

    there's this other game called TF2 you should try

    has hats
  2. Isila

    I'm not exaggerating when I say that Planetside 1 makes Planetside 2 look like Baby's First War Game.

    Infiltrators in PS1 could wreak havoc in enemy bases. There were scores of terrible infils that just used the cloaksuit to try to scum a few easy kills (lol backpack stuffed full of plasma grenades), but the few infils that were truly good at actually infiltrating? Everyone on the server knew their names.

    Edit: A basic idea of Infiltrator gameplay in Planetside 1:

  3. OldMaster80

    EMP grenades do more or less half of what they're supposed to do. Never played PS1 before didn't you?
    They do not affect vehicles, turrets, landmines, explosive, MANA, minimaps, radar, motion sensors, but still you need 200 cert points to carry em. And they're not even affected by continental bonus so they often cost more resources than standard grenades, but they're not lethal. It's 0 certs + 40-50 resources to destroy enemy shiled and all health vs 200 certs + 45 resources just to remove the shield. Does it sound balanced to you?
    Honestly, how many EMP did you see in you PS2 experience?
    Then, shall we talk about the decoy grenades?

    Come on, current Infiltrators armory is just a bunch of crap, and this is nothing they can fix by giving us a SMG. We need them to tweak our devices and seriously re-think about our role in the battle because there's very little we can do beside sniping.
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  4. Deathcapt

    Right from the get go, I didn't understand why they chose to make the infils snipers. I'd much rather see something like the TF2's SPY, where it's a close range sabateur / assassin, not a cloaking sniper.
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  5. wrenched

    9 YEARS LATER....
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  6. Metsuro

    Ever infil I see versus my HA has emp nades. They disable the hud, and shields. Cutting effective hp in half.

    I played ps1 before. But if you havn't noticed. This isn't ps1. You shouldn't expect it to be.

    My point is, infil get an option to cert into to destroy another classes special ability. I'd assume it also stops engineers from repairing, and medics from healing, but i havn't tried that.

    But as you know vehicle thermal doesn't show infil, it shows the outline. If they are running around its easy to spot. if they stop they are near invisible.
  7. Isila

    Honestly? One of the most frustrating things about Planetside 2 is that all of the PS2 video spam on youtube makes it a lot harder to find good PS1 videos to show people what they've been robbed of.
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  8. Timeraider

    ow crap hahahaha, the one sentence i read and even that i read wrong :D
  9. Flarestar

    ... you've never used an EMP grenade, have you.

    EMP grenades currently completely strip shields, drain energy ability, and disable HUD from all targets in a radius about 1.5x the damage radius (damage period, not max damage) of a standard grenade, with an effect duration of 8 seconds. They also apply a screen distortion effect that varies in strength based on distance from the blast, along with destroying all mines and C4 in the blast radius. All of this in a grenade with an effect that appears to go through walls, and has no warning indicator.

    I'll readily agree that the decoy grenades are junk, but EMP grenades are hilariously effective.
  10. Pachins

    1v1 CQC a heavy should never lose a battle with an infiltrator unless the infiltrator gets the drop on you. By the time he de-cloaks, throws a nade and pulls out his pistol you should have already killed him unless you are new to FPSs.
  11. OldMaster80

    We're not. Even aircraft can see us from a huge distance even if we're not moving and we're crouched. As someone else wrote on the Infiltrators forum, our cloaking just works like the Invisible Boy of the Mystery Man: it just works when no one is looking at you.
    I do not pretend them to turn PS2 in PS1, but still there's something wrong with our class. Try to play an Infiltrator but don't snipe. Try to sneak behind enemy lines: once you did it you will realize there's nothing you can do. No way to affect the battle, no way to make a difference, no way to help the team effectively.
    We want matter, even when we don't have a sniper rifle.
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  12. OldMaster80

    Sorry, this is not true. Maybe you never tried EMP grenades.
    Just check this video:

    HUD is disabled for MAYBE 5 seconds. Shield recharges as normally. As far as I see there is not screen distortion at all, even if that guy is sitting on the grenade.

    Then I tested this at the warpgate and I confirm: no effect on C4 and landmines.
  13. Choggo

    Ahh no offense, but how many classes can sneak behind enemy lines by themselves and have an effect on the battlefield? I would say 1, light assaults with C4 against a sunderer. And not only is that very specific, but it requires a lot of skill and is generally a suicide mission.

    I do think cloaking could use some tweaks, runs slower when crouched, faster when running. But I think their roll is fine as is.
  14. Pachins

    The game was touted as squad based game so why build the infiltrator so.

    Recalling from memory of a Reachcast I listened to the developer said that the game was put out in its initial form to be molded by the community. Maybe they wanted the community to mold the infiltrator into the class we want. If that is the case I am fine with it but we need to know there is a plan in place, otherwise back to the medic.
  15. wrenched

    Dude, i paid so much for this game that I feel super-duper robbed everyday.

    Oh wait it was free.

    Isn't that kinda the opposite to robbed?
  16. Flarestar

    Roughly six seconds, by the YouTube video. *shrug* Apparently I count fast. Either way, that's still six seconds of an entire room's radius where they can't aim worth anything and don't have shields. Between my Stalker and my pistol I can usually kill 3-4 people before they can do much of anything about it if I pitch one into a room I'm trying to clear.

    And as far as the warpgate, you can't friendly fire at WGs. Meaning it can't destroy the munitions. I'm not even entirely sure if it destroys friendly munitions anyway, but I can confirm it does take out hostile ones. I use them to clear cap points on a regular basis, and I've seen it take out AP mines just fine.

    The screen distortion is affected by graphics settings. It's a minor effect anyway.
  17. Pachins

    Any class can hop on a flash and flank a base. I do it on my medic all the time. Our affect on the base is the same as any other class. Oh wow we can hack a terminal. GAME OVER enemy your terminal is down. Enemy : "Boom! repair" Free XP.
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  18. Metsuro

    You havn't tried it out have you? Using thermal its nearlly impossible to spot an infil, because its just an outline. If you dont believe me. I'll let you sit in my reaver, or mossie with therm so you can see. I've never noticed an infil when using the IR, but the thermal with the blue scale you see only an outline, and only than thats from 250m away.
  19. Pachins

    No way of telling without kill cam but air **** me all the time when stealthed on a mountain. qq :)
  20. OldMaster80

    Ok, then please post in the Infiltrators forum and explain to the other players: because many are asking for protection against NRV and thermal vision. Maybe it's just mass isteria.