[Suggestion] Incoming patch - No love for infiltrators

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Nehemia, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Nephera

    The cloaking sounds are very loud and very distinct and i tend not to use my cloak unless there is a gunfight nearby to cover the noise.

    If you have headphones on you can actually find the cloaker based on the noise.
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  2. allattar

    Why worry about the cloaking sounds. All infiltrators I see in the field are too busy spamming q before a shot.

    Enemy light assault detected. Oops guess he's talking about me and he is over their too my right.
  3. Pachins

    LOL, I love killing my fellow Infil doing that.

    Turning our useless Radar dart into an EMP dart is a change we have been talking about for some time now on the class forums. Infiltrators want to be part of the team is all and currently we are the outcast that gets put into the Delta squad.

    I enjoy hacking a lot but find very few opportunities to do so since everyone blows them up for XP.
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  4. Nephera

    Because some of us aren't dumb?
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  5. RBN

    I have no problem with infiltrator as a sniper role, I can rack up kills pretty easy.
    The cloak works fine also, most people don't spot me when I enter a base.
    But I do think that it could get some more tools like C4, better hacking options.

    But an SMG is really stupid imho.
    You already have the Phantom and Nyx, the sniper should not turn in to a cloakable assault class or something.

    I haven't noticed that all factions have different cloaking sounds.
    If that its the case its a bad design decision.
  6. Jex =TE=

    Actually I like this, but it could be an option - like one or the other.
  7. Nephera

    They do, TR's is easier to pick out in a gunfight to me.
  8. mrPandarian

    "Who cares about smgs, we don't need more freaking firepower, we need tools to do our job effectively"
    Totally agree. Basic pistols and adv. scout rifles are fine. What we need - more tools that help us acts as infiltrators, not cloaked snipers.
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  9. Choggo

    No no no, first of all you are either blind or dumb if you claim nobody plays a sniper, and they are friggen everywhere on Conner, second, what part of the name infiltrator got confusing, its not sabatour, explosives expect, spy, etc. They are perfectly fine and I enjoy my sniper, and the last thing they need are anti vehicle explosives,

    How about we also give them a grapple gun, it can be used just like just cause 2 where you can pin things down or use it to climb up and kick the driver out! Yeah
  10. Nehemia

    Please read the post out carefully, this thread isn't about snipers. It is about Infiltrators as a class (Who aren't supposed to be just snipers, they weren't snipers in Planetside 1 either). And infiltrators were exactly that, saboteurs, spies, masters of reconnaissance and infiltration. You may enjoy your snipers, whilst us who do not snipe, but infiltrate are dissatisfied.
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  11. Pachins

    See below definition then tell me why SOE didn't just call them a sniper then if that was their intent.

    From Dictionary.com
    Infiltrator -
    to pass a small number of (soldiers, spies, or the like) into a territory or organization clandestinely and with hostile or subversive intent: The intelligence agency infiltrated three spies into the neighboring country.
  12. Pachins

    The Ideal lone wolf Infiltrator:

    Come upon a base. I find a vantage point that I can survey for hostels. After clearing any immediate threats sniping I move in with stealth using my pistol. I find useful points of interest to hack that can help turn the tide of battle in favor of my platoon. I either defend those points after turning them with my pistol or fall back and protect by sniping.

    Yes this can be done but no it does not turn the tide of battle. Another point to make is that our stealth or lack of does not balance with our survivability. A little fine tuning in 1 directions or the other and I think we find a sweet spot.
  13. DankFist

    I don't recall seeing this part. I did; however, see the part where he said if you kill a player who's had a good Kill streak, you'll get far more experience than if you were to have killed a freshly spawned player.
  14. the pestimist

    infiltrators are becoming rarer and rarer on Briggs all are all the other classes it is hard to tell which class there is more of but I do know there isn't any infiltrators.
  15. DrNoesis

    I'd settle for being able to shoot the pilots out of aircraft through the windscreen or something... would be a fantastic way to help redress the infantry / aircraft balance a little whilst still favoring player ability over "bigger guns".... plus lets face it, if any shot is going to get through the bulletproof glass, its going to be more likely to have come from a high powered rifle than a shottie or lmg.

    Can just see the madness in a galaxy as the pilot gets capped, and realisation dawning on the 11 odd passengers as they frantically reach for the F1 key before realising that they are about to become part of the scenery they've been enjoying....
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  16. Isila

    Refuse to believe all you like, that won't change that infiltrators have, in fact, been turned into a redundant sniper class. When SOE threw out most of the depth and complexity of Planetside in favor of making Battlefield: Auraxis Edition, they threw out all of the reasons to play infiltrator, which is why they gave them sniper rifles this time around.

    What did Infiltrators generally do in Planetside?

    • Hacked doors/consoles/vehicles with advanced hacking certs (back before BR25 anyway)? There are no doors, no hackable CCs, and no vehicle hacking anymore.
    • Stealthily deployed CE in forward areas? There is no CE anymore, unless you count the one or two mines you get per life. Most of the mines are on Engineer now anyway.
    • Snuck into spawn rooms to blow up the tubes with boomers or hack out a MAX to spawncamp or take down the tubes? Can't get into enemy spawns anymore, and tubes aren't destructible.
    • Snuck down into busy bases to take out the generator with sensor shield and a locker full of boomers? No implants, no lockers, no generators (at least not the way they were in PS1).
    • Later on in the game, creep into a base and hit up the mainframe with a virus to screw with the benefits or other systems, or put a virus on the turrets to attack friendly vehicles returning to repair/rearm? No mainframe, no automatd turrets, no virus.
    SOE made sure to strip out all of the depth of the game to appeal to the brainless COD and (modern) Battlefield audience. Infiltrator will never be important to the team again, because that would require a total overhaul of the game system.
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  17. OldMaster80

    That's fine. As many others Infiltrators I just ask to have a choice between the old PS1 infiltration style and the current 10 seconds cloaking. Btw the Stalker Camouflage Suite was already included in the beta certification panel, but it has never been introduced.

    Stalker Suite = cloaking regenerating while crouched but no primary weapons (sniper rifles, scout rifles). Just pistols, knives, grenades, devices. That's the same cloaking device that has been working in PS1 for 10 years.
    We're the only class whose special skill can be blocked by a cheap weapons attachment. If they don't give us protection from thermal vision then I want attachments to prevent LA from flying, HA from using the shield, Max from charging, Medics from healing and so on. Current Infiltrators situation is just unfair.
    And generally speaking game design of Infilrators is totally wrong: they should change some stuff or just rename it Sniper.
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  18. illgot

    I want night scopes for my sniper and a suit option to switch my cloaking to an anti-nv/infrared suit so I am invisible to anyone using those scopes.
  19. Pachins

    I didn't play PS1 but it seems like I would have enjoyed it as an infiltrator. Maybe I will have to go play it.

    Maybe that was SOE's plan all along. Push us back into the old game after wasting money here. ;)
  20. Metsuro

    Infils get emp nades that disable HA shields, so no.