Inactive accounts receive a free Platinum Blackhand Pistol (NS-44LP).

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zen_Master, May 27, 2016.

  1. MonnyMoony

    New (or returning) customers always get a better deal than existing loyal ones......happens pretty much across the board from mortgages to phone contracts......why would DBG be any different?
  2. EhnvyTR

    I got both emails >.> But i didnt get the pistol. Doesnt matter much i'm moving to Overwatch til they fix the much needed air to ground farm.
  3. Preyzer

    got the email for the gun so i logged in and no gun some info on when or how we get it be nice
  4. Moridin6

    yeah i completely understand their goal here, make more people play that general dont.

    but this sure doesnt make me wanna renew my Monthly cash flow to Daybreak..
  5. Horrida Messor

    I'm actually fine with this promotion to get inactive players back. The thing that I have problems with is that Blackhand-P will likely be a part of exceptional directive. And that's what I call BS.
  6. Moridin6

    vets should have gotten something Significant as well, ESPECIALLY AA vets

    EDIT: going to seriously reconsider whether ill be renewing my AA. i have boosts, and dont really need certs anyway. just wanted to support the game, spread some xp around. but my monthly money means jack sht compared to new player numbers i guess
  7. Pfundi

    Err, I dont have a PC here, so I cant check. But I got the Blackhand E-Mail. And I played like Friday. And Thursday. And Wednesday. This week. You know what I mean?
    I'm confused...
  8. Gundem

    Hehehe, please, tell me how one of the most ineffective vehicles in the game is in such dire need of nerfing.

    Show me on the Prowler Doll where the Liberator rustled your jimmies.
  9. Iridar51

    Oh absolutely. Just wanted to explain their logic, which does in fact exist. Doesn't necessarily mean I agree with it.
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  10. Psykmoe

    So they're targeting people who quit playing but somehow didn't have the will or the skill to unsubscribe from a game-related newsletter? I know some people I'd love to see play again, but I'd be pretty shocked if they had the newsletter for a game they weren't playing turned on.

    I think one of 'em opted in to the newsletter now, but there are no indication that they'll send out another wave of emails to account for people sorta eligible for either this or the loyal soldier camo who had the newsletter turned off.
  11. Zen_Master

    I can confirm that the Platinum Blackhand Pistol will be granted to your inactive account(s) only. I was granted the pistol upon log in on a account I haven't used in months. You need to log into the account that corresponds with the Platinum Blackhand promo which won't be your Main account (check destination email). You can get both emails but the Platinum Blackhand won't be for your Main.

    Edit: Confirmed NS-44 LP is part of Exceptional Directive.
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  12. Moridin6

    of course it ***** is
  13. Dj Gus

    The "nerf the lib" thing is a long standing joke, that you should know by now...
    Continue on, my brother forum warrior!!! The battle of forumside has great things for thee!
  14. 1Tap2Tap

    I can understand giving out incentives to former players to return.

    On the other hand, I am a longtime paying member and also purchased the Blackhand, Blackhand-B and Blackhand-G with real life cash because I really like the weapon (auraxiumed them all) and wanted to support DBG.

    I am now on 4/5 Auraxiums completed for the black camo, trying to get the last Auraxium on the Jackhammer-AE which is a pain in the *** when every fight tends to become a huge clusterfukc with grenades and HE-shells flying everywhere.

    I purchased multiple exceptional weapons with RL cash just to be able to complete the Exceptional Weapons directive.

    I would have loved to get the P-version of this gun and I think I "deserve" at least a chance to get my hand on it, even if it would cost me another lump of cash. I don´t think reserving it for inactive players only is fair to the active, supporting players.

    Wouldn´t be e.g. a 1-month XP-boost be a better incentive than a highly specialised sidearm anyway?

    Dear DBG, please make the weapon accessible to longtime paying members also.

    Would be fair, wouldn´t it?
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  15. Pfundi

    Your signature should say something like "Whatever the user Iridar51 types and or says does not in any way resemble the opinion of either DBG or Iridar51"
  16. Moridin6

    on redit theres a group going around Championing DBG and their decision to not give vets, especially Paying vets, a little something better than camo from years ago .
    why are people so conditioned to Take what companies/corporations give you, even if its less than you deserve, and take it with a smile.. ?
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  17. Iridar51

    Stockholm syndrome :)
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  18. Pelojian

    If a game company ever pleased 100% of it's playerbase the universe would collapse in on itself from the shock of the natural order being disrupted.
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  19. Scr1nRusher

    Who are these people?
  20. Iridar51

    Impossible to please everybody, but the least they could is to not dick slap loyal players by giving higher value to people that don't even play the game anymore.
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