Inactive accounts receive a free Platinum Blackhand Pistol (NS-44LP).

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zen_Master, May 27, 2016.

  1. Zen_Master

    So my old account I made for a friend gets a free Platinum Blackhand Pistol (NS-44 LP) for logging in within the next week. My All Access account, on the other hand, gets shafted with the standard fare. Platinum Blackhand should be awarded to All Access subscribers.
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  2. Exitus Acta Probat

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  3. Campagne

    Why not everyone?

    The active and the dedicated players, instead of the inactive ones? :confused:
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  4. Scr1nRusher

    I know right!

    It doesn't make sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  5. Horrida Messor

    So, active players got camo, while inactive ones gets a free weapon that probably will be a part of exceptional directive. #logic
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  6. Zen_Master

    Here is the email/promotion:

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  7. Iridar51

    Players who already play the game don't need an extra reason to come back and try out the update. Logic is real, no sarcasm.

    It does feel like a slap on the face for loyal customers, no argument there.
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  8. Gundem

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  9. Turekson

    Wonder what counts as an inactive account. The 60 days "character out-of-date"-limit on player site?
  10. Zen_Master

    Promotion could have been handled in the following way:

    Anyone who subscribes or upgrades to All Access between now and Memorial Day 1159 PM PST receives Platinum Blackhand Pistol. Current subscribers will receive the grant.

    All players receive the Camo and Title.

    Inactive accounts receive Shield Structure Module unlock for Construction.
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  11. ArcKnight

    isn't the platinum blackhand just a skin over a regular blackhand ? why not just give the standard for everyone and give the platinum one for loyal customers
  12. Dj Gus

    Such BS. They won't nerf the lib, and they won't give us that awesome gun that they KNOW everyone would kill all devs ingame non stop for weeks, just to get it.

    I'm sad.

  13. zaspacer

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  14. Alexkruchev

    Well, given the Planetside 2 drive by devs is to get their game population back up, this makes perfectly logical sense. All access comes with plenty of perks as it is. And you probably already have a Blackhand anyway.
  15. Chewy102

    That's the camo folks got for being an "active" player. I got the active email and I haven't done jack but log in for a few minutes about a month ago. To make the better.

    I already HAVE the camo and title!

    Got it back in 2013 in the last promotion it was given out for playing since launch or the likes. So much value compared to a weapon no one should have as I can't find any information of the plat version at all.
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  16. breeje

    it's not that i need a platinum, gold or whatever weapon but it hurts to see if you abandon PS2 you get rewarded
    and for the loyal players, here have a camo and a tittle that shows everyone what for a dumb azz you are

    this is how i feel right now
  17. Pelojian

    i get that they want to bring people back, but shouldn't loyal players get rewarded more?

    there's nothing wrong with enticing players to come back, there's also nothing wrong with giving loyal players more rewards then former players.

    'member early access' in the depot hasn't been 'early access' in a long while, convert it to 'member-only access' and add more to the market category.
  18. Okaydan

    Same here. Long term player. Long term DGC cash buyer. Obtained the "loyal soldier" package back years ago when it was handed out to players that had supported the game in its early stage with purchases. Now every jack that played *regardless of monetary support* gets the *same* unique title as well? Was it really *THAT HARD* to come up with a NEW CAMO AND TITLE? Now my entire loyal soldier package has devaluated into nothingness...

    And those who abandoned the game get a shiny new free 1000 cert gun for exceptional directive?

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  19. Shadowomega

    With you on that Okaydan, though I haven't rocked my Loyalty Camo in a very very long time. I know PS1 had something similar for people with accounts over x years old receiving certain weapons for free without having access to the required certs.

    Scout Rifle, Flamethrower, the Scorpion (The Airburst cluster Munition)
  20. customer548

    Active players had 1 or 2 Double Xp week-ends during this month.
    And we also had access to the Mitani free stuff (Helmet, knife, 1 day boost). It's not bad.
    This weapon only a 1k Certs gift.