In what game can a buggy beat a tank

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by gunnner10, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. gunnner10

    Oh yea, Planetside. Sorry, the balance in this game is rediculous
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  2. UberNoob1337101

    Git gud. If you get killed by a Flash or a Harasser or an Infantryman, the balance isn't the problem, you are the unaware derp that was camping outside while not moving and not reacting to damage. Tanks give you an advantage in an open-field battle, but not an I-win button, because that would be ridiculous.
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  3. ShineOut

    How tank?
    Teach how swagrider
  4. UberNoob1337101

    1. Get Swagrider stealth, Supernova FPC and Halberd for your Swagrider with optional Frontal Armor and Swagburner/Fire suppression
    2. Move in an unpredictable manner with a Swagrider.
    3. Have a gunner who knows what he's doing.
    4. Screw around the hills of Hossin and Amerish.
    5. Go behind tanks and shoot them.
    6. ?????
    7. CERTS!!!!
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  5. Pointyguide2

    today I me and my trusty engineer held off a continuous harassment by 4 tr harassers. I kept making them run away. and then they came back. in the end I lost but it was a good 15 min mini battle. and you know tr got those armor piercing machine guns
  6. task_master

    this is the same guy who said that your COF improves when your K/D is lower
  7. orangejedi829

    The same game where a single C4 fairy can melt your tank instantly.
    I agree with OP in terms of the harasser, mainly Vulcan harassers. A Vulcan harasser can whiz by at 1000mph and take away half your MBT's health. Then they can just take one more pass in the opposite direction and finish you off. At the speeds the harasser travels, it's very difficult to hit with a tank round. And even if you do get a hit, with an AP shell, the harasser just keeps on speeding around and shooting like nothing happened. Since it takes at most two drive-bys for a vulcan harasser to waste a Vanguard with shield, you will get at most two shots at it. If you don't hit both (which is basically impossible, especially when the terrain is uneven), you're dead. A gunner is of little use since most MBT secondaries don't have enough bullet velocity to reliably hit a harasser.
    Honestly, for something that's designed after this:
    a direct hit from an AP shell should absolutely shred it. But I realize that wouldn't be very fair or fun for the harasser driver, so I think that the harasser should lose significant speed and maneuverability after taking severe damage. An AP hit should not kill it, but it should put the vehicle in a disadvantaged fighting state until it's repaired. This allows the driver to leave and repair, but also gives tanks a fighting chance against these oversized dune buggies.
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  8. ColonelChingles

    Buggies can kill tanks. Some of the buggies we have today (DPV/FAV/whatever they most recently renamed it as) can carry heavy ATGMs like TOW missiles.


    These can knock out older-generation tanks that do not have modern defensive systems in place.

    On the other hand though, hitting anywhere near those light vehicles is more than enough to put the vehicle out of commission, if not the crew.

    Which is why for the most part these vehicles are not widely seen in most military conflicts... they're simply not very good considering their vulnerabilities.

    Though a chain-gun that can kill tanks would actually be much larger than the buggy itself:

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  9. Pomelo


    Nanites are the solution to all your problems.

    But seriously, competent mbt pilots shred buggies. Don't let a buggy harass you, they tend to do good when allowed to harass, what are they called again?
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  10. Thardus

    On even ground, one on one, with similarly skilled pilots, a buggy can never beat a tank. A buggy always needs either surprise, or numbers.
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  11. Pikachu

    Nice buggy. :)

    Here is another older. Armed with a heavy machine gun (ps2 kobalt) for the gunner and an automatic grenade launcher (ps2 fury) for the driver and two single shot shoulder fired rocket launchers.

    Another one with 3 seats. One driver, two gunners with heavy machine guns.
  12. FieldMarshall

    So basically a small heavy-hitting vehicle is your problem, in a game where nobody bleeds, everyone is immortal, rocket launchers holster inside the body and people in mech suits shoot lasers out their arms.

    Its not real-life.
    I know you never said it, but you misconceptions of "It shouldn't be able to hurt a tank because it a buggy" makes it seem like it.
    Its a futuristic video game. What do you want.

    Was going to write a bunch of tips how to easily counter "buggies" in a MBT, but i stopped half-way through and deleted it, because honestly i cba to waste more time on this silly subject.
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  13. OldMaster80

    I a game where you can basically have all the tanks you want and you can drive and fire a the same time.

    If tanks were harder to get, if driver and gunner would be separated entities, then it could be ok to make tanks realistically tougher. As long as we have this resources system and as long as 1 single player can drive around and fire with primary weapons get used to have your butt spanked by Harassers.
  14. Liewec123

    i think the issue really is that currently only one of the factions can do this, VS and NC trying to 1v1 a tank driver with atleast moderate aim are screwed, but Vulcan can obliterate them within seconds, also being a rapid fire bullet hose allows it to consistently land shots while the driver is swerving.

    apparently VS and NC are getting vulcan equivalents "soon" so don't worry, soon TR can share our hatred for buggies that can kill tanks.
  15. Obscura

    For tanks, I dont think they mentioned the new equivalents having harasser variants did they?
  16. Crayv


    Hey a real life Harasser.

    It can be equiped with anti-tank missiles... so yes a buggy can kill a tank.
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  17. Taemien


    That is a Hellfire Missile. Usually used on aircraft and ships. But has been tested on HMMWV's as well. There's other missiles that have seen use on the HMMWV and all are capable of destroying tanks. Way easier than any missile in PS2 can.

    So yes.. a 'buggy' or truck can easily kill a tank.

    Course.... a tank can easily kill a Harasser too. So if you're routinely getting nailed by Harassers in your MBT, get your outfit to help you out. You need some guidance. Stop trying to get the Devs to fix your problems. Fix'm yourself.
  18. Takara

    Because in no war ever has a light vehicle taken out a heavy vehicle yea?

    Did you know...the US military has HMMWV's with tow Anti-tank missiles on it? Yep....they work too. CRAZY....RL balance sucks huh? By the way....WWII jeeps used to drag small Anti-tank guns around.

    It's ok to die to a happens. No need to come here an tell everyone it happened man ;-)
  19. Jubikus

    Another Vulcan OP person talking out their ***. The only advantage Vulcan has is its ease of use.
    G20 Vulcan-H: Avg. KPU-5.15 Avg. VKPU-20.11
    Enforcer ML65: Avg. KPU-5.33 Avg. VKPU-22.58
    Saron HRB: Avg KPU-5.12 Avg. VKPU-19.9
    The only other interesting stat would be the Average uniques aka how many are pulled.
    Why so many more TR pulling Vulcans Despite them only preforming slightly better than the Saron and preforming worse than the Enforcer? Probibly because you cant always pull a prowler to counter armor like on esimir where you would likely have to go to the warpgate so they settle for a harasser i mean what else are they going to do to counter the armor? pull fractures? haha. striker? even worse. We pull more because its simply our best option alot of the time.
  20. Jubikus

    Yes the new Tank secondarys are also top guns for the harassers. Which will be nice since tho the Vulcan does preform roughly the same as its counterparts on harassers its beaten by a fair margin as a tank secondary since tanks dont have speed to make up for the Vulcans lack of range.

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