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  1. LuXuan

    This is specifically in regards to the Parallax/Longshot/RAMS .50 variants of sniper rifles, but it could also apply to other guns as well (not compared / tested).

    Comparing to what we have in VR on Test to VR on the live servers, I've noticed a significant increase in bullet drop, and just wanted to confirm if this actually changed, or if I'm just going crazy because of finals.
  2. RANDOMpercentage

    Either way it shouldn't affect the Parallax because Vanu small arms don't have bullet drop.

    All Vanu bolt action snipers are the same (per tier) as both of the other factions.

    However the semi auto vanu ones have no bullet drop but go 50m/s slower (TR and NC semis are the same as each other).
  4. gigastar

    Our lower bullet speed on our semi-auto snipers was buffed a bit in exchange for thier damage dropoff being largely unaffected by the "VS damage dropoff" removal.

    The Spectre now has the highest bullet speed of all the semi-autos.

    Well that kinda sucks.

    For TR and NC.
  6. gigastar

    Not really, youre still better off using a silenced bolt at 75m or less.

    I use my infiltrator as a sniper and for recon. I use bolts all the time since they are easier to use and if you need anything else for closer you are better off with SMGs.

    P.S is there a semi with no scope (I HATE SCOPES SO MUCH FOR SEMIs).
  8. gigastar

    Look to the semi auto Scout Rifles. I believe the NC one is the Shadow.

    Ok thanks for that since scopes are not good with semi auto snipers from 50 and closer. 150m I can snipe with my gauss saw and 100m I can with my pistol (iron sights) but any semi (TR and VS default) I cannot hit the side of a barn when scoped and moving it quickly to catch the person who is running.

    Is the first shot acc the same as bolts and gauss saw for semis?? As that maybe why I suck in close range.
  10. gigastar

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    Well that explains why scout rifles suck (well compared to other guns). (well we better stop posting since we have messed up this thread XD)