In loving memory of the tech plant battles.

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  1. r.Tek

    How can you compare DICE removing Metro(A MAP) to SOE altering Tech Plants(Just ONE of many bases on a CONTINENT)?

    Tech Plants are still there! Their designs have been altered and the gameplay is different, but there is no way you can compare that to an entire map being removed from a game.
  2. Phaze


    There is some obvious render trouble with the massive close quarters combat that could erupt in the old tech plant... but if redesigning them into the Amp Stations without defenses is the solution... you know - that doesn't bode well for future battles.

    The game needs MORE places that smaller groups can hold out against bigger groups.
    The game needs MORE places that require the attackers to use actual tactis other than "surround and pound" with vehicle zerg.
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  3. FoolishFoolish

    Wow the new tech planets are awful its like SOE hates the idea of defense and this game must only be about zerging offense caps.
  4. Forumguy2

    So what? Isn't that what makes defending fun? You work hard to cap the tech plant (maybe) and now you can sit back, enjoy some warm milk and cookies as your enemies walk into your bullets, watch the roof though, the spot above the sheild where jetpackers go, two backdoors, and drop poding squads.

    When the the Vanu/TR took the plant it wasnt about "set up shop at this door gentlemen" they kept pushing, it was only when NC came with an army that they dug into the facility, that being said you could have the following strategic elements as a future defender

    1. Stay back and await an obvious counter attack?
    2. push onward and cap a few more bases to secure the tech lab entirely, but risk swift infiltration and sabotage
    3. split forces, some stay some go, if they hit us full blown we can hold out for reinforcements, just protect that damn sundy!

    Today this is kind of decided in the blink of an eye, since it can just be taken back pretty easily with about 4 tanks and a sundy, and 4 guys on the genorators. So much for big battles that trademark the genre.

    Additionally, many players are not really into joining a sqaud, or an outfit, you could add 1 million incentives and many still wouldnt care, you have people from all walks of life who turn this game on and want to see a massive battle, or else they turn it off and go play battlefeild or maybe some single player game, and thats the brutal truth.
  5. d1spatch

    Tech Plant ruined. What they should have done is kept it the meatgrinder that it was but not have the interior of the base be designed like such a steaming pile of s***.
  6. Gavyne

    NC got creamed by a VS zerg at the tech plant. As predicted, having to go outside to protect & repair generators, all I got was constantly getting tank shell bombed and aircraft bombed. Once generators were down, we were spawn camped JUST LIKE AN AMP STATION. Like I said before, the new tech plant is an amp station without the outer shield, which means vehicles come into play right away.
  7. Spiffmeister

    The tech plant was fine you just needed LA's and Shieldbreakers.
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  8. SnAjP

    last night was my best tech plant war experience yet
    no more meatgrinder at two mouse door but forward and backwards push for each generator, destroy, repaired, destroy
    all fighting went loose outside not inside

    i like it
  9. klaptafeltje

    The reason that happened is that people are still used to the old tech plant strategy so they stuck around and defended it.
    Soon people will realize thats it easier to take then defend (just like any other base besides some air towers) so people wont defend anymore.

    Our outfit had a platoon of 24 people. We rushed our sunderes to the generators deployed and camped the generators the zerg arrived and flooded the base. Easy. Even a pug can easily take a tech plant now. Before it was fun as a outfit to attack techplants because you can break their defense and take it. It was really fun. Now its more base nr ### capture. Ow look they taken base some where else lets wait till they are gone and take it.

    On the other hand we do need give SOE time till they arrive in the Goldilocks zone for territorial gameplay
  10. Forumguy2

    To each his own i guess, but this is for the loving memory of how it used to be, now how it is now :p lets keep the thread that way please.
  11. Keifomofutu

    So in other words both teams had similar numbers of players and would have had similar results fighting over a cap point in an empty field?

    Because if tanks or air had gotten involved in your fight over the generators your little infantry sideshow would be over pretty quick.
  12. Rivenshield

    Ya think?
  13. Forumguy2

    Its not what its become thats the problem, its what we miss
  14. Nocturnal7x

    Tech plants are still easy to defend, just requires people to know what a generator is and where theyare. I thnk 80% of the player base still has no clue
  15. Forumguy2

    This is a memorial my freind, some people enjoy the new layout, but this thread is for those of us who truly miss the way it used to be.
  16. DailyFrankPeter

    Old Tech Plant battles were special. They were so difficult that you felt the satisfaction when you won. Now everything is thinned down.

    They were not much different than 64 player Metro but different enough to be rewarding. Maybe it's the big strategic goal that Metro doesn't have.
  17. darkphilli

    what exactly has changed and is it recent? I haven't had a chance to play for a week or so, but last time I checked tech plants were the same
  18. Forumguy2

    Im sorry my freind, you missed it.
  19. darkphilli

    Missed what lol? I played since beta
  20. NoctD

    Just bring back the old tech plants already. No idea what sort of losers caused SOE to redesign them... right now there is nary a tech plant battle. Instead we're left to the middle of Indar and nothing else that is really hotly contested. Tech plant battles were perfect just the way the OLD tech plants were.