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  1. MNO

    They were rewarded... With getting to play the game?

    If you think 99% of beta players played beta for the purpose of testing and not for their/our own enjoyment, you're kidding yourself.

    You take too much meaning from the word LOYAL. I play a lot of CS:S, guess I should get free **** for being loyal to that game too. Support the game where it matters (M-O-N-E-Y) and SOE the BUSINESS will consider you LOYAL.

    Have you paid into the game? Because by the sounds of it you just sound bitter you didn't get the free stuff.
  2. ih8Darian

    I've obtained a total worth of $160 on it :rolleyes:
  3. MNO

    Way to ignore the rest of the post :rolleyes:
  4. WalrusJones

    If you used the 170 SC available for logging onto other SOE games before april 3, you technically count as a paying member....
  5. Liquid23

    damn walruses... always gaming the system :D
  6. WalrusJones

    If we talked about my sc trail.....

    Most people here would be burning in tears.

    Still haven't dropped a dime on the game.
  7. ih8Darian

    I already acknowledged that Liquid23 had a good point (which means he managed to change my opinion), way to read the other posts in the thread :rolleyes:
  8. MNO

    No you don't, because the offer was for something like $7 spent.

    Couldn't care less, if you quote and reply to someones entire post it's pretty standard to take into consideration the entire post instead of nipping at one question as if you have some kind of a point :) Welcome to a Discussion.
  9. ih8Darian

    Nope, Walrus is actually right. I guess you didn't even read the full post on how to qualify?

    And oh ****, he ridiculed me in an argument and I can't think of anything to say. BETTER GO BACK TO FIND ERRORS IN HIS PREVIOUS POSTS AND NOT HIS CURRENT POST BECAUSE HE BEAT ME! Maybe now I should look back to a post you made a day ago and say you're wrong?
    MNO in a nutshell
  10. ih8Darian

    It sounds to me that you don't want anybody to get free stuff because you used your moms credit card to spend too much money on this game.
  11. Rogueghost

    TR and nc alpha squad camos look nice, Vs one is a bit lacking.
  12. siiix

    its not just prior cash purchases

    -anyone who purchased in cash ANYTHING planetside2 related, anytime before arp 3rd (alpha, SC, temp membership)
    -anyone who was in the closed beta
    -anyone who used any SC even if you haven't spent a single cent in cash, anytime before arp 3rd
    -anyone who has/had any SC even if you haven't spent a single cent in cash, anytime before arp 3rd

    excluded are subscribers with running subscription on arp 3rd , but current subscribers get something too

    who gets absolutely nothing :
    -anyone who never spent and cash on planetside2 or on SC since release of planetside2(like other SC games), was not in closed beta, and never had ANY SC (not even free SC) in they account prior to apr 3rd (ALL have to apply)
  13. FlameGankin

    I've still yet to get a bundle (had multiple 1 moth memberships and bought items before and after april 3rd but not alpha squad), SOE support said i was eligible then never got around to getting me it and just recently i'm not eligible because i bought things after the 3rd which cancels my prior to third purchases but since i was told i am eligible i would receive the bundle which i've still yet to receive.
  14. siiix

    that is NOT TRUE

    even people got it who simply had the free 170SC from the promotion, they have not even spent the 170SC

    i purchased many things prior AND after apr 3rd and i got it as well

    either you do not know how to redeem your bonus month , OR they made a mistake and you got a dumba*s customer suport person , OR there is something you do not told us here

    WHAT COULD BE is that your old membership was still active on apr 3rd, that would disqualify you
  15. MNO

    That really doesn't make sense. You ridiculed me in an argument? Previous to the quoted post, when was this? :rolleyes:

    Not sure we're even reading the same thread at this point, where exactly did you "Ridicule me in an argument", and where did I then go back to find an error to "beat you"?

    Pretty sure I'm not the troll here, with the random **** you're making up.

    Lol... And I'm the troll. Why is it trolls always come out with these "lol ur 12 n mad" arguments? Double post AND a "12 n mad" insult. If I were infact trolling, I would've just won :confused: Generally this type of argument says more about the person that said it than the person it was aimed at.

    I don't have a problem with people getting free stuff, I have a problem with people who haven't paid a cent acting entitled because the free stuff they've already gotten apparently isn't enough. It's called being a bratt, which you excel at.

    In terms you might understand, the people who didn't receive the loyal bundle in this thread are comparable to a child who gets a gift from his parents on Christmas, turns around and says "Only clothes? So you didn't get me an iPhone?"
  16. FlameGankin

    i just recently got it, didn't notify me of receiving it though, i rarely have luck with customer service and going on what the guy said, paying items after April 3 disqualifies you, though he could be absolutely wrong.
  17. Liquid23

    actually my favorite is the TR circuit board camo... which sadly I didn't get :(
  18. ih8Darian

    Yeah VS one is lacking, which is why I use circuit board camo <3
  19. ih8Darian

    You can try to directly message or email your support ticket number to either TSR-Alex or TSR-Jesse :)
  20. ih8Darian

    Why would you go back to something I said earlier and not address my current comment?

    I see you don't know what a joke it (I did this because you went back to my older post because you couldn't think of an argument of my current one)