In-game Moderation? This is unacceptable.

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    So I was driving around in my lightning and see an infantry. Right, I shoot it, it lives. I take a second shot, and don't score a kill. I figure maybe they're barely still alive somehow and take a third. In this time, a random HA has come up behind me and taken out my tank.

    Then I realize what I was shooting at was a GM. Right, I lost my tank because they look just like any other player on the field, just with an obscure title that's about 3 letters different from a VS title. So why are these GMs running around like standard infantry? Is it really that hard to give them tools to do their job without being visible and impacting the game? This is sheer unfiltered idiocy. I'd rather die because someone killed me with an aimbot than because an invincible GM wants to dance around in the middle of a firefight and then remind everyone afterwards that they cannot be killed.
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  2. SenEvason

    Not doing to well with the anger management I see.
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  3. Mrcod

    Just stopping by to say your name is incredible.

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  4. Ripshaft

    If you find it so unBEARable.. sorry.. sorry...

    On a serious note... they do have the ability to remain invisible, they are choosing at their discretion to be visible, to show players that they are in fact there, watching. Alot of people want to see this... some people require anger management after shooting at a gm... to each their own, but soe's trying to please as many as possible. I don't think the natural reaction to seeing a gm is to rage, so this is probably a good call on their part.
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  5. Dr. Allcome

    They are just acting as decoy to draw the fire of aimbotters :)
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  6. Gammit

    I doubt this is standard procedure, but I could be wrong. That does suck, but it probably (hopefully) only happened once.
  7. Achmed20

    pix or it didnt happen!
  8. Imnuktam

    If they are visible im hoping it is as the dr. said and they are intentionally trying to draw fire from aimbotter types, that actually sense.

    I for one was glad to see them take an active part in policing their server, shows they are actually listening to people on here a bit hopefully or are at least acting on people using the /report command.
  9. ChipMHazard

    Of all the things to complain about this really isn't one of those what I would consider important.

    Just be glad that they didn't bombard you with galaxies.
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  10. BuzzKapow

    Not doing any good either, having them there. VS got a tank into the bio lab somehow and is now proceeding to wreck everybody with it. How do you get a tank into there?
  11. Dr. Allcome

    Very slowly and very carefully:
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  12. Rivenshield

    Bull pucky. I'm glad to see it.
  13. gunshooter

    Yeah I just saw one of these ingame. No reason for them to exist at all unless the game really is in such a beta state that the only way GMs can observe the world is through an ingame avatar.
  14. TurboSax

    You better knock it off with the puns, or things are gonna get grizzly.
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  15. m44v

    How do these GM look?
  16. Luft

    I think it's neat to see GMs in the world, watching for hackers. However, I think they should have a unique looking avatar, so we know at a glance that the thing we're looking at is not a normal player.

    To the OP: just be glad they didn't hit you with meteors.
  17. Nakor

    Yeah, the fact that they look like everyone else but are invincible is unacceptable. The fact that the game is currently plagued by a host of more pressing problems doesn't mean adding more is OK. Give them a distinctive skin that nobody can mistake, solid neon pink or something highly visible.
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  18. TheEvilBlight

    Surprised they don't hang out in a Lib and just dispense random justice.
  19. sebo

    they can't be killed? wow that is lame.. how come they just don't play the game like everyone else.. i mean i used to be an admin on plenty of other servers (obviously smaller) but i played the game like everyone else.

    sounds like these guys are on their high horse barking orders and looking for attention.
  20. Yetii

    Mods have the title Corperal next to the name. I thought a mod was a hacker at first lol