In Game broadcast caught a Hacker

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Villanuk, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Villanuk

    Yup, just had an announcement on Miller from the game broadcast from system, they caught a hacker named and shamed, so well done DG for watching the game and more so, naming them.

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  2. Cheetoh

    There was an announcement earlier on Emerald that the SYSTEM had caught and banned a cheater.

    They too were named and shamed. :)
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  3. Hatesphere

    Sounds like a good change. I have missed the old gm announcements.
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  4. Kentucky Windage

    Bout damn time they caught some of these freaks. It's even more scrumptious they caught them IN GAME and then announced it. Well done DBG. Very well done indeed.
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  5. G-wiz15

    ok but if this SYSTEM? was working all the time it could catch alot of hackers. mainly the ones i had a problem with last week and reported. u know the ones who pick usernames that u cant type? yeah.....catch all of em then we'll talk
  6. AlterEgo

    That Jewish laugh had me on edge. It's a good thing those Naazis are being caught.
  7. FBVanu

    I saw that on Connery today... NICE JOB DayBreak...

    or was that a system wide post, that appeared on all servers at the same time, for that one hacker?
  8. ronjahn

    There were three of those announcements during my 2 hour play session today on Emerald. Keep it up DBG. I wonder what type of hacks, subtle or flying through the air at 1000kph OHK headshotting everyone through wall hacks?
  9. AxiomInsanity87

    Exactly the same system in h1z1.

    Good stuff.
  10. Archiadus!/8264249680813399649

    Those kind of players. :p

    *No worries forum mods, this player has already been banned making the name invalid.
  11. toast2250

    Good stuff if those are server side checks for nocliping, speed checks and ridicules KD ratio's.
  12. Hatesphere

    You don't even need to know a name to report. Just / report and it should flag the last guy to kill you. No need to figuring out the difference between bars and Ls in a name.
  13. Villanuk

    I should have took his name and checked the stats but im guessing its that idiot who has been game wrecking on Miller, its just good to know they are being active and announcing it, I hope that will deter other hackers.
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  14. CrossFitForLifeBRAH

    I saw several on Connery and Emerald today. I'd like to see the player's outfit named in the system msg, as well.
  15. Khallixtus

    Person's outfit might be a bit harsh, just because one person was hacking doesn't mean that all of them are bad.

    Just hope that DB keeps up their good work, and to make sure they investigate cases instead of just outright banning them because they were reported once/twice. But so far a great job. I think it is broadcast across all severs, because I checked one of the banned people and they were on a different server.
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  16. Hammerlock

    lets hope "the day of the hacker" is over
    good job DG
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  17. Goretzu

    It is actually some sort of automatic system now? If so that is a massively good thing (well assuming it doesn't randomly ban innocent people :D ).
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  18. CrossFitForLifeBRAH

    I wouldn't want the player's outfit named to have them generalized as all hackers. I think it'd keep anyone who controls an outfit from turning a blind eye toward someone they suspect or know is playing with 3rd party help. If you're running an organization in a mmo you usually know when someone is not on the up and up. Having the outfit named with the player in this fashion might discourage someone from turning a blind eye. Anything that keeps people from associating with players who cheat is fine with me. Nothing will kill a competitive pvp game faster than hackers.

    I suspect most people using a crutch to stroke their ego are not members of any outfit but, who knows.
  19. Iridar51

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  20. Khallixtus


    Although I checked one of these banned names, and sure enough, it was real. But what if.....