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  1. Metalsheep

    Hello Forumside, bored at work today I was thinking about the recent changes to Thermals and some of the different feedbacks I've seen on both reddit and the forums. Given that the thermal nerf has a pretty negative effect on Ground Vehicles as compared to Aircraft; I had an idea.

    What if Proximity Radar was tweaked to act similarly to Engagement Radar for ESF and the Lightning? But instead of picking up Aircraft, it picked up Infantry instead?

    For those of you that don't fly or Skyguard, Engagement Radar gives a little tick/notch on the side of your screen to indicate the orientation of other aircraft around the vehicle. This gives the pilot a general awareness "Hey, there is a Galaxy behind/beneath me. I have three Reavers to my 3 o'clock. It does also spot the target, allowing you to see their dorito even through nearby terrain.

    This could be tweaked to pick up Infantry and what class they are within range of the vehicles radar. It would not have a range as massive as Engagement, it would remain the same as Proximity, only out to 50m at maximum. The detection effect could be negated by crouch walking, standing still, or by having Sensor Shield equipped. Also, cloaked infiltrators will not be picked up by Proximity Radar.

    Given that this would be a rather significant buff, I also propose that the vehicle with Proximity Radar equipped would emit a Ping on the minimap similarly to a Sensor Dart, every 3 seconds or so to avoid clutter on the minimap. This would allow infantry to know what vehicle has Proximity Radar, and take measures to counter it accordingly.

    This would give Proximity Radar a much more effective use as an infantry counter. It would let you know precisely when there is a pesky LA trying to suicide rush you, or let you know that one may already be above you so that you can take evasive action.

    The short range of Proximity Radar compared to thermals, and the fact that it only works for people occupying the vehicle as opposed to everyone around it like Scout Radar I feel makes a change like this not too overpowering, but gives an edge to a tank that is equipped to combat infantryman, and provides adequate warning without actually making the vehicle more resistant to C4. As compared to thermals, which lit up everyone in a 200m area.

    What does Forumside think of a change like this? Awesome? Too powerful? What would you change to make it more viable?
  2. Campagne

    Too powerful, methinks.

    If it were to work as I think you mean it to, then infantry couldn't even get close enough to engage the vehicle even if they were sneaking up on it.

    Maybe on a sunndy...
  3. Eternaloptimist

    I would love to know if I was creeping up on a vehicle that had prox radar equipped, especially if there was a counter like crouch walking. I'm pretty sure I've been killed a few times due to prox detection but right now ya never know..................
  4. stalkish

    See that big spinning thing on the back?
    Looks like this:
  5. Eternaloptimist

    Thanks - didn't know what that was.
  6. Ziggurat8

    It's a cool idea, but it's too much of a skilless crutch in my estimation.

    Proximity Radar is very powerful but it's only as good as the user. It doesn't actually detect infantry for you it just reveals them on the minimap. Vehicle users with proximity radar have to check the mini map to actually make use of it. It's easy to sneak up on tunnel visioning vehicles even with proximity radar because they're so focused on shooting they forget to check to see if someone's near them.

    This would completely negate any type of user interaction with a very powerful tool, essentially surpassing the user detecting the infantry on the minimap. Say I'm doing long range bombardment with an MBT. I'm completely engrossed with firing at a target and trying to lead and track shots. I'm completely ignoring my prox radar. Suddenly a little indicator pops up, infantry above and behind me at 49m and closing. Well I know what that is! C4 fairy, time to drive away!

    If there was a version called proximity alarm, that alerted you with a noise that something was within 50m, but it didn't reveal them on the minimap like prox radar...that might be a bit better alternative, still useful for alerting you to something close by but not revealing its exact position.
  7. ColonelChingles

    There should be Proximity Radar upgraded with an Anti-Infantry Active Protection System.

    This is what an Active Protection System does:


    The anti-infantry variant would instead focus on any enemy infantry within a 50m sphere of the tank. Upon detecting that infantryman, it would automatically launch a small HE rocket that would explode near the infantry, killing it instantly. The system would have 8 charges with a 0.5 second cooldown between charges, requiring reloads from a Sunderer or Ammo Tower when exhausted.
  8. Hajakizol

    Sounds interesting but imagine that installed on a cloaked flash... it is daybreak after all..
  9. ColonelChingles

    For safety purposes it would likely be limited to Sunderers, Lightnings, and MBTs.

    Mostly because those explosive rockets can harm lightly armoured vehicles. It might kill the driver of the Flash along with the enemy infantry!
  10. Hajakizol

    Be funny tho and maybe worth it!
  11. Ziggurat8

    Uh huh. I could see the crying about my outfit now. We roll up 2 MBTs with your automated Im actually watching TV right now and still getting kiills HE ridiculous weapon. 1 double ranger repair sundy and 1 ammo sundy with whatever weapons they want on it.

    Just drive around basically like a lawn maintenance crew trimming the infantry grass. For the lulz.

    That's a game I want to play! Just be close enough to kill infantry all day long, don't even need gunners. Cause that wouldn't be the most insanely broken thing ever.
  12. ColonelChingles

    Kinda sounds like the AT mines, now that you mention it actually. At least with the AIAPS, the tanker actually needs to be doing something. ;)
  13. zaspacer

    How much did the thermal nerf impact Ground Vehicles? Specifically which Ground Vehicles and doing what roles (and what seats in 2+ person Vehicles)?

    For the record, the Thermal nerf was a MAJOR negative to A2G ESF outside of totally safe/trivial engagements.

    Also, I take it this Proximity Radar change would be for Ground Vehicles, as <50m Infantry locating for Air Vehicles is in most cases not a factor.
  14. Mojo_man

    The more and more thermal\proxy radar threads I see, the happier I am that I've never, even once, made an AI build on any of my vehicles.

    My MBTs are always set up for strictly Anti Armor work, and I've not gotten around to building anything other than Anti Armor Harassers either. The only thing any of my Lightnings are good for is the Skyguard, and My Sundies aren't exactly a point of focus for me either. Add to that the fact that I never fly, and I think I've only ever bought thermals for 1, maybe 2 weapons.
  15. Daigons

    No mention of the benefits of Scout Radar? It has a 100m range and shows opposing infantry on all your nearby ally mini-maps. Proxy Radar only has a 50m range and targets only appear to the driver/crew. Leverage the strengths of your allies and you get some additional XP on the side for each of their kills. A Scout Radar Flash can be dicey but a Scout Radar AI ANT should be doable support vehicle.
  16. Metalsheep

    It hit ground vehicles harder due to Thermals already having a smaller range and making it harder for tanks to hit and detect infantry. It wasn't as bad since there was lots of ground cover to break lines of sight against ground vehicles with thermals. Unlike with aircraft which can see over everything from the sky. C4 also isn't really an issue with aircraft, and now tanks will have a harder time possibly spotting infantry sneaking up on them. Yes, this would only effect ground vehicles, I don't even think any aircraft actually have Proximity Radar, I think only the ESF has scout.

    The change to Proximity Radar would only be specifically for that. And would not effect Scout Radar in any way. Scout radar is already very powerful letting all allies around see every enemy movement on radar. Whereas Proximity only shows for the driver of the vehicle. Giving MBTs, Lightnings, Sunderers and Harassers a strong anti-infantry defense slot without actually making their armor any more or less resistant to AV weapons or C4. It simply heightens awareness in a way similar to Engagement Radar.

    This is why there would be counters to the Proximity Radar, such as crouch walking and Sensor Shield. And a very obvious tell on the minimap about which vehicle is sporting the new Radar, making it known before you even enter its detection range. This would still make a vehicle equipped with Proximity Radar approachable. You'd have no one to blame but yourself if someone managed to crouch walk up and C4 you. Or if you missed the radars warning entirely and still got C4d. I don't feel it would be too overpowering since only the vehicle occupants can benefit from Proximity. Though with the ability to directly spot infantry, 50m might be TOO large of a distance. Could perhaps compress the range down to 30m at max rank and 10 at first rank.