Impossible to win alert with 54 mins left

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  1. RageMasterUK

    The current situation on the european server...

    ALERT CONT: Esamir
    TIME LEFT: 54 minutes

    VS POP: 43%
    TR POP 31%
    NC POP: 25%

    Cont has a 34 player que currently.

    Im here to ask the following question...
    Is it not a full blown conclusion that VS will win this alert?
    VS win because their zerg was the earliest to the party?

    Is this a good way for the game to work during primetime?

    I am queing to get in while writing, but as I write, I'm wondering what my chances of affecting the outcome is.
    Even if there is more NC and TR queing to get in than VS, why would any VS log off if they are winning?
    Realistically, how can the queing NC and TR balance the pop out if the server doesnt help them?

    What I am trying to say is, I am surprised the game does not know to kick some VS from the continent, in favour of allowing in more TR/NC in order to provide a fair and balanced fight. Surely a fair and balanced fight is in everyones favour. Otherwise it just compounds the issue of runaway assured overpop victories.

    Anyways just asking the question. I wouldnt mind being kicked if it was for balancing reasons personally.

  2. SW0V

    I could be wrong but I was under the impression that population locks on continents were per faction.
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  3. Azawarau

    I dont think kicking players is the right way to go

    Resource/exp advantages/incentives would help underpopped factions while theyre outnumbered and give players a reason to try to get in on the action
  4. Erendil

    AFAIK yes, it's still per Faction. Which makes me think the OP was looking at world pops by accident instead of just the cont pop.
  5. FieldMarshall

    You are looking at the wrong statistics.
    On your map in the top right corner, there is a dropdown box. Click it and select continent population.

    If you are in a queue, your faction already has the max number of people on the continent.
    The population cap for your facation doesent get reduced if you are late to the fight,
    and is always the same for all three factions no matter who got there first.

    I believe there was a time in PS1 where the 3rd faction to join the continent got a reduced pop cap if the other two reached the cap first.
    Maybe you got it mixed up with that.
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  6. MasterOhh

    LOL even in Bizarro World the VS cannot reach 43% World Pop during prime time (on any PC server, don't know about the console peasants thou).
    I guess the OP had the wrong continent opened in the mapview when he checked the population.
    The numbers he saw were neither from the alert continent, nor were they the world population.