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  1. breeje

    why can't we use our implants on every character ? would it be OP?
    i don't care about the implants you can craft. i don't mind to save up for them and craft them, i am talking about the exceptional implants. i have 3 of them counter Intelligence on my VS and minor cloak and carapace on my TR. none on my NC.

    you have to be extremely lucky to unlock exceptional implants. why not unlocking them for all my alts
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  2. Badman76

    A problem could be is you get 1400 bonus certs as a new player when you get to br 15. It would be easy for us who know how to play the game to create a new character, reach Br 15 quickly, buy 2 deluxe implant packs, delete account and retry again.
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  3. Campagne

  4. breeje

    i never thought of this. it would indeed only take a few hours of playing, but i think a counter to this can be implemented.
    maybe you have to register 3 characters, one from every faction to use the implants on.
  5. Badman76

    It would take you less than an hour i reckon, when i started asp, i reached rank 23 within an hour as a heavy without really trying. im sure an engineer or medic class could farm points to reach br 15 just as easily and quickly.
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