Implants.... Your preference and thoughts?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by BITES, May 21, 2014.

  1. BITES

    Having trouble finding one actually worth using for an extended period.... wondered what other MAXes are using (or plan to use once they obtain them)?

    Overall ... they look pretty lack-luster for MAX gameplay ... Anti-Conc looked nice but the "Non-MAX" tag of doom wrote that one off.

    EOD HUD? ... Maybe .... but honestly I catch more explosives with my face than I would with my HUD (looking at you pizza fairies!!).

    Your thoughts?

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  2. Quiiliitiila

    Same for me, I can't find anything worth using as a MAX… It makes me wonder what the devs were thinking. Was this a thought out choice? Or did they simply forget to make some for MAX units that actually make a difference?

    Given the choices, the only ones that seem even remotely useful for MAX units would be:
    T1: EOD HUD1 ||| Nothing else from T1, MAYBE Battle Hardened, but I rarely suffer from crazy flinch or camera shake.
    T2: EOD HUD2, Marker
    T3: EOD HUD3, Awareness, Sensor Shield ||| Sensor Shield is the obvious choice, and the only implant currently that I think will really benefit a MAX unit aside from Awareness. Go figure both of them are T3 and insanely expensive to run and obtain.
  3. Noppa

    Implants, they suck and some of em are just stupid with stupid mechanic.. like all those auto spot things, i mean WTF SOE?


    If they leave the things like this, then we NC need a bit of love to the silencer department, it aint like we all have trac5 which has little or 0 effect to the weapon performance with silencer!
  4. Halkesh

    As the OP say, EOD HUD (1/2/3) is a good choice for a MAX.
    T3 "rangefinder" will be your best friend if you use AA or AV weapons and want to improve your ballistic.
  5. BITES

    Yep pretty much.

    Ran with various ones all weekend, barely found much use outside of Battle Hardened or Enhanced Targeting.

    Targeting was nice for picking off the low health or long range Raven salvos.
  6. reydelchicken

    I personally think that battle hardened is the only implant worth using, just equip in on all of your classes, and set the implants to auto charge. You can forget implants exist and enjoy an improved game play experience after this.
  7. Dead soldier

    As a pilot, I thought I'd like safe landing, but I don't bail ever.

    I switched over to enhanced targeting so I can see enemy's health and it's working out well.
  8. BITES

    Yeah this has been my go to for Raven/Flak or general AV stuff ... especially with Ravens at 300~ ish ... spot, volley, hopefully dead in a clip. Great for infils :>
  9. Richard Nixon

    +1 for Enhanced Targeting on AA/AV MAX.

    I use it on my AA/AV heavy setup too. And tank/pilot engie setup. Hell, anything that fights vehicles should be using it.

    For AI MAX, EOD Hud all the way. That implant has already saved my *** a dozen times since implants came out. EOD 3 has great range, points out C4/mines behind walls, and even on different floors of the building you're in. Even had a dude accuse me of wallhacking until I explained.
  10. Haya jii san

    Get over it man. It's upon us. The faster you accept it the faster you'll adapt.
    PS: It's not as tragic as you think it is. Noone's forcing you to play with them.
  11. Arkenbrien

    I really wanted range finder, but it's T3. :(

    To bad the entire system is random...
  12. Haya jii san

    Not all 'recipes' are random man. There is some rng involved but still. Eg .. Energy Chargers you can craft them reliably. Also bear in mind that the system is new and therefore up for change