[Suggestion] Implants To Recharge Energy (Link To Reddit)

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  1. Foxirus


    I posted this in both forums to increase its chances of being seen and considered. Support, Discuss, Do what you must to voice your opinions on this subject. I will quote the post from reddit below.

    Now, This suggestion may seem a bit crazy, But hear me out at least. What I am recommending is not actually a bad idea, I feel a lot of players would benefit from it, Mostly new players who need the help.
    I am suggesting that it be made to where implants energy will slowly recharge to 3600 within a 24 hour period. You may be thinking "Why the hell would you do this?"
    Let me explain in detail:
    Currently as it is, No player should EVER run completely out of charge for their Implants, It just doesn't make sense why a military organization wouldn't at least provide a SMALL amount of energy to their loyal and hard working soldiers. This would help new players be able to run level 1 implants for 2 hours per day, which would regenerate over a 24 hour period. Break that down further and it comes down to 150 energy per hour, Break it down even further and that equates to 5 minutes of energy for a Tier 1 implant.
    Think about it, Are level 1 implants so overpowering that it cannot be made to where players are given 2 free hours per day of their use? I feel this would be a highly effective system for helping new players in the long run, As well as current players who are unhappy with the implant system.
    Just to be safe, For the sake of sakes, I will also break down what this would mean for each level of implant:
    Level 1: 2 Hours of free use per day provided by your faction. Level 2: 1 Hour and 20 minutes of Free use per day provided by your faction. Level 3: 1 Hour of free use per day provided by your faction. Level 4*: 48 Minutes of free use per day provided by your faction.
    *Some implants may use less energy, Like the T4 Enhanced Targeting.
    THIS IS UP FOR DEBATE! These numbers don't have to be final, If you feel its too much free implant energy, Simply say so! Disagree and think it shouldn't be free? Say so, Its all up for debate. Who knows, We might even get someone who has any say to read it and consider it.
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  2. Eternaloptimist

    Another thought.............some implants only have to work a part of the time, Regen for example. Perhaps they should only drain when they have to repair damage? Or is this something in place already? I noticed yesterday that my Regen implants seem to last quite a bit longer. Haven't checked it in detail yet. Or has the drain rate been reduced? Let us consider the possibility also, that I am just imagining this.

    As a subscriber I get loads of implant drops from playing engineer so I usually have enough to make chargers and I don't use higher tier implants that drain faster so I do have an advantage (one that I pay for through my subscription).

    I think the suggestion would benefit FTP players more than anyone else but then I don't have a beef about that. Other equipment works the same for FTP as subscribers once it has been equipped.
  3. Taemien

    I still think subscribers should have no energy requirements.
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  4. Moz

    Nice idea OP!

    It helps the new guys while taking nothing from the vets!

    One question, would this 3600 power be universal? Or would you need to be below a certain charge amount to get it?
  5. Jubikus

    Yeah the idea is great granted they would have to make it to where if your at or above 3600 energy you dont gain anymore otherwise i can see people just not loggin on for days on end because they want to build up energy.

    I also agree that this would help alleviate the strain on new players personally it took alot of toughing through my early levels to even play this game because i was always slightly upset when i barely lost a fight and he has a red sliver of health left an im just sitting there like gah the only reason im dead and hes alive and not the other way around is because he has Maxed Nanoweave. Players constantly feeling at a disadvantage is a huge issue in maintaing and gaining new players and something like this would help alleviate that to some degree. The 100 free certs per level for first 15 levels is a help but i think there still needs to be more hell i wouldnt even mind if like the cert thing they put a level cap on it as long as it was reasonable something like br50 because implants are a very slow process with RNG mixed in.
  6. Demigan

    I don't see any reason for this, my supply has been steadily rising ever since the 'nerfs' of drops, and I run at least tier 1 almost all the time. Most of the time I run tier 2 heal and the highest tier anti-radar stuff.
  7. Foxirus

    The energy level would stop gaining once 3600 was reached. The only thing this system would do would ensure that all players never go below a bare minimum of 3600 energy. Have above 3600 energy? This system will not help you until you fall below that level.

    Basically, The only playerbase this is going to really benefit is newer players who are struggling to keep even basic implants running.
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  8. Moz

    Sounds like a solid idea to me OP!!
  9. FateJH

    As a consideration, what if it only recharged if it's below 3600 only if the player, on login, did not meet the minimum number of certs required to buy an Implant pack for conversion into a Super Charger and also did not have enough Chargers on hand to reach that minimum level of energy? That would definitely help new players without giving undue benefit to others who do not need it.
  10. Demigan

    I misinterpreted it thinking you meant that this would somehow replace chargers.