Implants not that bad....

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  1. supernauttt

    I think everyone is overreacting about the implant first I agreed with everyone that the charges go WAY to much money ext i got the battle hardened which is the lowest tier usage at .5 charges used per whatever it is and went through ALL the starting charge amount 1800 within about an i was like WOW this is pointless if u cant use resources to replinish it...but also after playing another 2 hours or so the same night by the end i had gained back about 2500 charge just from ingame drops/pickups or whatever they are called all in all inless thats not the norm and i was just lucky it seemed ok IMO.....

    on the other hand the crafter/combiner i bought 4 of the 4- or 5 pack of implants with certs of course and did 4 runs through it in a row and only got back 1 tier one of one of the oens i put in the thing yeah somehting is def up with that....i dont think you should get tier 2's all the time for it as that would be like easy mode...but you should atleast get whatever one u DIDNT put in to begin if u get ones u dont want u atleast get something different back....

    but also these implants i think should be more geared toward higher level players as something new to strive for, but also very costly in certs to get as well as maintain....or have many different levels for them...maybe its just me but ive been playing for over a year now and have the perfect setup for everything and have nothing to work toward anymore, so that would be nice to have once IMO atleast i dont think they should be easy to get really at all....more of something special if u happen to kick *** that night...not something everyone can just run all day everyday no matter what....if it was like that then whats the point...u no longer hold any slight advantage if EVERYONE else is also using them...i know they arnt meant to be striaght up buffs for better players which would be a bad thing, but more of and added peice of specialization or side grade...IMO if they made implants easier to get so everyone could use them more often, they should have slightly better buffs, but also have an equal and opposite you could trade something u didnt want as much like say slightly slower sprint speed for a faster crouch speed, ext make them better but add something that also hurts you somewhere else so we have SOME REAL CUSTOMIZATION added to each individual player......idk there are many things you can do with it but overall I dont think its as bad or as P2W as much as everyone seems to be claiming.....

    also maybe and implant could be to reduce reload speed by 10% but you also take 5% added flinch from incoming fire.....or 5% reduced recoil and -5% damage or velocity, ext ext...IMO i would like this system better as the buffs could be a little more noticable and specialty, while also doing the same for weaknesses...this would add a whole new depth to player customization and roles....but i know this prob wont happen but i would like it better...or those type of buffs could be the final tier level of implants the highest ones...costing 1000 certs each and having the highest running endgame players like myself would have something new to work for and stand out from the crowd without providing to much of a buff to the already top tier players...and overall the implant system is new, so for now i dont think its as bad as people think it is...
  2. Akeita

    Implant crafting is stupid, literally 3 tier 1 for 1 tier 1, there is no real RNG, trust me. I spent 2k certs looking for tier 3 and it just not gonna happen.
  3. BoBlackson34

    I also do not think they are that bad, but ^ the crafting system is broken.
  4. supernauttt

    yeah i agree the crafting part of it needs to be reworked....but i dont think tier 2-3 should be easy to get maybe 1 every 1500-2500 certs spent IMO anyways...but i do agree like i said that you should atleast get a different teir 1 back then the ones u put in...its not meant to take in all teir 1's and give u a teir 2 or 3....its just so that u dont have to get tons of crappy implants u dont want and just sit on them...its there so u can atleast put the oens u will never use in it and get something u atleast will use out, even if its rarely higher than teir 1
  5. Utrooperx

    I think you have to destroy five of the T-1's at a time to get a least it worked that way for I imagine you have to destroy five of the T-2's to get a T-3...unfortunately the exact T-3 you get may not be a very worthwhile one, but once you get three of the T-3's that you don't like, you can "roll the dice" to see if you get a T-3 that you may consider more useful...
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  6. Aesir

    They will remain nothing but perks that cost you to keep running and the suggested things like reload speed or damage reduction passives sound an awe full lot like "You don't run an Implant you're screwed".

    Where is the "promised" free passive you gain for not running an implant, to not screw over new players? New Players are the most important thing to the game. Any form of power creep is bad if there is no equalizer for those new players ...

    I'm not against more customization, it's quite the opposite, I would love to actually see actual choice behind decisions in PS2 ... on all levels, not just Infantry combat. Vehicle combat is just a giant power creep to rally to fill all slots with something and than max out reload speed.

    Unlike Infantry, which get suit slot choices unlocked, which are streamlined to some degree (nanoweaver) to be more effective at lower ranks to equalize for new Players. And even that system could use a lot of tweaking, which I would have rather seen than Implants right now, because they would have been a flat upgrade over the current system, worthy of being called content if you throw one new choice per class in and adjust parts of the cert progression.

    But we got Implants now ... the only salvageable solution is to turn them into a mix of actives and passives with a clear choice if you want to activate them or not to drain energy and we need something for the new Player, which is passive and runs stock, all the time, as an equalizer for people running around with Implants.
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  7. supernauttt

    yeah maybe thats its overall i dont think its that broken really at all...i just think people want everything NOW and the easy glad to see soemthing added to the game thats tough to get again...thats what keeps alot of people playing
  8. T-Dawg302

    5 T-1 = 1 T-2
    5 T-2 = 1 T-3
    1 T-2 + 1 T-3 = Ultra Charger
    1 T-1 + 1 T-2 = Charger
    3 T-(1,2, or 3) = 1 T-(1,2, or 3) respectively

    Click the Nano-Cycler and look at the top of it. There is a HELP button that just explains what I said.
  9. supernauttt

    why they would have to have EQUAL reductions to them as well...if anything it would make u stronger against certain players and situations but equally weaker to other situations and players as well
  10. Ronin Oni

    You combine 5 T1 for 1 T2

    5 T2 for 1 T3

    If you keep reolling 3 T1 for 1 T1 trying for a T2 you're doing it wrong.......

    The ONLY thing they need to fix is making it so when you combine 3 implants for a random reroll of the same tier that it doesn't give you any of the implants used in the reroll.
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  11. supernauttt

    i agree with most of that, however being fair to new players and making it easy on them is two different things....i dont see anything wrong with giving SLIGHT advantages to players who put the time and energy into one thing at a time to get better than the guy next to them at it...(outside of straightt skill, something tangible and real)..i have never played really any game where a brand new players is on completely equal ground as a vertern player....that might sound un fair, but its also what keep people playing...whats the point if that new player is just as good as the veteren, whats the point of working hard at something u like to become better at it then the next new guy and having that sense of OWNING someone because you put in the time and effort to be able to do it with better equitment and perks....if that wasnt there I know I would get bored fast....

    actually a perfect example of this IMO is titan fall....its a great game but i was bored within a few days of release....why? because for that very reason...there was no reason or addiction in wanting to get better than the guy next to you....because there was no system in place or no ladder to was just a play whenever or however you wanted you would never gain anything over someone who playes everyday...other than striaght skill i guess...which is good also, but the feeling that what your doing is paying off is what I like and what alot of other gamers I think also like..
  12. Aesir

    The progress ladder you talk about can still be there, but it should be made "easy" to catch up. Which is why I for example think that every cert should start with 50% of its maximum potential at rank 1 and you grind you way to get the rest of the 50%. However the initial investment should also be a bit higher than in some cases (30+ certs as a minimum)

    Take reload speed on Tanks as an example, once you have most ability slots filled with something, the single most gain of power is within getting max reload speed on a Tanks Maingun and Secondary. It's also the most expensive certline in the game.

    But instead of starting with either 2% for main-guns or 3% for secondaries of a long road to 10% / 15%, you should start that journey at 5% or 7,5% instead. While also adding more actual choices into that slot, there have been tons of suggestions for that slot alone from burst loading to one that get's faster the longer you constantly fire and what not.

    You still get the carrot dangling in front of your face ... but it's not as unfair for new players, while also providing more depth in of its self.
  13. DJPenguin

    I'm not having any problems either. A good deal of complaints around here are user error whether it be ignorance of how the system works or making bad decisions. Yes the system has its flaws but still works just fine for achieving what people should be aiming for.

    Never craft a tier 1 and tier 2 implant for a tier 2 charger.
    Never craft 3 of the same tier of implant.
    Never buy 5 packs of implants if all you want/need are chargers.

    The only two types of crafting anyone should be doing is 5 of the same tier or a tier 2 and tier 3 for a tier 3 charger. Doing anything else is a waste and you only have yourself to blame.
  14. leo4444

    No they aren't I was expecting a lot worse but they should remove the limit on charger drops, because players shouldn't get penalized for playing for extended periods.
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  15. IamnotAmazing

    crafting needs to not be random, and the energy system needs to be less harsh, but it's a hell of a lot better than what most people expected it to be
  16. Akeita

    I can't fill 5 of different type in one crafting time at all
  17. Ronin Oni

    they don't have to be different types I don't think.

    I think you could recycle 5 of the same for 1 T2


    I haven't dicked with implants yet.

    Just ignore implants for a little bit, they'll stockpile, and you should have no problem burning 5 T1's for a T2
  18. NoctD

    You can mix and match whatever T1s - just make sure you have 5 of them selected. They can be all the same, they can be somewhat different, whatever, as long as you mix 5 T1s, you get a T2.

    But ouch, I think you've lost 2000 certs in the process.

    I have 3 T2s already, and I only spent 400 certs on 2 5-packs so far. If I got to 5 T2s, I can easily craft a T3. So about 600 certs and some drops, you can get your first T3.
  19. Stew360

    Randoms implants is total BS , at least if they could have ad a receipee to craft the implant you are looking for it could be well less anoying , but so far its just a total rip off and a HUGE disapointement to me

    I can see how angry peoples who gonna spend real money in it are going to be ,

    They could get anything they dont want actually and cant do anything about it , 200 certs is exactly what average players do in 2 or 3 play sessions lol , iam lucky to be good and be a members , and have a high end caracter that i can spend extra certs to test out this systhem , so far its awefull to me and i see this as digging another huge hole between lower end players and higher end
  20. lNeBl

    2k certs would give you a guaranteed 3 or so tier 3 pieces. Unless you actually kept crafting 3 instead of 5 implants which would never give you anything.