Implants as rewards.

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  1. Neo3602

    In short at the end of an alert/continent lock members of the winning faction get a 4 pack of random implants while members of the losing faction get a 2 pack of random implants. To qualify for the implant pack a player has to have playing on their character for at least 30 min before the end of the alert/continent lock to prevent players from switching to the winning side to get better rewards.

    Thanks for reading!

    Any thought or suggestions?
  2. Eternaloptimist

    Not a bad idea. I'd be happy enough to see it implemented.
  3. TheSunlikeOne

    Tier 1 of class specific implants should be rewarded for the players, that complete golden tier of their respective directive (and removed from the packs). This way players won't be dissapointed afrer geting an implant for the class they don't care.