Implant systme is a blatant cashgrab

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zherot, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Zherot

    Seriously, all the implants i had GONE and i can't even unlock an implant i want nooo i have to buy overpriced random boxes to see if RNG gives me the one i want... look random loot boxes are fine for COSMETIC **** like in Overwatch BUT THIS, this is outright P2W.
  2. BrbImAFK

    Actually, loot boxes are only fine for cosmetics if all the cosmetics are carefully designed by professionals and all look good. There's a bunch of cosmetics in the DBG Market that I would never equip, let alone buy..... and I'd be pissed if I got them as a "reward" from some loot crate I'd paid for!
  3. Kristan

    Haven't spent a cent on it, got almost every implant I wanted.
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  4. Pelojian

    i despise random boxes you have to pay to run lotto for stuff, they do this stuff because of whales that have more money then sense while it pisses many more people off, they do this in EQ2 with some house items.

    i do not want to see cosmetic items in chance crates, people don't like it when companies obscure the actual cost of things with chance crates and pay to buy game monies, at least in that regard it is easy to value DBC to the real dollar unlike other companies but still.

    whales spend many times what an item is worth on chance crates to obtain said item rather then holding back their wallets so it sends a message to the company that it is not profitable to gouge your customers that way (even a minority)

    as long as whales buy tons of chance crates companies will continue to add them.

    in any game with a pay to buy market the prices of things to buy should be apparent and not obscured in any manner.
  5. Chettone

    I love how they "converted" all our implants into a new currency and in order to unlock implants you need to use DBC or Certs. I feel sorry for those who bought implant packs in the past and now they "converted" those into "leveling" material.
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  6. Villanuk

  7. BartasRS

    He was just lucky and prolly bought few boxes with certs.
    Personally, I got almost all implants I wanted too and I bought only 4 9-packs in total (all with certs). The ones I didn't are OFC the rare ones but I can live without them for now.

    RNG sucks tho. First 3 packs gave me almost every common implant, last one had 8 targeting implants and 1 regen LOL.
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  8. Kristan

    Yyyup! Had a bunch of certs, but one big pack was enough. To be fair I spent some money, since I bought membership in order o get those certs without any stress.
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  9. FieldMarshall

    I know it doesent help anyone to hear this but thats what i experienced as well.
    Opened 3 big boxes with certs and got everything except the two rare implants and vampire.
  10. Direlithe

    Holy **** storm this is the first time I'll ever say it but I'm a little glad to be in ps4 land avoiding all this rn :confused:
  11. FateJH

    This is just a reminder: one day this game will shut its servers off and all the money spent on it will only be a memory left in someone's checkbook. This is inevitable.
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  12. adamts01

    I think most of us realize that. What's frustrating is having the game you invested in get uprooted and made worse. Of course things change, maybe in a different direction than you'd like them to, but you don't expect a 4 year old mechanics, gear and playstyles to get completely turned upside down. Even if I didn't like a change but the community mostly did, I could live with that. This is something else.
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  13. OldCuban

    PS2 is a F2P game.

    I don't like the new system or what they did to our old implants, but they gotta make money somehow.

    And the loot crate system is common in most if not all F2P games.

    What I wish they'd add is full access to systems like the implant system to those that subscribe. Let subscribers have access to tier 1 of all the implants and if they unsubbed they'd lose access to any they didn't purchase with certs or cash. Because, imho, as it stands the value of subbing to PS2 is minimal at best.
  14. Kdog559

    Lol we still talking about stupid implants being a cash grab? Seriously we need to move forward since nothing can be done about it. Most games if you already know have a micro-transaction system put in place.If you pay for an expansion pack for another game which most of clearly have done so in our gaming time just to keep playing that game,it will cost well over 20$ or so. Why complain?There are threads made already on this subject. No need for more.
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    I, for one, burned 2700 Certs at it without hesitation. The new implants are mostly very interesting and appropriate for common tasks around Aurax.
  16. JonnyBlue

    Personally I never used implants they don't make me a better shot or improve my situational awareness and of course its a cash grab , but hey personally implants arnt that big of a deal.
  17. Eternaloptimist

    Yeah, seems that way. I've given up saying my piece and I only read them because I hope someone is going to talk about the actual effect of the implants on their gameplay to help me choose what to go for (apart from Regen, which I've now got on all avatars). I've never used any others and don't know what to upgrade or buy more packs to get if not in my inventroty already.

    So far all I've learned is that Catlike tier 5 gives a pretty awesome jump - enough to get hackusations anyway.
  18. Zherot

    You despise random boxes then you say you don't want to see COSMETIC stuff in boxes, stuff that doesn't even affect gameplay at all but right now you have random boxes with stuff that DOES affect gameplay and it is P2W at its finest.
  19. Klabauter8

    This game has always been a bit P2W. Stop acting as if this would be something new. And it's not like implants would make that much of a difference. What is the real P2W offender in this game is the construction system, but I don't mind. I don't play this game for competition, I play it for fun.
  20. Pelojian

    i object to the RNG of real cash purchased items inside random crates, if an item is worth paying cash for then it should be a direct purchase and should display honestly how much real cash is used. (DBG is good on this you can value DBC to the dollar)

    as for the p2w argument what exactly do you win with implants? at least you can get some implants with certs, so you can earn them over time, people that pay cash for random loot boxes imho have more money then sense.