Implant stacking & MANA turret

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by VhynSeven, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. VhynSeven

    So, I was looking at the implants, when I saw the Jockey and the Bionics Implants, and start to wonder : do they stack ?

    For the record, Jockey increases the shield by 50% when on a Flash, backseat of a Harasser, or Engie MANA Turret. Bionics reduces Health by 400 and adds 400 shield.

    I saw nothing saying that both implants don't stack together, so the scenario I forsee is :
    An Engie with Bionics would have 900 shield. The same Engie using his MANA turret would gain 450 shield from Jockey, if both implants stack.
    That would bring his total shield to 1350. If you add the remaining 100 health, this enough to survive a headshot from a T3 sniper rifle even within its maximum damage range.

    If someone knows a bit more about this, I would like to see his answer, thanks.
  2. Sirmarsh

    Shhh.....don't speak of it or it will go away. Yes, they stack, yes you are like a max while on the turr. , Yes, nothing really kills you except headshots, but even those are harder to get on you. Now delete your post:)
  3. ArcKnight

    this explains why my sniping spree involves a lot of engineers sitting on turrets
  4. YellowJacketXV

    The implants Jockey and Robotics Tech are literally the only things keeping turret engies alive. And I'm SO MAD that my NC engie can't seem to acquire robotics technician...
  5. Liewec123

    I did some theory crafting when they first revealed the implants
    and came up with the same idea (though for flash)
    Never got to test if they stack though!

    Now that we have health and shield numbers it should be as simple as enabling the numbers
    and going to VR training where you can use all implants

    You can even throw in auxiliary shield!

    As yellow jacket said though I think Robo tech + Jockey might be better for turret engi,
    I'm not currently able to check the math!
  6. Desann

    I roll robotics technician and jockey. My robotics tech is maxed so I now repair my turret while I am on it. Its a nice combo with jockey.

    robotics technitian + jockey result in a 1666 effective health, so... even if you put your aulaxillary shield for +50 additional shield (75 with jochey) it will be 1525 = still less than rt+jockey combo, since rolling useful exeptional implants nearly impossible (i waste more than 50k certs and only got minor cloak) i recommend you to forgot about Bionics