Implant drain too damn high

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  1. DQCraze

    You're supposed to buy the ultra charger. Seriously, this is all about micro transactions and buying stuff, how else are they going to make money if you can sustain your implant on free drops.

    F2P is a choice or you can be a wallet warrior and buy what you need. Gaming is a business, they need to make money, I wish people would stop taking this so personal.
  2. Tentakewls

    Drain is not an issue since you can create your own chargers. Once you have all the T3 implants you want, you wont need new implants and can use 100% of implants drops to create chargers. I didn't use mine like for one or two days and now I have 10k charge to spend.
  3. Degenatron

    Just posted this in another thread. I may have to keep it on the clipboard for awhile since I'm going to be pasting this a lot it appears:

    The reason for the consumable aspect is to drum up revenue. SOE is a business. Businesses try to make money. When you start your own development studio, you can give away your product for free and let us all know how that works out for you.

    The idea here is to build a system that gently nudges people to spend money on a continuing basis WITHOUT having to continually invest developer time. So, if you want people to BUY implant power, you need to make it consume that power quickly so that players have to work real hard to keep their implants powered, go without implants for periods of time, or PAY to power their implants continuously.

    If they made implants permanent with no consumable aspect, or if they made them "self-sustaining", they would have been right back to square one. Everyone gets the implant they want and then what? Nothing happens. SOE is back to having to craft some other cosmetic, or weapon, or system which requires another one-time purchase. And over all, that is a losing proposition because you don't recoup your investment costs.
  4. FROG55JON

    Again, as stated in my previous post I understand they need to make money but ultimately a solution must be found in which the consumer is not wasting it. For instance, if you were to buy a bottle of soda which once opened slowly drained away given a period of time, would you then justify this action by saying the drink manufacturer must earn money? You see, that's the main problem I'm quite happy to purchase items with station cash or certification points but what I'm not happy with is the fact that 90% of this investment will be wasted on nothing. So I can throw that reply right back at you. Rob your customers and let us all know how that works out for you.

    Another mechanic in which energy is consumed must be found.
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  5. Degenatron

    Rob your customer? ROB YOUR ****ING CUSTOMER?? Are you ****ing serious with that bull****?

    They're ****ing GIVING you free drops! They're letting you buy with Cert points which are FREE! On a game you can play FOR FREE.

    And you're just saying "It's not free enough."

    That is the most asinine thing I have ever heard.

    Here's the flip side: You can sip your power in tiny little bits all you want - but NO free drops and NO Cert points. You PAY. You pay with you ****ing MONEY. How's THAT sound?

    Because Coca-Cola? Coca-Cola ain't giving **** away free jack, and you just remember that you smug little ****.

    Are we clear now? Is it ALL on the table now?
  6. Clayton

    Bro, chill! It's Friday!
  7. tekknej

    making 60 certs in one hour is not hard at all and by doing that you can run T1 implants without pausing and also get a surplus of energy from drops alone. to run T3 without a pause you'll have to try a bit harder, but it's still doable.
  8. NoctD

    The system will always favor those who can afford to buy batteries with SC and have better cert/XP gains through membership.

    Thus it is essentially as others have suggested, as close to P2W as PS2 gets.
  9. Cinnamon

    When they were on test I posted that I thought that the tier 1 implants should not drain energy but there were not any solid details then about how much they were going to charge for energy.

    It seems to me that they would be better off charging less as standard for a lot of things but pricing is as much of an art as a science and who knows how they make decisions.
  10. FROG55JON

    Baffled by your emotional response from my last post, I'm not trying to offend you so I can only apologise if I have. Ultimately a mechanic must be found to satisfy both SOEs needs and ours, one where the consumables we purchase are used efficiently. The ability to deactivate the implant, so we can decide when we choose to spend our money or time. Don't think it can work otherwise if the consumer is not given more choice which this all boils down to.
  11. OddChelsea

    Except I haven't spent a single dime or cert on this system yet I am doing fine with it. No membership either. I am constantly running a tier 1 now with higher tiers for special situations. The system is not pay to win because if you play smart instead of omg gotta have tier 3 all the time you never have to pay.
  12. NoctD

    Haven't tried running an implant all the time yet myself - so I don't really know. But certainly the person with the T3 has the advantage of running it at all times while others can't afford to. Not that it worries me.
  13. OddChelsea

    A very, very minor advantage compared to a F2P player running a tier 1 and most likely an advantage that wont win a direct firefight. Most of them provide benefits that will help you but wont help you kill an enemy directly. Skill will win, just as it always has. Implants make no difference there.
  14. Clayton

    Not really. Say two players of equal skill, both equally damaged, the guy that recovers fastest wins. Regeneration 3 does that.
  15. OddChelsea

    You obviously don't realize that regen 1, 2 AND 3 has a delay similar to that of your shield recharging. All that changes is how much it heals you after the delay. It WAS instant regen for VS players only but that was a bug. So essentially if they can't kill you in the amount of time your shields/health would take to recharge, they don't deserve the kill.
  16. Clayton

    But bro, you said T1 and T3 makes no difference, skill wins. I just gave you a counter example, delay has nothing to do with this. The advantage is slight, but it's not zero advantage as you've said.
  17. OddChelsea

    I never said zero advantage. I just pointed out how your counter example was extremely flawed in most encounters. The regen simply will not kick in in time to save you in a fight. It's meant to heal you after one, getting you back up to fighting condition again quickly.
  18. Degenatron

    My emotional response comes from getting to know this dev team over the last two years from their amazing community outreach efforts, and then having some......person......come along and call them a bunch of thieves. They aren't thieving anything from you or anyone. You want to draw a line between you and them, that's fine. But I'm always going to be standing on the side with them. And I'll gladly say the things they can't say.

    You know, I don't buy the implant stuff myself, and I'm not going to. But I don't come here and pop off at the mouth because I don't get to run my implants 24/7. I accept that's the way it is. That's the way it has to be. Why? Because everything that falls out of you peoples' mouths is "make it so there's no reason to pay money." You don't say that outright. You haven't got the balls to. What you do is dance around it like a politician, but that is what you are driving at.

    Let me tell you something: Net Neutrality is GONE. Wave bye-bye because it ain't ever coming back. The deal is done, and very quickly ISPs are going to start slamming the breaks on our internet traffic. While everybody is talking about Netflix, no one is talking about the gaming industry. We're gonna get hit hard. The price for the service that SOE is paying for their fat pipes they need to run these servers is about to go WAY up. Who's gonna pay for it? Are you expecting SOE to dig into it's pocket and shell out the cash out of the goodness of its heart? Is that the fantasy land you live in? Get ready for a rude awakening.

    People are talking about this "Internet Fast Lane" that's going to come out of the death of Net Neutrality. Let me clear that crap right up. There will be no internet fast lane. We're in it right now. We're going as fast as it gets. What they are really going to do is install internet slow lanes, and then push us all into them. Service is going to decrease, and then they're going to say "if you want what you had, that's going to cost extra." You wanna go around calling people thieves, why don't you start there?

    You wan to discuss a system that is fair and allows for toggling the power on and off? Alright, here you go:

    First, the implants:

    You break them into 3 operational modes: Continuous, Activated, Reactionary

    Enhanced Targeting (Activated) - Spotting the target activates the damage analysis circuitry. Power is pulled as long as the target is spotted and damage is displayed.

    Battle Hardened (Reactionary) - The implant pulls power while mitigating the effect of explosions and bullet strikes.

    EOD Hud (Continuous) - This implant always runs sweeping for explosives in your line of sight.

    Hold Breathe (Reactionary) - This implant pulls power when you hold your breathe longer that the standard amount of time.

    Regeneration (Activated) - The implant pulls power to dispense healing nanites to the user when the user turns it on.

    Safe Landing (Reactionary) - This implant releases a blast of power to cushion the fall on impact.

    Marker (Continuous) - This implant constantly monitors where you fire to automatically mark enemies you hit.

    Awareness (Reactionary) - The implant detects impacts on the soldiers armor, triangulated the trajectory, and detects the enemy.

    Clear Vision (Activated) - When turned on the implant pulls power to generate a repulsor field that blocks concussive blasts and photon surges.

    Counter-Intelligence (Continuous) - This implant is always monitoring enemy communications for spotting information packets.

    EMP Shield (Activated) - When turned on the implant pulls power to generate a electromagnetic dampening field.

    Range Finder (Activated) - When activated this implant pulls power to detect and ping targets to display their ranges.

    Sensor Shield (Reactionary) - This implant detects and jams radar signals whenever a player is in range of an enemy radar.

    They still fall into their Tier categories, but their power consumption rate is scaled for the type of mode they operate in. So, continuously running implants have the smallest power drain (in their tier). Activated have a medium power rate (in their tier). And Reactionary implants have the highest power drain rate.

    So, for example, EOD Hud 1 would always be on, but it would be draining at a rate of 1 power unit every 5 seconds. A 0.2 power draw. Enhanced Targeting would pull 1 power unit a second when it was turned on. Safe Landing would pull 10 units of power for every hit point of damage mitigated from a fall.

    Each Tier level would have their own power consumption rate for each operational mode. Exceptions to this would be Safe Landing and Hold Breathe which simply do not work beyond a certain height or time limit (respectively) based on the tier level. So for example, Tier 1 Regen would pull 1 power units every second it was turned on, but Tier 3 would pull 5 power units every second it was on.

    Continuous Power Drain:
    T1 - 0.2 / sec
    T2 - 0.5 / sec
    T3 - 1 / sec

    Activated Power Drain:
    T1 - 1 / sec
    T2 - 2 / sec
    T3 - 5 / sec

    Reactionary Power Drain:
    T1 - 10 per instance
    T2 - 25 per instance (no implants currently in this Tier / Mode combo)
    T3 - 50 per instance
    * Safe Landing - 10 / 1 damage mitigated
    * Hold breathe - 10 / 0.2 sec past natural breathe time

    Now here's the part you're NOT going to like:

    Power cells are no longer dropped.
    T1&2 implants create the Standard Charger.
    T2&3 implants create the Super Charger.
    The Super Charger is raised to 2500 Energy Units.
    Ultra Chargers are no longer craftable - they can only be purchased.

    And there it is. That gives variety to the way implants operate. It allows players to ration their power usage. And it still nudges players to purchase the Ultra Charge for convenience.

    I highly doubt this will be good enough for most of you, but I'm also willing to bet it's far better than we'll get.
  19. FROG55JON

    We Will have to see how they change the mechanic but your idea would definitely solve the problems I currently have with the system. Don't like coming here to complain and this is not an issue of not wanting to spend money, I bought station cash the day the implants were released which will hopefully support the development of the game. It was only once equipping the implant I realised 90% of the energy was being used on absolutely nothing.
  20. ChipMHazard

    Don't play using a loadout with an implant throughout your entire play session. Use them when you need to. You could also leave the chargers unused until you need to make use of an implant. As an example: You have a heavy with clear vision and you want to charge into a room while concing it, use a single charge.
    I certainly wouldn't mind seeing more thought put into the charge mechanic than just having all implants continuously drain energy.