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  1. Blizzy102

    "Talent wins games, but intelligence and teamwork win championships" - Michael Jordan


    Immoral Dominion is a brand new NC Outfit for Genudine servers. Have you been shut out of an outfit for not being good enough? Not having enough play time? Simply because there are power struggles?

    You will fit in perfectly in ImDo! With a rank structure suited around organization instead of power, a new community that ensures that new recruits will be allowed to show their worth in leadership positions, and a desperate need for Discord Bot Modders, In Game Sherpas and Interview Teams, there is a place for you to fit right in at ImDo!

    We run scheduled outfit wide events, free play events in the meantime and are looking to start from the ground up. You may not have a lot of people to play with to start, but our goal is to build, cause we can only go upward from here!

    Sound interesting? Join using our Discord link below!