I'm upset I have to buy a pump-action.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by moooosa, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. moooosa

    I was happy with my auto-shotty. Pump actions bothered me because they're not fun to play against and they seemed a little less versatile.

    Now I have to buy a pump action, to replace the shotgun I had already bought (it's not like it fills a different role), just to remain competitive. Autoshotty is plain "bad" at anything past point blank now, with its lovely combination of the lowest damage and greatest spread, so there's no reason not to just use a pump at that range.

    "Normal" shotguns were powerful in their niche, now they're only "okay" in their niche, which is not the way to balance a game when other weapons are far more versatile. I've died a few too many times today because of enemies who survived one too many shots when they "shouldn't have."
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  2. Sordid

    Eh, just stick it out for a while. In a month or two the nerf pendulum will swing the other way again. Why not try a different role in the meantime?
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  3. moooosa

    This is what's driving me mad. The thing is on sale right now. I don't want to waste my money on it. What I want is for my shotgun to be viable again. But I'm never going to pay full price for a pump action.

    And I do play other roles, more often than not. I just find my LA and shotty to be very useful in certain situations and I don't want to give that up.
  4. Jrgsubzero

    Earn certs, unlock it.
  5. dBMachine

    Pump action is so much cooler anyways. That's a REAL shotty!

    I never liked auto shotties in any FPS.
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  6. moooosa

    Time isn't free.
  7. dBMachine

    Nothing is free.
  8. Ash87

    ...Wait, you have to?

    I have used shotguns since before the PAS were implemented, Semi-automatic shotguns, and I have never felt a need to upgrade. Especially after they nerfed shotgun damage, and now PAS only OHK from almost direct hits under 4m
  9. Jrgsubzero

    If you love the autoshotguns so much use them to earn 1000 certs then buy the pump action.
  10. phreec

    Been thinking of getting one since I've Auraxium'd my Mauler now that they've already nerfed them enough. I doubt there will be more nerfs so I guess it's the perfect time to get one.
  11. Phazaar

    Completely agree with OP. Currently using my Auto shotty for nostalgia and roflz with drifter jets... It's terrible though. Easily a sub 1 K/D even when trying. With a PAS it's more like 6-7 K/D...
  12. EnviousCipher

    To be honest i think the PA's should be the only shotguns allowed, since generally if you miss the first shot (and your opponent isn't a ******) you will get swamped real quickly on the pump, but the tradeoff is the possibility of a OHK. Too often you seen SA and FA shotguns simply spraying into a room willy nilly and getting several kills for little effort.

    I mean, its pretty obvious why you hardly see PA's anymore, because SA/FA's are easier to get kills with since PA's were balanced.
  13. ent|ty

    The weapon becomes viable when you adjust your playstyle.

    Try challenging yourself. If you don't care about your KDR, it frees you up to experiment. Go ahead and take your lumps, but soon you will come up with new tactics to make that shotty deadly again.

    All is not lost, just stop thinking the game and its weapons should support your game style, when it is the opposite.

    People say the same thing about the Lasher or other weapons, but take some time, anyting can be adjusted to, and the KDR rises back up.
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  14. Kronic

    If you ask me the auto shotty should be the least rewarding of all the shotguns considering it has by far the lowest skill requirement. I'd personally nerf it even further.
  15. UzumakiW

    Nothing makes me feel more manly in any FPS game than pumping my shotgun after every shell or slug I blast into someone.
  16. f0d

    i still prefer the autoshotguns
    to much of a penalty when you actually miss with the PU and even if you do hit/kill you have to wait ages for it to shoot again so if theres more than 2 people in the room you are screwed (unless they are a bit.... slow)
    with the autoshotty i can take 3 or 4 guys out in a room fast and usually still have ammo left
  17. moooosa

    Not true in the slightest. It shoots fastest, but that means you have to control your aim faster, because any shots with a shotgun that aren't dead-on are worthless. Combine that with having the widest spread (lowest effective range), and with the recent nerf even less damage, you basically have to be point blank and spin wildly while still getting your shots on target.

    It's a lot easier to aim a shotgun with a lower rate of fire.
  18. DashRendar

    I have the Claw and the Mauler, never did like the Piston, too inaccurate for me. Just get the Mauler man, best shotty NC has. Screw mag upgrades, put a laser on that b**** and own. Reloads in 2s with a shot in the mag, way better hip accuracy than the Piston.
  19. starlinvf

    Its neither easier nor harder..... your just forced to aim better to make your shots count. Its like Rocket Pods vs Tank shells. Your gonna take your time with the Tank since missing punishes you more, where as you simply spam rockets because your trying to get as many hits in as possible.
  20. LibertyRevolution

    I have a piston on my NC and love it.. Still love it..
    I decided to buy a Phobos Pump Action for my VS LA..
    I hate it, lots of time I get a hit and it doesn't drop the guy so they shoot me in the face and I die..
    It feels like I be better off shooting them once with a pistol then using my knife.. the effective OHK range is melee anyways..
    Trial your pump before you buy it...