im upset about team killing

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ravenhul, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. Ravenhul

    I got a 30 minute ban for tking. but i was teamkilling the person who killed me :(

    is there anyway i can oppose that?
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  2. Skraggz

    As the old saying goes, two wrongs don't make a right.
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  3. Demigan

    How many times did you kill this guy? I've occasionally murdered someone that I saw/experienced performing deliberate murder on teammates, but to get banned you've got to go far! You get weapon locked before that as far as I know!

    Could you explain what he did to deserve such serial capital punishment?
  4. TRspy007

    next time just report the dude or wait till he gets weapons lock
  5. Redoubt

    Thats funny. I was team killed over and over by some guy, he was a god. When I eventually tried to kill him, so that I could encourage him to stop, I couldn't kill him no matter how hard I tried. Eventually he timed out and came back in an alternate account. Then I got timed out too.

    On another note, you know those battles, the ones where there are people everywhere and its hard to know who to shoot? I can't believe that I haven't been timed out again. Oh, and sorry to anyone I accidentally shot. Very very sorry. I'm careful, I swear. Being timed out is a very rare thing. I'm pretty sure that its happened only that once to me.

    So yeah, in answer to your question... Um yeah, I've uh... *Cough*
  6. DeadlyOmen

    Don't shoot them.
  7. Gen.Drake61

    dude,this has become a problem on ps4,which has led to harassment to me and my friends,it gotten so bad they need to follow their own policies and begin banning these types of players (you can tell its malicious when they intentionally tk you over and over again across the map,hunting you down,happens to me,that's why i got off the game),but i know they aren't going to do that so should remove friendly fire from the game,its an outdated feature of realism in the fps genre that's often used in order to bully other players and push them away,hurting the game (whoever thought it a good idea to put friendly fire in the online versions originally is a complete idiot as to have not realized this was going to be used like this 20 yrs later,if people would just be kind,friendly fire wouldn't be a problem,but it's often used against innocent players,as such,the online fps genre should just scrap it)
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  8. JohnnyWayne

    I get a weapons lock when I play the game for a longer time. Griefing points pile up by people running in my shots or being colleteral damage. I have a support ticket open right know. There are ways to make this system actually intelligent and not this ****** *** ******** we have right now. This costs membership and booster time which I have running right now. Did I mention, that there is no 4x xp event today which was the whole reason i bought 2 3 days boosters?
  9. Demigan

    Ah no it isnt outdated. Its still very useful, especially in PS2. The mechanic adds a layer of interplay with the players around you that would disappear when you remove it. It prevents people from mindlessly firing at everything that moves, or just holding the trigger when moving through a chokepoint not caring if friendlies are in the way.

    I've never experienced being hunted, I did try finding people who killed me a few times but its nigh impossible. Theres nothing to tell where someone went or where he is unless he's in the same platoon/squad. Even in a single battle, unless you are camping the spawn it can be extremely hard to find anyone and kill them, and when you do you'll have to find them again assuming they are still in the same area.

    In PS2 people are already disconnected enough and ignoring each other, with too little mechanisms for Players of the same team to connect and play together. Even in a squad your squadmates dont act much better than randoms most of the time as the advantage of squads mostly starts and ends with where they spawn.
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  10. Lord_Mogul

    I actually like the fact that PS2 has friendly fire. Most games that don't feature it promote reckless behaviour and reduce the skill floor with it. Why be carefull if you can just spam through your buddies?

    Best solution to deal with TK is to ignore the offender. If they don't get the attention, they will move on. Often it only continues because you get angry over it.
    If that doesn't help, you can always report and move somewhere else.
    And there are always ways to put them on your ignorelist, tell your friends and outfitmates about it and basically give that particular player doing anything coordinated near you.
    But never go down on their level, in the end it only hurts yourself.
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  11. Skraggz

    Lol no, this is a skill check that was put in place to stop grenade spamming and shotgun spamming, along with HE rounds. Don't like it? Perhaps another game that holds your hand is more fitting for you?.
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  12. Ravenhul

    If you look at my stats I rarely team kill it just sucks that that happened :/
  13. ZDarkShadowsZ

    Personally I think it depends on the reason for the TK. If you TK'd them because you got TK'd, it's on purpose. If you got TK'd and you just so happened to accidentally TK the person who TK'd you, it's more forgiving because it was a genuine mistake that just so happened to be against the wrong person.

    When I first started playing I would TK (or mostly try to because newbie aim back then) anyone who I knew purposely TK'd me. I wanted to get revenge for them purposely TKing me. As time went on I realised that my decision to do this didn't promote a positive gaming environment. Neither for myself and those around me. So I stopped.

    I understand how frustrating it is when someone TK's you on purpose. It's not nice, it's unsportsman-like, and it's not very friendly. It doesn't promote a good behaviour and creates tension. It ruins fun and generates anger. As hard as it is, try to rise above it. Don't let that person ruin your fun.

    In the past I've had it where I was about to throw a grenade into a group of enemies. Due to the speed in which the grenade travels, it ended up sticking to a teammate, killing 2 people. The moment I saw who I'd accidentally killed, I knew they were going to TK me until their weapon locked. I could have easily turned around and started to TK that guy back, but instead, I wrote in Yell chat, for all to see, asking him to stop TKing me because of an accident that I had apologised for. Repeatedly. His response was to continue by sending me tells with some rather unpleasant messages, but he did stop with the teamkilling.
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  14. Commandoo

    I'm quite new to planetside but I've had weapon lock once because I killed a guy, he was a friendly trying to destroy our sunder for some reason. He did eventually get it. But I got weapon lock after people walked in front of me. I guess I got points for killing the friendly over and over then later on I got it for accidental. It didn't last that long though and I was back in th game in no time.
  15. JibbaJabba

    These are the rules for long term happiness. Break them at your peril..

    Rule #1: Don't TK on purpose.
    Rule #2: If someone TKs you, see rule #1.
  16. Badman76

    What annoys me on the ps4 is when you are trying to overload a generator and you get Tk'd so they get to overload the generator.
  17. Nalianna

    Reporting doesn't work because by the time they do something he's moved on. These are temporary accounts.
  18. FateJH

    Then there's no point in revenge killing against someone who doesn't care if they lose the character either because it will probably involve your permanent character account that you don't want to lose.
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  19. Nalianna

    True but at least you get to stop them for a time. If they keep doing it and keep getting killed before they have an opportunity to do any real damage they will give up.
  20. Skraggz

    Quit being spiteful, you just said that they will move on before the report does anything, implying they will get bored quickly. You reaction and need to be vengeful is the driving factor in the situation.

    Some one TK's me? Let it go... it usually only happens once and then its followed with a sorry. If it happens a few times, they will get locked, or move on. There is no need to compromise your acct. They literally get punished for this act. Maybe not in the way you want but they are.
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