I'm the most useless infiltrator ever

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by zijin_cheng, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. zijin_cheng

    Yea, I've messaged a few outfits and am looking for trial runs with them. I also tried joining a squad in game, but it was disaster. All 3 squads I joined did nothing together, just did their own thing.

    I guess for a TR, the M77B would probably be the best choice no?
  2. Wrek

    personalyl ive been practicing with the stalker scout rifle. hardest part is to keep the infiltrator mentality when you got an automatic with ya :p

    if you plan on using one, something ive noticed with it is that if you aim high up on enemies chests the recoil should score you a headshot kill before they see and/or kill ya.
  3. zijin_cheng

    Lol what I need to practice is the legendary halo move, pistol>cancel>knife :p
  4. Xandax

    I've not done much FPS since Unreal Tournament - so my K/D is also under one (think 0.8 or something) and I die a lot.
    For me it's practice practice practice. And learning to pick your targets and not just blast away which I'm guilty of myself.
    Cloak - despite the people complaining in this forum - is very useful. I've managed to avoid tanks and inf and max's and get away at times - while other times get mowed down hard.
    Also - use terrain. Even if it is just a small hill, you can use it to 'mask' your silhouette.

    I don't care much about my K/D ratio because I don't mind dying several times if it means I learn and when you get into position and take down that unsuspecting medic trying to res somebody or that engineer thinking himself safe behind his turret or when sitting outside a base harrassing heavy assult trying to pin your tanks - it makes all my deaths worth it.

    Each kill - savour it as a win and play for the fun of it. The kills will come eventually.

    SR7 all the way baby :)