I'm the most useless infiltrator ever

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by zijin_cheng, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. zijin_cheng

    Hey guys, whassup, after posting a thread in the wrong place, I'm finally in the right forum.

    I suck. I suck at fpses so bad. It took me 2 years at COD4 to get good at multiplayer, and then I was stuck at level 45ish, couldn't advance anymore. I'm used to being bad at fpses, so I don't mind being killed.

    My kill/death ratio is 0.31. Lol I know. 17 kills, 54 deaths. The only reason why I'm not dying more is because of cloak.
    That's why I don't join squads, if I die, no one dies with me.

    I read through Dr Murdoc's infil walkthrough, and I'm doing everything Dr Murdoc said not to do. I'm not doing any base capturing, all I'm doing is finding the highest point on the map, cloak+uncloak and sniping bad guys (missing most of the time).

    Hey, at least I'm having fun. Everytime I kill someone, I die almost immediately because I'm jumping up and down cheering.

    EDIT: What are scout rifles? Do they have the same power as sniper rifles? I heard that most sniper rifles you can buy are sidegrades in terms of firepower. Is that true?
  2. Thanatar

    scout rifles are fully automatic medium to close quarter combat weapons. less firepower but better im face to face combat.
    if you are missing often, maybe you arent holding down shift to hold your breath while scoping.
    well if you arent that great when it comes to aiming, maybe an engineer with a sunderer for support , transport and a spawn point to bring on the table would be more fitting for you. (see how i didnt flame you? :p)
    play whatever you like best.
  3. zijin_cheng

    No lol, I'm missing because I suck. I always hold down shift when firing, its just I can't hit moving targets from 300m away very well.
    And thanks for no troll, I might roll an engineer/medic to get certs and upgrade my infiltrator
  4. SJ_Wolf

    You're doing it wrong. Stop playing lone wolf. If you are alone there is no else for the enemy to shoot! Hide behind human shields until your aim gets better. Which gun are you using? Is it the bullet drop or lead time that is getting you?
  5. Kaostick

    .... Suddenly I think I'm gonna get a lot better.
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  6. zijin_cheng

    Bullet drop I'm fine with, since I'm usually high up I aim at the tip of the head and usually catch them in the chest. Lead is the one thing I have never been able to master in a short time. I'm using the default sniper rifle for TR infiltrator.
    I'm not bad at cloak+uncloak, hours of crysis/crysis warhead have honed that skill
  7. Fanboy

    Sounds like you just need more time developing your system for determining how much lead you need. I'd say start working with squads or populated fights, and just practice getting used to adjusting your lead based on targets at various ranges.

    You might even practice this in an NC warpgate.
  8. DarKDruG

    one thing i'd pass onto you however, don't always go for the highest ground. People usually check the horizon and highest points first when they suspect a sniper's around. Any spot which offers a good view and preferably some cover will do.
  9. SJ_Wolf

    One last thing, DONT CAMP. What I mean by that is, once you find a spot and have gotten a few kills or shots off, you've made your presence known. Now you need to get your *** in gear and reposition so enemy flankers aren't sneaking up on you from behind.
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  10. McFace

    the good thing about PS2 is: forget your K/D. If you re benefiting your Squad (please start joining squads and an outfit!!!) even by just being a meatshield or a distraction on top of a mountain you re doing something.
    Unless of course you re VS or TR... if so: die horribly
  11. hostilechild

    If you don't master sniper just go medic, always useful and have good guns.

    The base nc rifle is not good at hitting moving targets, took me a good while in beta to adjust for slow bullet speed. It is better now in live, but the upgraded alpha squad bolt action is a beast, need very little lead or bullet drop adjusting.

    Find a place you can crouch and shoot and then move/cloak out of sight after a shot. Snapshots also reduce the scope jitter. Having a g400/g500 gaming mouse is also useful as they track super smooth! Regular mouse is too "jumpy"
  12. zijin_cheng

    Thanks for all the replies guys. When I do look for vantage points, I don't always go to the highest one with no cover. I try to look for those that have cover, and if they don't, I stay on the "safe" side of the hill, cloak, pop up, shot, cloak and run back to the safe side of the hill. And I do camp to a certain extent, in that I camp on the same hill, but not on the same spot, so after I shoot I usually move to a different spot on the same hill. Did what I just say make sense?

    Also, I have a semi gaming mouse that tracks ok, its no razer that's for sure, but its better than regular optical mice.
    Lol I'll probably have to look for casual gaming outfits, not "WE MUST WIN OR I SHOOT U" outfits.

    Also the first upgrade I'll get is the barrel that prevents the minimap from showing where I am, is that a good choice? Or should I get the 10x scope? Or save up for a new rifle?
  13. anaverageguy

    Can't be sure if by not joining outfits you meant that you go out alone.. but if that is the case, I really do not recommend it. There's a lot you can't take care of on your own, as finishing off targets becomes more difficult and it's easier for enemies to pinpoint you as a target.
    That and.. damage does decrease over distance. If your aim isn't great, I suggest trying to get up a bit closer so each shot counts for its full damage.
    I'm not a great sniper either, but I found the two things above to be useful. Maybe you will, maybe not.
  14. zijin_cheng

    Yea, I'm looking at a few fun oriented ones.
    I'm getting better with my aim, I'm able to lead about 35% of the time when I'm not rushed.
    I'm also getting better at finding awesome camping spots, cloak, shot, cloak, reload, rinse repeat :D
  15. Ymaros

    When you're sniping from 500 meters, and the only thing you do is get kills, you should start to give some matters at your K/D ratio, since you're not helping in any other ways.
    Also I find it very easy to get 3/1, to 10/1 K/D ratio when you're acting like that.

    Last but not least, if you're only camping a mountain, then you are not an infiltrator, or at least you're not using 100% of his capacity (hack, proximity mines, knife in the back with cloak, guns...)

    So for me as it is, when I'm camping, I expect to get a ratio at least 3/1, when I'm in a base, I try to be usefull no matter my K/D (still, if you don't die you're more usefull ;) )
  16. zijin_cheng

    Yea that's true. I want to do base capture stuff as well, but meleeing using an infiltrator kinda sucks, because someone can just take your hit, reload and then shoot you :(
  17. ravensol

    i think i got you beat on the k/d ratio 0 kills 15 deaths worse part i've played fps for a long time and i'm a middle of the road player alittle above on a sniper class but so far not in this game. My biggest issue is the total lack of distinction between good guys vrs bad guys that has givin me the most trouble. Would it be to much to change the icon to something totally differant for the bad guys /?

    What sort of icon? Right now I find it pretty easy to differentiate between VS and the other two. I know some of my brethren that have difficulty with that but I'm assuming their intelligence is low and nerves ****. Bad guys generally don't have giant red arrows above their head saying shoot here.
  19. zijin_cheng

    I had that problem too. Since I was a TR, and our insignia is red, I was shooting at people with blue arrows over their heads (think NC). And attempting to heal red arrow dudes too. :)
    Then I finally got it figured out, anyone with a blue arrow is a good guy, red arrow is a bad guy, and if you're a sniper, most people with no arrows are bad guys (unless the game happens to not load the blue arrow icon, which has happened before)
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  20. Sphinx

    What he said.

    If you stick with a squad/platoon and hack terminals for them they'll like you, you'll get extra XP + the capture XP (1000 XP , 4 certs .. who'd say no to that ?). Your job while taking control of the base is to kill medics and engis. They have to respawn, which takes time, and while they are dead, medics aren't healing/reviving people and engis aren't repairing vehicles/MAX. Once you have the control of the area, go in high ground and look around. Tell your squad if you see a sunderer on its way or some armors. For bigger bases, hack turrets and sit in A-A .. your team will like you if you help clearing up the sky.

    I suggest to get bolt action as soon as possible, as it takes less bullets (1 shot if you're good .. and yeah, you'll get better with time, just give yourself some time) to kill enemies. The 3 bullets from the default sniper is just lame, specially in long range, you'll spend a whole clip just trying to shoot the guy for his 3rd shot.