I'm Sorry Higby, i just couldn't resist

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  1. NightmareP69

    making this video

    Just in case nobody gets it, it's a small fad or meme that happend when Skyrim came out. Basicly one of the developers, Todd Howard kept promising alot of cool features for Skyrim however they ended up being dissapointing or it took them months to finally add those features into the game after delaying them all the time, so people kept uploading videos of hi's face with a slow zoom in towards him while FleetWood Mac's Little lies song is playing.

    In all honesty, i love Higby. I mean comon, just look at that handsome devil.
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  2. shadowkhat

    ROFL!!!! i hate to quote buzzcut .... but this patch.... and the patch that patched the patch is nothing but

  3. PharmD

    Dude this was great! Couldn't stop laughing lol.
  4. Dulu

    You should have it end with an abrupt cut to him doing that stupid dance/run at the UES, and a music change/stop.

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  5. QuantumMechanic

    1) I'm pretty amazed that you bothered to put time into making that
    2) Fleetwood Mac rocks
  6. NightmareP69

    It took me 3 or 5 minutes to make it, it's just a simple zoom in ^^
  7. Hashlak

  8. Gav7x

    You gotta please the spandex lovers before stabbing them in the back.
  9. Zagareth

    LOL, in before deletion :D
  10. Diamond Sword

    **** happens.

    Though if we're gonna ride someone's ***, we should be riding the ***** of the programmers, not the designer/PR guy ;P
  11. Gisgo

    No, NOT the programmers, believe me, its not their fault for not having enough time/human resources to do it right; its ALWAYS the managers ******* up things.
  12. SinerAthin

    You sure they don't just like it from the back? :p
  13. Nephera

    On one hand i think being so apologetic diminishes the joke a little.

    on the other hand you prrrrooobably dont want to get banned
  14. onemancrewbtf

    Very similar, just replace EA with any company you like. You'll get the idea :)

  15. Diamond Sword

    Unless they do something fundamentally flawed with scheduling their development, typically the schedule is set based on information given to the managers from all departments.

    If the coders say they can do something in X time and are given X time and are unable to finish, then it was their fault for underestimating the time needed.

    If, however, the coders say they need X time and are only allotted Y, which is shorter, then it becomes the manager's fault for not giving adequate time for the job needed.

    Then again, you could argue that they had enough time, could have completed in time, but are working so hard they make more mistakes than they correct... Well... That's just bad luck.

    There's always gonna be some downfalls. Bigger games, like this, tend to have more content and look nicer; but are also developed in a compartmentalized fashion, and for profit so there are time constraints, and more than just customers to please. Then look at a small indy studio; slower dev, but overall goals are achieved somewhat faster with fewer mistakes because they don't have time constraints and typically work with small groups that are better able to communicate with each other.
  16. Spartan 117

    This is great. Thanks for the good laugh OP. We <3 you Higby
  17. Aliasse

  18. NightmareP69

    I doubt Higby would get mad at all, i bet he can take a nice small joke :D
    Would be silly to ban a player and customer just because of a small joke they made.
  19. onemancrewbtf

    We are all testing their PR, right guys? :D

    Nah, we don't like lies.
  20. TimeyWimey

    I find this amusing. Could work with the face of Smedlie too :]