I'm soooo sick of this. I swear to god, it actually makes me feel sick. DBG you're idiots.

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  1. Rooklie

    how about, for once in your life, once on these forums, you have at what I say, and point out what is wrong with it?

    how about, just once, you look at the picture, I mean I provided ******* pictures, and tell me what I'm saying isn't true?

    Instead of doing like 5 or 6 other forum plebs do and reply random stuff that makes no sense, and doesn't even adress the issue.

    DO )you even know what the issue is? You don't do you? I spelled out but you don't cause you didn't even read.

    If you had read, and seen the picture, it would be obvious to you that what they are doing is dumb. That I'm not "missing something"'. ******* trolls i swear to god, make you're own thread and talk to yourself there.
  2. Rooklie

    FYI : as soon as Alert started, or a very short while after -> TR pop droped down to 33% and NC jumped from 30 to 33%
  3. JibbaJabba

    Nah, I get it. I'm just not all bent about it like you are.

    Get over it bro. People aren't going to play the way you want. If you want them to then you're going to have to make it happen. Lead a platoon. Hell, lead an outfit. Get on command and be constructive.

    Games is full of two types at this point:
    1. The jaded folks like myself that are burned out on leading. We'll play competently, sure, but we're over it when it comes to leading so we're "individual contributors", not leaders.
    2. Utter noobs, or semi-experienced folks that have never been around during the days of real Force Commanders so don't know when bad/boring/zergy/dumb leadership is occurring.

    The leaders are pulled from the best of pool #2, as nobody from pool #1 is gonna.

    It's the state of the game after 7 years. /shrug No reason to have an absolute hissy fit like you are here on the forums.
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  4. Rooklie

    the problem I think you're missing, even though we agree, is this :

    let's say the population of TR at that time is (wild guess) 200 players.

    If half of that poulation is wasting time like this, that means that only half of TR is left to fight the 2 other factions.

    +, I didn't confirm it (by that I mean, I can't prove it), but I highly suspect that this was intentional (NC platoon playing on TR until Alert starts)


    edit -> actually, I'm still not sure if you were replying to the original post, or to the latest post, but then I realised, even though the situations are very different (Biolab fight / huge zerg mindlessly doing who knows what) the result is basically the same.
  5. JibbaJabba

    I have a recollection from early, early in the game.... like during first few months. The entire continent of Indar is captured by one faction...all except 3 hexes. Two warpgates and the Crown.

    On the crown is a merry band of numb nuts still defending this cut off base for all they are worth. They didn't help once as the faction got warpgated. The same teammates asking for help the whole time also warned the enemy would crush the crown once the warpgating was done. This is exactly what happened and they all eventually were wiped.

    The guys on the crown were indeed idiots. Not a bit helpful to the other players on the faction.

    That was like month one. So this thing you describe has been going on for as long as the game has. Getting wharblegarble on the forums is not going to change it.

    Know something else about that crown event? I was one of them.

    It was an absolute blast. I want to feel guilty but I can't. It was just too much fun and really the folks doing the right thing probably should have just given up and joined us.

    Remember, the meta is there to give you something fun to do. Don't stop having fun to go do the meta.
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  6. Rooklie

    Yup, it used to happen on the Crown all the time, in fact, we used to say "whoever owns the crown, loses the continent".

    On Esamir, it used to happen on the Tech Plant, whoever owned the Tech Plant, would lose the continent, because the entire faction's population would spend their time fighting there.

    But they fixed that.

    And now they made it worse.

    There's at least two angles for this issue :

    a) noobs will be noobs (and it's normal, when a game comes out, that there are mostly noobs playing it, it just came out. Today this game is 7 years old, so if the majority of players are noobs, that's an issue.)

    b) the game (and therefore the devs) are responsible, through the spawn system which sends players to a cut off biolab if they press join combat, to the spawn system in general, to many other things which I won''t get into cause they require a wall of text
  7. JibbaJabba

    The Devs do try and spin up "meta" for us.

    The air / max/ techplant alerts all provide some kind of "objective"

    Inbetween there is the larger objective of owning more of the continent.

    Remember though it's all just reasons and excuses to drive one thing: Throw everyone in the same spot, let them have at it, and they'll have fun.

    Everything is geared towards making that happen. All of it. The whole metagame of conquering the continent is just a veiled mechanism to "throw everyone in the same spot, let them have at it.."

    If that is happening organically on it's own then it's not an entirely terrible thing. So the map got wrecked? Did everyone have fun?
  8. Demigan

    The fault is entirely on the way the game is set up. We play for the fun, the large fights, but the goals destroy good fights. If you win a base the defenders will see some people leave, giving the attackers a numerical advantage until they hit a large facility that draws new defenders or the overpop becomes so large that people start leaving and the defenders can get reasonable numbers to oppose them. You are basically fighting to ruin your own fun.
    Just ask yourself, how many times have you captured a base after a long and hard fight, only to be looking forwards thinking something on the lines of "we'll capture the following bases and encounter resistance again at base X"?

    Until the game aligns its goals with what the players want to accomplish or steer their wants correctly we cant blame the playerbase for shortcomings.

    For example the game Renegade-X has a prominent counter displaying vehicle kills, and it makes a world of difference in how players respond and what they try to achieve. Killing yourself for the option of a potential tank kill is something people gladly do. The way resources and points are awarded also encourages players to throw themselves into a fight and use the right weapons at the most expensive and tough target they can find. It rewards just playing the game, even if you get stuck or die you can often look back and say "I got X points for the team and earned Y money for the next life".

    Where is that in PS2?
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