I'm soooo sick of this. I swear to god, it actually makes me feel sick. DBG you're idiots.

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  1. Shottawookh

    Dear Demigan boy,
    I agree with most of what you wrote there except few things. I really don't see about what else Mariks qoute was than about cavalry. Just to be clear - by the cavalry I mean vehicles. And Marik obviously draw out problem of people driving more than 1 man crew vehicles:
    And about those non-engineer gunners - I do not generally kick them out until it's the guy who repeatedly left the gunner seat right in the moment I really counted on him. Or the gunner who shoots to vehicles with kobalt while C4Fairy gots us. and he do not read chat so no chance I know he knows. Anyway - the gunner who do not react on chat at all is usually precisely the one who leaves you on your own in the most needed moment.

    IMO it's OK that vehicle is OP over troop. Heavy tank is something to afraid of until you know how to hunt it as cheap prey :)
    Troop running like herd thru the country is dedicated to die. But I see 2 flaws in here. Troop/noobs have no weapons to actually compare with skilled tankist even in close quarters with enough cover (doors in building) even when outnumbering it. And its quite impossible to put liberator down once there is not really a lot AA gunners around. I fly the lib a lot (on the other hand it took me hours and hours of training flights to master it so I do not hit mountains and am able to fly under the bridges in nearly top speed). With low population it's the ultimate beast. On the other hand it's not neccessary to kill vehicles, just keep 'em at bay. And here it is again - KD question. It's good you get exps for just hitting air but still. No kills. Just plenty of shots which makes even your accuracy count pretty ******. If I really care about KD and those statistics than I had not did a lots of things that actualy changed the flow of battle. But many people like to have stats to grow 'em balls.
    !!!So rewarding where KD is not the most visible thing is neccessary. KD should be visible just for the player - not others.
    Bad design of some bases should be fixed, so there should be more battlegrounds where troop can fight inside without being constantly shot by HEAT tanks farming from far faraway.
  2. Demigan

    Since I point out that "cavalry" means "tanks" I'm not sure why you would tell me what cavalry stands for. Also look at his type 1. It's not about vehicles, and even if it was I've never seen the deliberate usage of LA's as gunners that want to get away when it's not safe. And I've done a lot of vehicle combat. This becomes more blatant when you think about the available jetpacks. The standard and Icarus jetpack don't get you out of the way and make you more of a target as people just wait for you to come down. Drifter at least increases your speed to get away but people rarely use it and the ambusher might be used for this but newbs are unlikely to possess it directly.

    This is something completely and utterly different from what Marik said.
    Marik complains about any non-engineer entering his turret and that he kicks them. He's also making excessive generalizations about players in general. The amount of newbs that don't know about what Kobalt's can or cannot damage is small and most that start out not knowing I never even have to explain that their Kobalt isn't doing any damage, if only because they experience it for themselves when they switch to infantry that spawned nearby and figure that a damage indicator might mean you deal damage and no damage indicator means you don't.
    You talk specifically about players that aren't just newbs but Noobs. They don't know what they are doing, they don't pay attention to anything and don't learn much at any given time. These are a small % of the playerbase and you shouldn't be encountering many of them. If you encounter more than 1 in 10 that are non-engineer noobs (and 9 in 10 that are non-engineer but capable) then I think you are just unlucky.

    I'm not OK with a vehicle that is OP over troops because it doesn't make sense from a gameplay perspective. I am assuming here that by "OP" you mean "considerably more powerful" because the meaning of OP is almost literally "Too powerful".

    Let's start with basic math. There's usually more infantry players than tanks at any given moment. Allowing 1 vehicle to be considerably more powerful than infantry means that there is 1 vehicle player having fun, and half a dozen infantry players not having fun. The core of a game is having fun, so the largest amount of players should be having fun. There is really no "keeping vehicles at bay" for infantry as the vehicles have longer ranges and higher speeds to begin with. Vehicles dictate everything about the battle. If the vehicle does not want to fight in close range, the vehicle can simply use it's speed and ranged firepower to stay out of close range fights.
    By making vehicles fit into the gameplay by specifically not making them considerably more powerful you can make things fun for infantry. A tank doesn't become a massively overpowered force multiplier but a challenge to overcome. Currently it takes less skill to pilot a tank than it takes to play as infantry simply because you aren't as vulnerable to infantry or other tanks and have time to react and seek cover for repairs.
    My solution for this has always been to give infantry resource-costing weapons to deal with tanks. Resources destroying resources. We currently have only C4, which is too much a jack-of-all-trades weapon without any alternatives. But we could add a multitude of weapons that would deal significant damage to vehicles.
    In return vehicles would still need to feel like a tank, we can't just take away that kind of feeling or gameplay. So the vehicles could get upgrades like that Vanguard that was given Harasser driving capabilities, but also co-ax guns, extra abilities for the gunners, mortars to flush out infantry or repairing tanks, deployable shields for impromptu cover, guided shells etc.
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  3. Zizoubaba

    [IMG]here's another, for the "funz". I mean I could do this more than once a day, every day ...

    It's not a biolab, it doesnt have to be a biolab, but seriously?

    For those who don't see (but how could not see ....)

    there's more (a lot more) than 96+ NC players in Indar Excavation site.

    they are being back capped at Hvar tech plant.

    NC absolutely REFUSES to fight VS, check the map if you don't believe me.

    It's just so mindlessly dumb, so ********, so pointless, I mean, at this stage, there's no point is there, there's you can do, just ******* log off or sometihng.

    What is going on? I met players coming back to the game after like a couple years break, and they are turly like "WHAT THE **** IS GOING ON????" lol "GAME IS BROKEN?)"

  4. Zizoubaba

    update !

    our genius zergers kept on pushing, to Dahaka Amp Station. (which, btw, they failed to take). (vertical arrow)

    However, other noteworthy thing, they could have been cut off at Indar Excavation site (easily) which would not only have cut them off, but also given 3 bases to TR. (that's the first horizontal arrow, you can see it's where I died, cause that's what I was trying to do, it was the logical move, but even if it was lightly defended, like 3 or 4 guys, they killed my sundy, and I was literally alone trying to do this. Like the only guy in the entire faction to see the logic in taking this base. Anyway ....

    Since NC desperatly avoids VS, VS desperatly tried to engage NC.

    That's the 3rd arrow, Quartz ridge. (also arrow on the other side, other direction, showing the pop).

    There's less than 12 players, all together, NC + VS, even though, if VS were to take that base, it would cut off 5 bases, not to mention teh zombie zerg in Dahaka.

  5. Jingstealer

    Having to incentivize people do see reason is why I think the Millennial generation is a waste of resources. They need to get a little sugar lump for every single ******* little thing. Self-optimizing, egotistical little *****. It makes me sick.
  6. Demigan

    Here's the thing:
    The older generation has always complained about the younger generation, even in Plato's day they proclaimed similar things.
    Some choices are dependend on socio-economics. During times of poverty and a general low happiness the music of choice changes to be less sophisticated and more depressing overall. Such changes dont happen overnight, the older generation is responsible for this happiness. So when your kid is loving songs about dicks and ******'s (seriously, dicks is ok but female reproductive organs arent)? more than songs with rythms and meaning (or in the case of games prefer cheap cookie-cutter entertainment preferably at the cost of someone else), blame your own generation first, then see how you and the millenials can solve this together.
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  7. Jingstealer

    TR are a bunch of ****wits who don't give a ****. The only way to make them do anything useful is to remove that ******* base. And the ******* Biolabs, while you're at it. It's not like they serve any real purpose anyway.
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  8. NCLH

    welcome to the essay writing club
  9. Zizoubaba

    Being literate is something illiterates often make fun of.
  10. NCLH

    Being unable to express oneself shortly results in noone reading your posts.
  11. Zizoubaba

    No one literate*
  12. malavon

    I don't post on this forum often, actually ever. Only recently I had to file a bug report and just had to tell about what happened.

    Back when lattice was introduced, many players warned about this. I wasn't one of them. I regret not speaking up back when it might have been possible to change this. In the end, the players not wanting to think about strategy won.
    When the last continent, Amerish, received lattice I stopped leading platoons to victory. No point in trying anymore because back then, Ceres had a chronic underpopulation for my VS. All I now could do was push people into the (back then) TR zerg. A fight which was certain to be lost. I refused because I wouldn't lead players to their losses.
    I stopped playing & paying. And yes, I've come back to the game several times. It just so happens that there's no substitute for PS2, as many players of this game probably know as well. I'm mostly a solo player now though.

    Now all we have is mindless stacks of players bumping into other stacks of players, not caring about the map. And with the lower player numbers, there aren't many platoons left that actually look at the map. Squads at best.
    It no longer really matters what strategies people devise. Sure, sometimes it's key to capture that single previously-ignored base to win an alert. But I see no more platoons that split up their squads into multiple fights just to encircle an enemy. It's all just a big blob of troops that hits another big blob of troops.
    It's become quite boring actually aside from a few rare good times.
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  13. Zizoubaba

    I've got my hopes up, a little, just a little bit, because "we've been told" to expect "big changes" as early as Q1 (Januar, February or March).
  14. Demigan

    What I don't get is how you can think the Adjacency/HEX system was better at strategy than the Lattice system.

    It has a lot of potential, but in practice nothing panned out like that. Ghost caps were rampant causing people to drop the core gameplay and have to babysit an almost empty base just in case the Infiltrator came back for it. Zergs dominated the rest of the battlefield and would capture one base after another with little contest. When the defenders finally did find the manpower to contest the Zerg they would ineviteably just spill to one of the adjacent bases where a handful of players had made a foothold and capture that instead. Zergs of opposite sides would semi-randomly rampage across the map and when they were about to meet... They would avoid each other like the plague. The only exception being when they went straight for a large facility with again predominantly Biolabs.

    So the question becomes, how can you ever have any strategy at all if it is nigh impossible to defend any territory? The only defense you could mount was offence by capturing more territory through ghost-caps and smaller Zergs while spending as few people as possible in a massive grind to slow down the Zerg a little before they ineviteably captured the base.

    The Lattice system was a godsend compared to the horror of the Hex system. It's far from perfect, but it at least offers a potential rational thought behind what to attack or defend and where. There is a limited amount of players available and still a fairly large amount of bases that you need to spread them over with varying degree's of ease that you can attack or defend them.
    Can this be expanded to be more enjoyable and tactical? Yes! The PMB system could be allowed to generate lattice-links so players can divert from the beaten paths for example. Additionally you can have some bases form links under certain conditions, for example the capture of a specific nearby base could help it generate a link previously not there. Preferably it wouldn't be a base that is directly connected to that specific base so that you have to plan out how and when these are captured. This could even be a one-way link, meaning that the opposing side would have to capture a different base to generate the link and you are forced to not just think about the link as a potential attack route but what bases you need to defend in order to prevent your enemy from opening it.
  15. NCLH

    Im not going to spend half an hour readig a single topic. And i think neither will most other users nor the developers..
  16. adamts01

    This isn't necessarily true. There's this saying that bad times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create bad times. When things are going well thanks to previous generations, younger generations get complacent and mess things up for their children to fix. A perfect example is how well 1st generation immigrants do, but then their children and especially grandchildren end up being lazy. Also like the statistic that the 3rd generation loses family wealth. They weren't the ones to make it, and didn't experience the work their parents put in to make it. They've only experienced a life without worries regardless of personal success. I do think the baby boomers hold half the blame, but millennials aren't without fault.
  17. Demigan

    Why does the 3rd generation lose the wealth?
    Because they weren't taught the way the 2nd generation was taught to handle that wealth, or what it took to gather it all. So it's not the wealth or the 3rd generation that's immediately at fault here, but the way they were raised to expect this wealth and (lack of) handling that wealth.
  18. MrHighfield

    I am surprise that DBG doesn't "publicly" keep track of which faction is winning the locks.
  19. tommyrocket

    I most likely have the unpopular opinion here, but I'd elect to remove biolabs in their entirety. Fixing areas of the game that create problems like the biolabs do; slowing down the flow of the game can and should change.

    If there were no biolab to get stuck fighting in, then some of those problems could be avoided. It can and will happen at some other bases, but that probably means those need tweakin' too.

    Anyhow, that's just my take on it. Been taking long, long breaks from the game and real often. Reminded every time why I do... same issues always there. Guess I can't seem to lose hope on this ol' game I just can't give up.
  20. Zizoubaba

    then don't, why you breaking our balls?

    Fun fact !


    (It's got 257,810 words)

    Can you guess how many people have read it? I've read it, it's really good!

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