I'm sick of Ravens.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by lyravega, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. lyravega

    I really love how PS2 developers throw stuff into the game without giving it a second thought. Back when these weapons were first implemented, it was "mostly" alright, because people having them was way lower. Now, after all these months, every NC MAX most possibly have dual ravens and they just take a dump your stuff.

    You are a Prowler? A deployed one at that? Free points for the dual ravens.
    You are a Magrider? You are trying to dodge? Let me turn my mouse a little and possibly get points.

    I've seen some players who got very proficient with these Ravens, and as long as they are alive, vehicles cannot advance a meter. And the distance is really huge. Basically, it is a mobile AV Mana turret, and the mobility gives them enough survivability. None of the other MAX weapons are guided.

    Please SOE. In the future, when you are thinking of adding new things to the game, try to look at the bigger picture instead of trying to put more stuff to the game just for the sake of it, and destroy the what little balance we currently have...
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  2. phaelah

    What is the point of this post? If you haven't been living under a rock then you would know that the ravens are being nerfed. There is no point in venting about this. Get over it and stop complaining.
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  3. Bape

    Raven are already getting nerf save the tears for something else.
  4. \m/SLAYER\m/

    you know how many tanks i lost, yesterday i saw 4 Sunderers were destroyed within 30 sec, most were with proximity repairing... all credits to Prowler..
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  5. Dramonicous

    The thing I dont get is why no1 complains about vortex.
    Is it that there are so few proficient users?

    Its unlikely to beat a raven MAX in a one on one duel, but its certainly the most proficient vehicle killer of all weapons (including when used as AA weapon). I feel the tears of the fallen mosquitos whenever I swat them from the sky whilst trying to escape.
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  6. \m/SLAYER\m/

    you will be eaten alive
  7. HadesR

    Sick of Pounders being used as AI weapons in every enclosed space and choke point ... But hey we all have our bugbears to deal with :)
  8. \m/SLAYER\m/

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  9. Cest7

    I'll believe it when I see it. They BUFFED the vulcan, I don't see ravens getting touched anytime soon.

    3 major issues with ravens.

    1. They shoot past the render range for the max.
    2. They can -TURN- making them near impossible to dodge and also able to be FIRED FROM BEHIND COVER.
    3. They have the most godawful sound (Srsly, screeming missiles?)

    They are OP as the PPA, anyone defending them obviously mains NC.
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  10. RykerStruvian

    Higby already said Ravens were getting nerfed. And as far as I know, when SOE says they're going to nerf something they don't joke about it.
  11. Matt879

    I'm guessing it's just that to be honest. I almost never see a max running dual vortexes, and most people that I know don't even own them. Everytime some AV work needs to be done, I pull my dual vortexes and I do just fine with them, it's like having an upgraded lancer to me, especially because of the faster refire time, bigger mag size and far faster reload and the fact that you have 2 of them mitigating the lower damage. Once the VS realizes how good these pew pew laz0r cannons are and starts using them as often as the NC use ravens I'm pretty sure that we'll start seeing the nerf threads pop up.
  12. Dunkarooo

    I play NC only for the most part. IMO I think TR maxes should be godlike for awhile. VS had ZOE and NC have/had Raven Godmode. Why does SOE think given a tank the ability to deploy is ok... and giving it to a max is a slap in the face. Think about it... you have c4 fairy's literally waiting for you to deploy and I'm pretty sure its a fact that you live much longer in this game if you are constantly on the move in almost every situation. I say give TR a chance to be the OP max for a bit.
  13. TammelTR

    Which is typical of this community "OMG THIS WEAPON KILLED ME! NEEEEEEEERF!"

    I have yet to encounter a single weapon in this game, even when in it's prime that I felt was overpowered except for the ZoE nonsense. Otherwise the old PPA was fine, the pounders are fine, the ravens are fine(a slight tweak around the render issues is all that's needed). Hell I was fine with the old Saron one shotting infantry, it's a giant tank mounted laser, get over it. The combat in this game is going to get reduced to super soakers and nerf pellets where no one dies and we spend hours in /yell arguing over who soaked who first.
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  14. Alarox

    Same thing with Lancer/Vortex.

    Rework all three.
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  15. Dunkarooo

    I honestly doubt they can pull off a rework on all three that was even remotely balanced. I'm not saying I don't want the Max's to be balanced it's just I don't think it's possible to get AI and AV weapons to do only their intended role. If they really want to take a step forward they should seriously reduce damage of AV Maxes to infantry so that people don't just pull AV maxes to deal with everything besides air. Right now ravens are the go to choice for any competent NC max user in everything but point blank range. I don't take the grinders anywhere because I kill infantry just as fast with Ravens in most cases and I'm able to do it from light years away...
  16. Alarox

    1.) Cap the range on Lancer/Vortex/Ravens to 350m.

    2.) Remove splash damage from Ravens.
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  17. Dunkarooo

    1.) This makes sense.

    2.) Splash damage is useless on Ravens. Anyone who uses ravens a lot lands directs hits easily from pretty much any distance if they are any good. I can't remember the last time I killed someone with splash damage from a raven and in the past week I've klled probably a few hundred TR/VS with them.
  18. Alarox

    Direct Hit = Direct Damage + Splash

    Removing splash damage from the Ravens decreases their anti-infantry abilities without affecting anti-armor damage.
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  19. Dunkarooo

    Oh in that case I see what your saying. So basically it's what I was saying just reduce damage to infantry... I mean instead of 2-4 rockets to kill an infantry make it 4-8. If you land all your shots you still will kill in under 5-10 seconds and it will reduce the ability to snipe infantry with ravens.
  20. Hasteras

    Lancers are 10x sillier...don't cost resources to pull either