I'm sick of being forced to beta test Hossin

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Baleur, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Baleur

    Frankly I just don't like Hossin. It's awful to fly on, there's too much fog everywhere.
    It's awful to drive tanks on, there are literally strategically placed logs and rocks in exact pixel perfect places everywhere designed SPECIFICALLY to screw you over so you can't go somewhere beyond the narrow roads.
    Honestly it would have been far better if the bloody terrain was just randomly generated (and then it wouldn't have taken 2 years to hand-craft the map... heyooo!), at least then you would have SOME natural areas where vehicles can pass through and go cross-country.
    Now it feels like the devs deliberately put every single rock and fallen 10cm high log in places to screw over anyone that doesn't just like playing infantry only. (which this game was never supposed to be, mind you, this was never meant to be BF4 Operation Metro 24/7. if you wanted that you're playing the wrong game)

    So then the first thought is, go to another continent then!
    Well great fun to be had there..
    Every single time i'm playing, Hossin is somewhat balanced between the factions and fairly full (due to the XP bonus). But the other continent, whichever it is, is ALWAYS completely zerged by 1 faction.
    TR in the morning. Have fun playing VS 11% and NC 14% vs 75% TR.
    VS in the night. Sure i enjoy seeing my faction dominate, but it isnt fun when there isn't any opposition at all.
    What am i gonna do? Fly around and look at pretty trees?

    The Locked-Open state of Hossin and the 2-continents-perma-locked nonsense is ruining the game.
    I can't play anywhere else but Hossin. And i hate Hossin.
    So what am i gonna do? Simple answer, not play the game. Because i can't.
    I don't want to play on Hossin.
    But i can't play on any other continent, because 2 are locked and the one that isn't locked is zerged by 1 faction.

    You just terminated the game just to force people to beta test Hossin, wether they want it or not.
    Half the continents locked. Are you kidding me?
    Might as well have removed the other maps from the game.
    We went from having 3 playable maps to having 2 playable maps.
    Great progression.
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  2. z1967

    First everyone wants Hossion RIGHT NOW OR I UNSUB.

    Now you guys don't want it? MAKE UP YOUR MINDS ALREADY.
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  3. Maljas23

    Pretty sure SOE even said it was unfinished before releasing it. :rolleyes:
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  4. MichaelS

    I don't see any problems with this continent.
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  5. Morchai

    I've never been forced to play on it. Haven't taken a single step on Hossin. Don't plan to.
  6. Jaedrik

    You're... I'm sorry, you're being FORCED? I find this to be a questionable statement.

    Humble yourself. Do not be troubled. Merely abide and carry on, sir.
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  7. Alizona

    Not me. Couldn't disagree more vehemently (good word) with the OP. See that 'All Access' under my name? That's because Hossin. Beautiful Yoda-esque Hossin. It's glorious!
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  8. FateJH

    That's because of the fog.

    It should be easy to listing things that could use attention without saying the continent as a whole sucks. For instance, there's far too many mostly flat mesas, especially around the BioLabs. There is at least one base where you can phase up through the floor into the capture point room. Also, on the current left side of the map, there is a base that is at least halfway out of bounds.
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  9. Axehilt

    Sounds like miller needs more server merges if 2 continents are always locked and you don't have enough pop to fill or nearly-fill a second. I think I played Miller briefly from west coast US and it wasn't unplayable (like 150ms ping? Not ideal, but playable.) So seems like playing a full US server is a reasonable choice too.
  10. Alizona

    Yep, for sure, but also those sunbeams. Gosh I just love those, with the shadow of my scythe cutting thru them, across the landscape below... just an awesome look to it all.

    Nothing that can't and won't be tweaked or fixed. In fact, I haven't seen any of the maps become "static" at all... so I'm really not worried about anything I see being "permanent". There's a lot of the old Amerish layout I miss... but times change and we gotta move along with it.

    What I hope they don't change is that atmosphere, that moodiness. During the day its cool, but at night it becomes so dark gray-ish everywhere that I often have trouble finding a safe place like the road to land on to repair my plane. I love that, compared to a wide open and thus less interesting place like Esamir (blizzards will sure solve that!).
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  11. Verviedi

    I hate Hossin with a passion. I get 40 FPS at maximum, some air spawners put me inside trees, ans when I get a lag spike I always suicide. It only caters to infantry, is biased against vehicles, and I'm forced to play on it because Emerald is always "big fights on hossin, ghostcapping everywhere else..."
  12. Grignak

    The population is there because 1: it is new (though to some it is losing its luster) 2: it has a better design to bases to impede spawnroom camping with air or tanks (not perfect yet) and 3: the population is there.

    When an alert is on the other continents I notice a decent amount of TR and VS will move to the other continent, while the NC sometimes respond but sometimes not. The alert goes its course and the continent gets locked. Where do people go after the alert? Hossin. Why?

    I have a few ideas. Whether the NC responded or not, more people tend to return to Hossin. If it was solely because the NC were still on Hossin, this would explain the return to Hossin (more bullet magnets), but the fact that sometimes the NC respond and have to subsequently redeploy to another continent adds a new complexity. I guess a better question to ask would be why do the NC prefer Hossin?

    When Hossin gets locked, everyone flocks to a single continent and grinds it out there until Hossin uncaps... ad absurdum. I actually like the new content. I think the bases are mostly designed very well and do a decent job of keeping the shells off the spawn room and the PPA or LPPA away as well.

    People are using the term infantryside here lately, but I think that's just because their playstyle is being infringed upon. Its weird. I feel like armor and air are supposed to be force multipliers and support for the infantry, or at least that this seems to be original intent to the game. People are able to play the game the way they like, just ask Hondadude how he is able to play world of tanks most of the time.

    If you like to play a certain way, you need to evolve to the terrain rather than moaning when you can't own ground troops incessantly with your AI hover gun. I have had to cert out agility for my lib, and have crashed tons more on Hossin than any other continent, but it has been fun and challenging.
  13. Morchai

    Boy, I'm glad I play on the other Emerald where the population is big enough that only one continent can be locked at a time. :p
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  14. Verviedi

    You're speaking to a person who can only play Planetside 2 from 8AM to 3PM
  15. Elrobochanco

    Aside from the framerate Hossin is the best continent. There are geo issues though and for those you just /bug and say you're stuck. Though the amount I have found isn't exactly game breaking, and they have already been fixing at a good rate.

    If you don't want to be on Hossin, don't be. If you don't have a continent you like open, perhaps you should attempt to do something about it. Lock another.

    The real irony is that you say how the game isn't supposed to be like 24/7 Metro...but that you only want to fight in specific places in specific ways.
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  16. dasichri

    Pretty sure SOE states and constantly reminds us that Hossin is still in an unfinished state, but they are letting us play what they got now.

    Soooo, yeah, just fight somewhere else then, theres always a fight to be hand that isnt Hossin, even with 2 locked continents.
  17. DorianOmega

    Its beta test it and have it on live or have it released in December or January of next year, which would you prefer?
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  18. Udnknome

    I think this is another one of those misplaced blame things. The guy seems to think the only good fights are on Hossin on his server and that it's somehow SOEs fault.

    If you can't find a good fight on the other continent(s), then you should blame the player base on that server, not SOE. (That's called META)
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  19. Morchai

    Given that there wouldn't be much need for continent locking with only three live continents, I'm gonna go with January ... 2024.
  20. SeanFree

    Flying on Hossin is paradise. The trees allow for the easiest lockon and flak LOS breaks heads and shoulders above everywhere, even SE Indar. Hossin has some good and some bad as infantry, I personally enjoy all the trees as I main LA. Heck, even tanking isn't that bad, you just have to run mineguard to not get kersploded all the time. My friend and I were in a Vanguard earlier, he got about 60 kills and I picked up another 20 over the course of about 30 minutes.
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