I'm Returning to the Game - Looking for Old Friends

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ballto21, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. Ballto21

    I have spent the last two years refining my art under some of the greatest forum ****lords in the world.

    If you played on Emerald back in 2015 and remember me send me a message, would like to catch up.

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  2. Eternaloptimist

    Hey Balto! good to hear you are back! I play EU servers but your forum posts (and sometimes the reactions they used to get from others) were always fun, so I look forward to the return of the good old days.

    You'll see that the big topics of the moment are the Critical Mass update (did they nerf vehicles/lock-on RLs too much?) and the new Meltdown Alert system (pretty bad experiences on Connery apparently but I'm not hearing or feeling any grief on the EU servers - quite the opposite).
  3. pnkdth

    There are plenty of goodies these days. Just look at that 20 page long thread on NC losing alerts which, as always, ends up becoming what every NC + Emerald thread becomes... A VS nerf thread. The HA is still OP because Mr LA hero got his 30+ tower kill streak interrupted. So all in all, not much has changed.
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  4. Liewec123

    Welcome back balto! Get making some crazy threads!
  5. Lucidius134

    I Remember you. Yo.

    I'm not fully back myself as I'm waiting on the new pc but am lurking

    Edit: I checked my inbox, I defiantly remember you.

    You were one of the only beamer fans on the forum. Did you ever aurax that beamer I gave You? :D
  6. Ballto21

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  7. Lucidius134

    Golden Beamer HYPE

    I tried to run a community contest on the forum for creative new ideasntongive away my gold repeater and gold mah-shot codes but there wasn't enough turn out sadly.
  8. UberNoob1337101

    Holy ****, you're alive :eek:

    If only Scr1n was here too...
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    I'm seeing lots of people returning nowadays, so that's definitely a good thing. PS2WelcomeBack (<-- also a hint)
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  10. freeAmerish

    Yes Spitfire needs a buff before I spend 1000 Certs...
  11. pnkdth

    Honor a hero, place a turret at the top of the Crown in remembrance of Scr1n. *salutes*
  12. Beerbeerbeer

    Where did scrusher go? The serious troll we all love.

    I never stopped playing, but I haven’t been active on the forums lately. I never noticed he was gone until people mentioned him.

    I wonder if he’s playing player unknown.
  13. freeAmerish

    I don´t know.
    But if everything you write gets observed by a person which is close to a personality disorder...