Im pretty upset at SOE right now. How do you feel about this?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ABATTLEDONKEY, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. Cab00se187

    Haha, nope. I read what you quoted and fully agree with your response
  2. Shadowyc

    I feel...that anyone who wants to be a community manager for Forumside is either insane, ballsy, or damn near suicidal.
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  3. Xasapis

    You could go on for hours on this little rant, but the fact remains that the majority of the things you mentioned have a life span of less than 6 months.
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  4. JudgeDeath

    F2P is a cancer for gamedevelopment.

    It makes all the design revolve around "How makes you buy more" instead of "What makes you want to play more"
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  5. Santondouah

    Problem is that right now if you want something from the devs you have to ask through twitter. It is true in the other way too. Every major announcement is first performed on twitter and sometimes even not on the forum, see the announcement of PU01 release, >12 hours on twitter before forumside.

    SOE adresses mainly the public they want, the hipster teenager community that finds the game "SO COOOOOOOOOL/YOLO ZOE/THE NEW BOOST BUNDLE IS SO GREAT/I WANT TO OHK EVERYBODY BUT HATE BEING OHK/VULCAIN+HARASSER IS NOT OP/MY HARASSER IS NOW SO USELESS BECAUSE OF THE UPDATE, OH THE BALANCE PASS WAS NOT EVEN RELEASED YET ?", not forumside users that are always complaining and never satisfied (hope you seize the irony).

    It is actually just the same on world of warcraft. The devs "killed" the game by making it accessible to a wider public. In a way it is understandable: VHL players on WoW got bored of it and they had to "replace" their money. I guess the same is happening on PS2, with the game being more and more easy mode because a few idiots dare saying that their weapons are sh*t whereas the game is quite fine ATM (except ZoE AV weapons and the combo harasser+Vulcain, but the balance pass is to deal with it). Even NC MAX is still really good IMO, despite what some say.
  6. BloodMonarch

    i) I never heard there was going to be a surprise
    ii) I don't care about boosts ...I don't use them, i prefer to earn unboasted certs, hence i have my alpha boost collecting dust
    ii) Well it seems they did deliver, you just didn't like what they delivered
    iv) No i don't think so

    The big thing you need to remember here is this is a F2P game, your biggest reward is the fact that you can play it every day, for as long as you want and it costs you no money, unless you want to support the game and contribute to keeping the game alive. But its all in your court how much you pay, you pay as little or as much as you like. You didn't even have to buy the initial game, like you do with BF4 COD etc

    Essentially whine about the surprise not being... 'surprising enough'... is totally out or order in my view
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  7. Liquid23

    I was hoping we would finally get bikini armor skins for the female soldiers (banana hammocks for the Vanu males)
  8. FIN Faravid

    I agree with OP, it should have been continent locking or resource revamp.
    Lattice on Amerish would be great too
  9. Xasapis

    mankinis would be fine ;)
  10. John_Aitc

    OP, there were many people asking about a new boost. During the WDS Ops shows Taylor used to get that Boost question over and over again.

    In the forums, the question can be found also. If you search for Alpha Squad, you should find it. Many Alpha Players posted about a new boost now that theirs finally reached its expiry date.

    Kudos on the passion for this great game, though. :D
  11. NoctD

    If you haven't learned after a year, not to get excited when SOE promises you anything, then I can't help you.
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  12. Ash87

    My impression (Though it was never really well expressed) was that the surprise was darker nights.

    Thing was, that once they said that, they were lept upon by people saying: "Okay, I'll just turn my gamma settings up, because I'm a tool" (That last part I may have added somewhat out of spite).

    So Darker nights is limited to the dusk and dawn periods (Where it would be darkest)

    Which is nice... but still, not great. Still, can't really blame anyone but the community for this one.

    That said, there were many problems with darker night that in order to address, would require more development time. It was never said that this is the end of darker nights, but I hope to god that it means that it'll just get a developmental pass and not be scrapped entirely.

    That said, I may be wrong because this was never said... And if it was the intent, it was never expressed

    Either way, Ball dropped here. I can't blame you for being annoyed.
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  13. Goden

    I've made a vow to myself that PS2 is the last free2play game I will ever play. I intend to stick to it. Free2play games are all the same. Extortionately overpriced, disconnected developer, horrific balance, and just generally really low production values. PS2 is really bad in this area with it needing almost a year before it can even attempt to run at an acceptable framerate.

    The biggest gripe I have would be the first point though. Free2play games are mind-blowingly expensive and Planetside 2 is one of the worst I have personally seen. $10 for hats and guns? Each? Are you out of your minds? My god. I can buy some great games on sale for that price.

    SOE has also gone to great lengths to make sure the items you buy have to be re-purchased if you have another character on another faction. Back shortly after launch they said they would they wound make things like composite cosmetic armor cross-faction so you wouldn't need to buy it twice. This turned out to be a flat out utter lie as they went back on their word and it is now faction-only and class-only. Meaning you have to buy it 15 times to get it on all 3 factions and classes now. And things like Sunders, Harrasers, Flashes, and MBT's all share items from the same weapon-pool. One would think you can use the weapons cross-vehicle right? LOL NOPE. Gotta buy it for each vehicle. Want a Saron on your harasser and magrider? $20 please.

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  14. libbmaster

    I'll do it. I spend enough time here already.

    My dream job is to be a level designer in the planetside 2 team... but this is a job that is A). probably available and B). I am probably qualified for.
  15. IamDH

    Already taken. Just check out the NC infiltrators
  16. Rockit

    Don't worry fellas, MLG will save the day I am sure :rolleyes:
  17. MaxDamage

    Hey. You. Relax. We got dis.
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  18. DashRendar

    I always thought the thing we've been asking for was a combination of "darker nights" and "optimization." Both of which have been and continue to be delivered. Of course I've been asking for a goddamn balanced game for about that long too, but I'm not going to quit the game over that. They said they were going to work on balance soon, so that's a good sign.
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  19. ironeddie

    I like ps2, I like the devs I don't like the management at soe. I do not think they manage the game or the player base well. When I played lotro I felt appreciated by turbine. Not so here.
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  20. L1ttlebear

    This sums up the dev team. People are to fast to blame the devs; however, the devs just follow orders. Its the admins upstairs who are limiting the devs. want proof? look at the massive layoffs they did a few months back :p

    some devs like codeforge are awesome and they are as helpful as possible, the admins, though, have adopted a COD style buisnesss model where you create something almost worthless, claim its the greatest thing since sliced bread, than sell it at the great price of $149 $40